Essential oils for weight loss

Since ancient times, people have used essential oils for various purposes: during rituals in the church, at various social events, as a remedy and as a means of seduction. People have always respected the aromas that they considered the gifts of the gods.

Now, of course, everyone knows perfectly well where essential oils are obtained from and that the gods have nothing to do with it, but all the same, respect for aromas has not decreased. In our time, the range of use of aromas of essential oils has increased. Among other things, with the help of them now lose weight. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Fragrances can help you lose weight. Aromatherapy, for more effective and faster results, can be combined with any diet. For weight loss, oils are used in an extremely diverse way: they can be rubbed during a massage, added to a bath, or taken orally. Before embarking on aromatherapy, you should understand the whole essence of the action of essential oils on the body.

Excess weight is often the result of problems in the body. Oils for weight loss normalize the metabolism in the body and are diuretic. It is these properties that help to get rid of excess weight.

So what oils can and should be used for these purposes?

juniper oil. It is very effective to take juniper oil inside, dropping a few drops on a spoonful of sugar or a piece of bread. In addition to normalizing the work of the stomach, juniper oil removes toxins from the body. In addition to internal use, you can also take juniper oil baths and use it during massage. Literally 4-6 drops of oil are dripped into the bath, for a greater effect, sea bath salt is added.

Sweet orange oil. It is also a good tool for weight loss, which normalizes the work of the stomach, intestines, removes toxins and improves metabolism. It is added to the bath – 5 drops, or rubbed during the massage – 6-10 drops.

These oils help to lose weight not so much quickly as qualitatively. After their application, there will be no stretch marks, cellulite and other imperfections on the skin, which often remain after a sharp weight loss.

In addition to the use of oils inside, taking fragrant baths and massages, it is also recommended to inhale oils that help reduce appetite. Oils whose aromas should be inhaled are mint, vanilla, green apple, cinnamon.

This kind of aromatherapy is extremely easy to do – one nostril is pinched with your fingers, and a strong breath is taken in the other, and then vice versa. This is especially useful for people whose hunger is more psychological than physical.

When using aromatherapy, one should not forget that some oils can cause allergies, that is, before you start actively using the oil, you need to find out if there is an allergy to it. Also, some oils have certain contraindications, such as juniper oil, which should not be taken during pregnancy. Such trifles must be taken into account before starting aromatherapy, so as not to harm the body instead of helping.

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