Evening bun hairstyle: fashion ideas

Evening bun hairstyle is an elegant finishing touch for a special occasion. In this article, you will learn how to make beautiful styling at home and be inspired by stylish looks!

With curls

A bun hairstyle for medium hair looks elegant based on curls.

1. Curl light curls along the entire length of the hair and comb the root zone.

2. Divide the hair into 2 parts – the smaller side and the main large.

3. From the larger part, form a tail and a bun.

4. From the smaller part, select the strands one by one and lay them to the beam.

A bridal bun is usually done with romantic curls and accessories.

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It is appropriate to add a bundle with curls with weaving – the technique will enhance the charm of the hairstyle.

smooth beam

To make a smooth low beam with your own hands, follow the simple instructions.

1. Spray your hair for smoothness and shine. This item is optional, but it is responsible for the effectiveness of the future hairstyle.

2. Comb all strands into a low ponytail at the back of your head. If the hair is not characterized by a straight texture, you can pre-straighten the curls with an iron.

3. Divide the hair into 2 parts, twist the bundles and wrap them around each other.

4. Turn the tourniquet into a low bun and secure the hairstyle with invisibility.

Another version of the evening hairstyle, a smooth bun, is presented step by step in the photo – get inspired and repeat!

sloppy bun

A careless evening bun is easy to create on the basis of curls – the wavy texture will be responsible for the volume and texture of the styling. It is important to pull individual strands out of the hairstyle and fix with dry varnish.

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A casual bun hairstyle will look romantic and feminine if you complete the look with curls gently loosened around the face.

With weaves

Hairstyle bun as in the photo is performed according to a single principle: first, several links of the braid are woven from the crown to the back of the head, then the weaving is attached to the bulk bun.

This master class with a photo will tell you how to make a bun hairstyle from a braid. This variation is suitable for every day, and for a special occasion.

Weaving using the fishtail technique can be responsible for the volume and texture of the hairstyle.

A collection of photo ideas for a bun hairstyle for medium and long hair will help you decide on styling for a special evening.

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With accessories

Fashionable hair accessories go well with a bun hairstyle. Stylish styling is decorated with invisibility with pearls and flowers, romantic combs, hairpins with ribbons and beads.

Wedding hairstyle bun looks great with additions in the form of hairpins with shiny twigs, flowers and pearls.

The bun hairstyle ideas also include headbands and headbands. Such an accessory will make styling especially romantic.

low beam

A low bun hairstyle is done in a matter of minutes, and looks feminine and romantic.

1. Against the background of loose hair, collect 2 temporal strands in a ponytail at the back of the head.

2. Roll the ponytail into a ring over the elastic to make plaits on the sides.

3. Repeat with one more tail below.

4. Gather the lower curls into a bun, winding up towards the back of the head.

To make a beautiful beam for yourself, master this simple technique. No magic – for an elegant hairstyle, the ability to twist bundles and a few invisible assistants is enough.


The asymmetrical bun is a trendy version of the usual hairstyle that looks interesting and feminine. The secret of success is in pre-fixing a low ponytail for styling durability.

1. Divide the hair with a vertical parting into 2 parts – large and small.

2. From the larger part below, form a ponytail without pulling the hair all the way into the elastic.

3. Lay the remaining hair around the base of the bun, masking the base of the tail.

We hope that with the help of the master classes above, you have learned how to create an evening bun hairstyle step by step. We are sure that elegant and feminine styling will be a great addition to your look for a special occasion!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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