Epilation of the bikini area at home

For many women, this procedure is mandatory and familiar, moreover, some of the fair sex admit that it is this procedure that allows you to feel sexy and self-confident. Therefore, every woman should at least once try to apply epilation of the bikini zone and decide for herself how often to carry it out. From the point of view of hygiene, this type of hair removal has many advantages and positive aspects.

However, intimate hair removal was not always popular in Russia and European countries, women managed to try many other ways to get rid of unwanted hair of varying degrees of effectiveness. These were razors, creams, lotions, however, they all act only on the outer part of the hair, while the root remains under the skin. The effect does not last long and the growing hairs do not at all please the owner with their rigidity, resembling bristles.

In addition, from the constant violation of the epithelium by a razor blade, micro-scratches and irritation appear on the skin. After so many tried and tested methods, hair removal was a real discovery for women.

Brazilian hair removal

In Brazil, where a bikini is not only a type of underwear or an outfit for relaxing on the beach, but also a carnival costume, women got acquainted with epilation of the intimate zone much earlier. This method of hair removal has been practiced there for a very long time, so that the skin remains smooth for a long time. Hence the traditional name – Brazilian hair removal.

One day, a native Brazilian woman came to America with her sisters and decided to open a beauty salon – what was their surprise when they found out that local women had never heard of such a procedure. This is the beginning of the history of Brazilian hair removal in America and Europe, which later became widespread in Russia.

Brazilian hair removal at home

As a rule, women begin their acquaintance with this procedure from a beauty salon – this is a legitimate decision. Firstly, they usually switch to epilation after more or less prolonged use of a razor – and the hairs in such cases remain quite stiff. Consequently, the process of hair removal is painful. In the salon, a professional will do everything quickly and efficiently, without unnecessary fears and insecurities.

Secondly, the consultation of the master will help to master the technology and the nuances of the procedure. In addition, you can find out what you need to do Brazilian hair removal on your own.

The traditional hair removal kit consists of wax in balls, a special bath for melting it, a spatula for application, degreasing and soothing lotions. In addition, oil can be useful for removing wax from the skin.

The process is carried out as follows: first of all, a degreasing composition is applied to the cleansed and wiped dry skin – this is necessary so that the wax adheres to the skin better. Then the wax is heated in a special bath to the required consistency, however, so as not to cause a thermal burn. Wax is applied with a spatula to the problem area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin along the direction of hair growth and hardens. When using hot wax, paper strips are not required. Wax is removed with fingers – it is picked up along the edges and removed all at once or in parts.

In order to be able to remove the wax like this, you need to apply it in a thick enough layer – do not forget about it. In addition, the wax should be removed from the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth – this will provide a more effective removal. The fear of pain is completely inappropriate – the heat expands the pores, and hair removal is easier than when the skin is calm.

After the main part of the procedure is completed, it is necessary to clean the skin of wax residues with a special oil. And – lubricate with a soothing lotion – the use of water in the first two hours after epilation is not recommended, as redness of the skin may occur.

Possible mistakes

If, after some epilation procedures, the skin is damaged so much that bruises or even wounds appear, then you are doing something wrong.

For example, a common mistake is to use cartridge wax and paper strips for intimate hair removal – this is not very convenient and irritates the skin a lot – because the hairs are not removed all at once, but several pieces many times. This enhances the pain effect and technical damage to the skin.

Even cartridge wax in a wax machine with a narrow dispenser is not recommended for use in the intimate area. Of course, it is quite convenient to apply thanks to the narrow head, but the removal process remains the same. However, if a woman has naturally soft and sparse vegetation, this option may be acceptable.

Brazilian hair removal has one drawback and for some ladies it can be quite problematic. After a few weeks of impeccable smoothness, sooner or later sparse and thin hairs will sprout, and you can’t get rid of them right away if you want to continue the epilation experience. Because for the next procedure, the hairs must reach a length of three to five millimeters, otherwise they simply will not be captured by the wax.

If the epilation does not work, and the hairs remain in place – you may have missed this moment – wait a little more and then try again.


The use of shugaring or sugar hair removal in the intimate area is not as common as the use of wax – however, this option is not excluded. After all, this sticky mass can remove hair on any surface of the skin. Be prepared for a certain difference from the wax procedure – since sugaring does not involve the use of high temperatures, the skin will not steam out, and pain may be more intense.

However, here we can say the same thing as about the use of cartridge wax – if the hairs are very soft and easy to remove, you can try sugaring for Brazilian hair removal. If in doubt, consult your master in the salon, and then you can proceed with the procedure yourself.

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