Emphasis on the shoulders: a fashionable silhouette for the spring-summer 2021 season

The idea of ​​creating an image of a strong woman by focusing on the shoulder line originally originated in cinema. It was possible to draw attention to the shoulder axis with the help of shoulder pads. Such a silhouette of clothing gave strength and confidence to women. After some time, this element began to be used in the fashion industry. It soon became a signature style of the 90s era, and women began to flaunt outfits with huge shoulders.

Special attention to the line of the shoulders

Today, such a technique emphasizes not masculinity in a woman, but vice versa – femininity. After all, the wide line of the shoulder region contrasts with the hips, while making the waist thinner. In their collections, stylists offer to open the neckline. Therefore, outfits have appeared in fashion that open this part of the body completely, partially, or remain lowered. So, in the new season, designers proposed to highlight the upper part of the clothes in dresses, tops, outerwear, knitwear. The shoulders were either pointed, then rounded, then inflated to enormous proportions.

Fashionable images with dresses

Ladies will be able to attract attention in a long multi-layered dress, in which the neckline is open. A massive necklace or bow as a decoration will add femininity and sexuality.

Women will be interested in an elegant dress with long voluminous sleeves that can be lowered. This technique will open the collarbones and back.

For lovely ladies, designers have proposed dresses made of lace or flowing weightless fabrics, in which the neck and collarbones are open. Ruffles can complement the outfit, which will make it even more sophisticated and attractive.

For delicate girls, dresses with one shoulder were created. Women of fashion simply will not be able to refuse a new trend.

Women are offered to replenish their wardrobe with dresses with a boat neckline, as well as dresses where the top is held on by an elastic band. Such models open the neck and décolleté, unobtrusively demonstrating a gorgeous tan.

Haute couture lovers will appreciate the festive gowns, which feature open bustier tops and cascading sleeves.

A romantic look will turn out in models on straps, decorated with frills or a beautiful scarf as a tie.

Emphasis on the shoulder axis in blouses

A blouse with voluminous sleeves will be in fashion. It will ideally emphasize graceful shoulders, give the image of romance and seductiveness.

Fashion Week presented original styles of button-down blouses with spicy cutouts in the shoulder area. Such a simple technique will add a touch of sexuality to the bow.

An interesting cut of the blouse is an imitation of shoulder straps with a knot or bow on the shoulder. This image looks elegant and unusual.

A puff sleeve will visually expand the top line and balance the silhouette. It perfectly coexists with a bow on the neck or at the waist, with buttons and a collar.

A blouse decorated with a guipure coquette or a guipure ribbon along the edge of the neck will help draw attention to the shoulder area. A bright accent on the shoulders will help create a narrow bottom, for example, if you wear a blouse with a skirt or tight trousers.

Emphasis on the shoulder area in jackets and cardigans

Fashion designers have emphasized the line of the shoulders in cardigans and jackets with coat hangers. And wide trousers and straight skirts will balance the top and bottom of the figure. A jacket of this kind with trousers, skinny jeans, a silk blouse and stilettos will also help to look elegant.

Massive shoulders are a key detail in outerwear collections.

Designers are advised to look at coats with wide tops. It is recommended to wear it with a belt to emphasize the waist and balance the image.

Puff sleeves will help to highlight massive shoulders. With them, the silhouette looks soft and streamlined.

Girls will look extremely strict in a coat with a sharp shoulder line.

Restrained silhouettes of outerwear with a sloping shoulder line are gaining popularity. A soft transition from shoulder to sleeve helps create a soft silhouette.

Wide-shouldered clothing will help women look stronger without losing their femininity.

Transparent inserts

You can focus on the shoulders with the help of transparent inserts. For example, you can combine the collar of a shirt or blouse and transparent material on the shoulders. Sometimes the entire shirt is made transparent.

The stylists have also created grunge-inspired looks to help show off softness and tenderness. Rounded shoulder pads complement translucent blouses.

Asymmetrical cutouts

Cutouts around the neck will also be relevant this season. This silhouette specifically exposes the shoulder area and focuses on the neckline. Stylists offer bold looks for slender fashionistas: blouses with one sleeve or one open shoulder.

Many fashionistas want their clothes to be both luxurious and relevant. And there is a solution here – these are clothes with an emphasis on the shoulder axis. Such images are always feminine, captivating and sophisticated.

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