Evening dresses that are out of fashion

Stylists have compiled a list of evening dresses that are hopelessly outdated. The listed models should be known in person, so as not to be preferred for a special occasion and not to spoil an impeccable image.


The lace trim of an evening dress can give out indifference to fashion trends. Dense guipure looks not only old-fashioned, but also vulgar. Stylists advise avoiding lace inserts in the sleeves, neckline, back and hem. Not welcomed by fashion trends and a translucent texture that demonstrates the contour and color of underwear.

The combination of guipure with a tight-fitting dress does not plan to return to fashion either – stylists call such a duet bad taste.

Fish tail

Pompous fishtail dresses continue to be found in wedding and evening collections. The flared cut of the skirt, according to stylists, looks boring and old-fashioned.

The iconic fishtail silhouette isn’t particularly comfortable, with a slim fit that restricts movement and makes breathing difficult. Fortunately, in the modern line of women’s evening dresses, designers focus on comfort.

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With a fluffy skirt

Evening dress for a woman with a fluffy skirt is an unconditional anti-trend of recent years. The “new look” style has lost its relevance and has ceased to be found in top collections.

Dresses in the style of a Disney princess also look out of date – such models resemble an image from a school graduation, so they do not fit into the bow of an adult lady.

Floral print

Modern fashion for evening dresses refuses infantile floral prints. This coloring has returned to the design of everyday romantic outfits. Colorful and uncomplicated motifs in an evening dress greatly simplify and reduce the cost of the whole image – a solid color or a discreet elegant print promises to look more advantageous.


In the enchanting 2010s, a tight-fitting bandage dress was a win-win look for a holiday party or going to the club. Although some signs of glamorous style have returned to the list of trends, this fate has not affected the iconic slimming outfits.

Fashionable evening dresses for women can also emphasize a beautiful figure, but with the help of current trends. For example, a wraparound model is considered a stylish solution, which visually slims and emphasizes the waist.

With wide sleeves

The loose cut of the sleeves is a clear sign that the evening dress should be included in the category of anti-trends. Despite this fact, in the range of collections there are asymmetrical models with a batwing cut or with wide sleeves.

But stylists are categorical: to become the star of the event, bet on a dress in which the accent will not be located in the sleeve area – for example, creative asymmetry is considered a must-have for evening fashion.


Stylists categorically refer dresses with peplum to the anti-trends of evening fashion. Many ladies loved the familiar cut because of the corrective properties – a special silhouette skillfully hid the tummy and extra centimeters on the sides.

Stylists suggest: it is not necessary to refuse this style, it is permissible to choose a dress with an overlay. For example, a contrasting peplum belt looks relevant and fresh in a duet with a laconic outfit and does an excellent job of corrective mission.

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It is easy to calculate an anti-trend evening dress by a recognizable sheath silhouette. The laconic cut has been considered a win-win classic for so long that today it is already incredibly boring. In a business capsule, a sheath dress can still be beaten with trendy additions, but for an evening out, stylists advise choosing a more modern look.

Models of evening dresses that have gone out of fashion are replaced by trendy and stylish novelties. The range of outfits for a special occasion is so diverse that you can easily pick up the current model and look perfect!

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