Elongated caret – trends 2019

In 2019, one of the most fashionable haircuts is considered to be an elongated caret. The hairstyle is reasonably considered universal, it is suitable for young girls, and for the fair sex of a more mature age.


Current fashion trends in 2019

The popular bob haircut has long been considered an exclusively classic haircut, the variability of its styling and design consisted only in the use of bangs or its absence. To date, stylists offer numerous ideas with which you can diversify your hairstyle and give it a completely new look. You can identify such fashion trends that are used in 2019 when making an elongated square.

  • High cut hairstyle. This haircut looks very original due to the fact that a significant difference is created along the length of the hair between the front and back. In 2019, creativity is welcomed in every possible way, so the back of the head can not only be cut high, but also contain patterned shaved elements.

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As an alternative, you can create a haircut with shorn temples, on which shaved patterns are located and which are covered by elongated front strands. If desired, you can demonstrate an element of an extraordinary hairstyle for everyone to see or cover this part.


  • Variation on a bob-car theme. In 2019, an elongated bob is popular, which has a classic look that resembles a bob haircut. It also has long strands in front and a raised nape, but unlike the previous version, the neck is mostly covered.

  • Heavily elongated front strands. This hairstyle variation is a real fashion trend of 2019. It is suitable for owners of long hair or strands of medium length, reaching shoulder level. They remain as long as possible in the front, but shorten at the back of the head, so the haircut has a double effect when viewed from the front and back.

  • Graduated elongated caret. It is perfect for owners of slightly wavy strands and girls who want to give the image a perky and slightly informal look. The hairstyle combines two haircuts at once: a bob and a cascade. Thinning strands can only be used in the back or over the entire surface.

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In 2019, a graduated elongated caret can be used in the preparation of stylish youth bows. It is ideal for wardrobe items such as ripped jeans, a leather biker jacket, cropped denim shorts, a variety of unisex shirts.


  • Elongated bob without bangs. This is a classic option that will be extremely relevant in 2019. However, there is a certain nuance that must be taken into account. Such a haircut is suitable only for owners of the correct oval face.

  • Haircut with bangs. It will also be popular in 2019, and you can use a variety of ways to design bangs. It can be straight or torn, shortened or elongated. A very relevant solution will be a bob with oblique bangs, which is perfect for almost any type of face.

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In our photo selection, you can see different examples of an elongated bob with bangs, which will be especially relevant in 2019.

How to style your hair in 2019

In our photo review, we present new styling with which you can transform an elongated bob haircut in 2019 and present it in different variations. Among the most interesting ideas are the following:

  • perfectly even strands – achieved by leveling with an iron. This styling method is ideal for creating elegant and business bows;

  • whipped strands – styling is created by giving additional volume at the crown and the effect of slight negligence along the entire length. The hairstyle will fit perfectly into the casual look;

  • retro styling – created using strands curled inward or vice versa, outward;

Spectacular styling

  • braided styling – created using two small braids braided on the sides.

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Fashionable haircut elongated caret and staining

In order for the hairstyle to look as advantageous as possible, it is important to choose the right hair color. In 2019, all kinds of coloring methods are popular, the following options are perfect for an elongated caret.

  • natural hair color. In 2019, the trend is naturalness and proximity to your native color. Bright acid tones remained in past seasons. A win-win solution would be to choose a shade that is as close as possible to your natural one.

For example, blondes will be able to pick up colors such as wheat, cream blond, honey, light blond tone. On brunettes, a rich chestnut will look great, a shade of coffee with caramel is in trend. Red-haired beauties will be able to apply the entire color palette of this color.

  • Volumetric staining technique. It is especially suitable for those girls whom nature has not endowed with thick hair. Staining occurs through the use of several shades, as close as possible to each other, but still differing from each other. Due to the transition of tones, the strands are given a volumetric effect.

  • highlighting. A technique that has already become traditional. It consists in staining individual light strands, which are located against a background of darker ones.

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  • Balayazh. The technique consists in deliberately careless and chaotic application of light strokes on darker colored hair. The result is the effect of sun-bleached strands and the play of sun glare on them.

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Important! Balayazh coloring requires careful care and regular visits to a beauty salon. This is necessary in order to update the regrown strands in time, otherwise the entire initial effect will disappear.


  • Shatush. This is a soft transition from the upper dark strands to the lower light strands, as a result, the ends of the hair look as if they were burned out in the sun. This technique looks most harmonious on the owners of dark strands.

The undoubted advantage of this type of staining is that there is no need to regularly stain the roots. They can grow freely, the overall appearance still remains unsurpassed.

  • ombre. This technique resembles a shatush, but the transition of tones is much more pronounced, a smooth border can be located in the middle of the hair length. The lower strands are lighter than the upper ones by 3-4 shades.

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In the photos presented in our review, you can get acquainted with the main fashion trends that are used in 2019 to create an elongated square. This will help you not only choose the right hairstyle shape, but also understand…

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