Eternal desire to sleep. Symptoms and causes of sleepiness

Sleep is a natural process and the body’s need to rest. It happens that you get up in the morning without enough sleep, turn off the loud alarm clock, automatically go to the bathroom, get dressed, and only a cup of strong coffee returns you to your usual working mode. And all because of the fact that someone sleeps little … What if I go to bed on time, and still want to sleep? Sleeping too much and too little is bad. Drowsiness along with insomnia are sleep disorders, the causes of which can be both psychological and physiological in nature.

Drowsiness and its symptoms

If you constantly or periodically want to take a nap at the wrong time, this is drowsiness. You feel inferior and always sleepy. You can not concentrate on work, study and success from that do not shine. They also say that you are like a sleepy fly, slowness, poor memory, delayed expression of emotions – it’s all about you.

The main causes of excessive sleep cravings

There are plenty of reasons for this: from boredom to serious illness. Look at a modern person: he takes on a huge amount of daily affairs, processes a large amount of information. How much do you sleep on average? Could sleep deprivation be the cause? In order for the body in general and the brain in particular to work well, never neglect healthy rest. “Come on, I’ll rest in retirement,” you say. And you will live to see a well-deserved rest with such a pace of life?


Drowsiness can be a symptom of a mental disorder, severe diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine systems. In addition, if you are being treated, drugs can also affect the general condition of the body. The sedative, relaxing effect of drugs can adversely affect life. If it is impossible to cancel the course of treatment, you should consult with your doctor about the selection of a less harmful analogue of the drug.

We will induce especially dangerous diseases for the natural processes of human life.

Iron-deficiency anemia – lack of iron, both in the blood and throughout the body. There is general weakness and drowsiness, dizziness, change in taste, brittle nails and hair loss. It is necessary to drink drugs and eat foods rich in iron.

Hypotension – Decrease in blood pressure due to low vascular tone. Craving for sleep is due to a violation of the normal blood supply to the brain. It can occur due to increased physical and mental stress, stress, depression, beriberi, anemia.

Hypothyroidism – Decreased thyroid function. Accompanied by drowsiness, fatigue, memory loss, depression, dry skin, swelling of the hands and face, menstrual irregularities and infertility.

Sleep apnea syndrome – a rather dangerous disease, when during sleep there are multiple stops in breathing of different duration. A person does not wake up completely, while the activity of limb movements increases, snoring, headache, and nightmares appear. During respiratory arrest, blood pressure rises, the heart rhythm and blood supply to the brain are disturbed.

Pickwick syndrome – extreme obesity with chronic respiratory failure. Accompanied by daytime sleepiness, slowness, swelling, blue fingers and lips. A person is not able to inhale air deeply and quickly, which leads to a lack of oxygen and an excess of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Diabetes – a decrease in the production of insulin by the pancreas, which causes an imbalance in the absorption of glucose by the body. Lack or excess of glucose causes drowsiness. Symptoms include general weakness, thirst, skin itching, lowering blood pressure, smell of acetone from the mouth, dizziness, increased amount of urine.

Narcolepsy – a sleep disorder when a person easily falls asleep for several minutes without feeling tired and also wakes up easily. The patient does not know when, where and how much sleep will overtake him.

Sun deficiency

Another reason is the lack of sunlight. Remember how you want to sleep during the rainy and bad weather, especially in winter and autumn. During the non-solar period of the year, buy fluorescent lamps at home with a wavelength of 420 nanometers. Ordinary incandescent lamps are not suitable for this purpose.

Stress and lack of sleep

The most common causes of drowsiness are acute lack of sleep, constant fatigue and nervous, psychological disorders. It happens that after a strong nervous tension and emotional shake-up, one is drawn to sleep. During endless quarrels and disputes, a lot of energy is wasted. Why not deal with the cause of stress, and not run away to the realm of Morpheus? Frequent nervous breakdowns affect not only sleep, but also reduce the body’s immunity. Consult a psychologist for advice if you cannot cope with your own psyche on your own. Bored and don’t know what to do with yourself? Hibernating all the time is not an option. Find a useful activity for yourself and engage in self-improvement.

How to cure sleepiness?

Go to the doctor

First of all, contact a therapist who, depending on the causes and results of the examination, will refer you to a narrow specialist: a psychologist or psychotherapist, a somnologist, a neurologist, a cardiologist and an endocrinologist. Before going to a specialist and in addition to the prescribed course of treatment, you can do the following.

Proper diet and diet

Find out how much sleep you need to feel energized and energized. On average, sleep time is 8-8.5 hours. Follow the sleep schedule: go to bed and get up at the same time on weekdays and weekends. Do not forget to relax, walk in the fresh air. Physical labor will also be appropriate. Follow a vitamin diet, eat plant foods, drink clean water, reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Do not drink a lot of coffee, it is better to replace it with green tea.

If a person sacrifices blissful hours of sleep in the name of work, he will need more and more time for proper rest. Don’t be a workaholic. All the same, you can’t redo all the cases and you won’t earn money. People who neglect night rest are at risk of getting into an accident, getting injured at work. They tend to abuse alcohol and tobacco. Follow the regime of work and rest, and then you will succeed!

Draw your attention to! The information presented in the article is for informational purposes and does not call for self-diagnosis, self-treatment and influence on your body by any means. Make a diagnosis, prescribe (recommend) treatment and medicinal …

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