Emerald manicure with design 2020

Emerald manicure with a design looks incredibly beautiful and feminine. Nails with such nail art will certainly attract the attention of others. Due to the high popularity of the emerald shade, manicure masters have offered fashionistas a wide variety of options for creating a stylish design. Learn about the hottest fashion trends for 2020 in this article.

Emerald manicure – stylish design options for 2020

Emerald is one of the central and trendy colors of 2020. Therefore, a manicure made using a varnish of a similar shade will look incredibly stylish and attractive.

In addition, emerald manicure is versatile. After all, it is suitable for creating beautiful nail art:

  • for short and long nails;
  • for holidays and for every day;
  • in a calm monochrome palette and with a bright original decor.

We offer you to get acquainted with the current and fashionable manicure in 2020 with a design in emerald colors.

With gold

Emerald shade looks best in tandem with gold. These two luxurious colors allow you to create equally chic and catchy nail art. At the same time, fashionistas can safely experiment with gold trim, applying it to the edge or base of the nail, covering the entire platinum or laying out intricate patterns and patterns.

Such a manicure is perfect for going to a party, to create a feminine and elegant outfit.

If you want to try the tandem of emerald and gold when creating everyday looks, do a manicure in the style of minimalism. Let it be nails of small length and with a minimum amount of gold decor.

With beige

Emerald with beige is another stylish combination. The main thing in this tandem is to choose the right skin tone. Ideally, it should match the natural skin color as much as possible. Such a manicure looks especially stylish with the use of a matte top and a small number of decorative elements in the form of rhinestones.

With rhinestones

A small amount of shiny pebbles has not yet ruined a single manicure. Therefore, if you want to give your stylish emerald nail art a little sparkle and originality, feel free to decorate it with rhinestones.

Today, masters are increasingly offering fashionistas the option of placing stones at the base of the nail, laying out a hole in them in the form of a bright triangle.

Emerald manicure with rhinestones looks best on medium length nails. However, for a nail plate of small length, you can choose a stylish design – decorating just one or two fingers with a neat pebble.

With rubbing

Rubbing can add luxury and gloss to any manicure. Based on the emerald color, it looks stunning. Such nail art looks especially stylish on long pointed nails and is suitable for complementing a solemn outfit. If just rubbing seems not enough, you can decorate your nails with pebbles or gold inserts in the form of leaves or flowers.


The matte base allows you to create a pleasant velvety texture on the nails, making the manicure more interesting. However, such a design is rarely left in a monochromatic form. Most often, a matte emerald manicure is complemented with rhinestones, glitter, negative space inserts, designs with geometric and floral motifs.

The result is a very interesting and attractive nail art that looks equally good on long and short nails.

cat eye

Manicure using special magnetic varnishes is incredibly popular in recent seasons. It’s no secret that this design looks most advantageous on varnishes of dark shades. The emerald base allows you to create a breathtaking manicure. Stylists offer not to be afraid and experiment not only with the length of the nail plate, but also with the direction of the pattern. “Cat’s eye” can be located diagonally, vertically in the center or on the edge of the nail. This design looks equally stylish both in combination with a glossy and matte base.

An addition in the form of sparkling rhinestones or intricate patterns will make the manicure more catchy and unusual.

geometric motifs

Such a stylish manicure is not the first season at the peak of popularity among designers and fashionistas. The intersecting lines, triangles, rhombuses and squares depicted on the nails look very beautiful and at the same time are combined with different styles and colors of manicure. The emerald base is no exception. Matte, glossy, gold, using the negative space technique – all these options for fashionable geometry fit perfectly into a manicure with a dark and rich shade of green.

Floral motifs

Emerald is a shade of green, so everything related to vegetation – flowers, leaves, twigs – all this looks very beautiful in combination with this color of nails.

You can lay out floral patterns using stones and rhinestones, you can paint with gold lacquer or do it using the stamping technique. The latter option is the most convenient, as it allows you to get a beautiful picture on the nail in a matter of minutes. If the drawing is planned to be depicted on several fingers at once, then stamping will allow you to achieve the same images on each of them.


The stains on the nails, reminiscent of the pattern of natural stone, are ideally combined with the emerald color. Green marble is valued for its strength and durability, and products made from this material are common throughout the world. Stylists recommend not to be afraid and make all the fingers on the hand in a marble style. If you want to get a more discreet manicure, select only one nail with a pattern.


The nail design in the style of French manicure, invented more than ten years ago, is not going to give up its positions. Today, stylists recommend that girls not limit their manicure to an exclusively white smile, but experiment with colors. Just look at the jacket, made using emerald varnish – it seems that this is one of the most successful ways to create beautiful and luxurious nail art for all occasions.

Emerald manicure with a French design is most often done on long nails, but on short ones it looks no less stylish.

Lunar French

A reverse or emerald-based moon jacket is also a good nail design option. To create such nail art, gold glitter or rhinestones are most often used – laying them out at the base of the nail plate. Also interesting is the hole made using the negative-space technique or simply drawn with a contrasting varnish.


Fashionable in 2020, the manicure technique in the form of a smooth transition from one color to another has found its embodiment in the trendy emerald design. In this case, the masters most often offer to make a stretch from black to emerald at the tip of the nail. You can also find a gradient within shades of green.

A similar design is usually performed on long nails. The gradient in such an understated palette is beautiful…

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