Evening hairstyles for medium hair: new items in 2019 with a photo

Are you expecting a big event? If you have not yet decided what kind of evening hairstyle for medium hair to do, then it will be important to study the novelties of 2019 with a photo. We will talk about the most fashionable and spectacular evening hairstyles for medium hair.


In the style of Chanel – feminine and elegant

This hairstyle, known to us as “Malvina” and presented by Chanel stylists at the latest shows of this fashion house, is distinguished by impeccable simplicity and sophistication. To repeat it, you just need to blow-dry your hair as usual, and then apply a little mousse to the top of the hair for fixation, comb the strands back from the forehead and fix with a bow clip or any other to your taste. If you like perfect smoothness, you can use a hair straightener, and if your style is a little careless, then add volume to combed strands and release a few curls that coquettishly frame your face.

Bohemian style – catchy and expressive

This hairstyle is perfect for medium length hair. To repeat it is quite simple – to begin with, dry your hair as usual, and go through it with a styling iron, and also add a little fixation along the entire length. Then separate the two side strands and, twisting them, fasten them behind with invisibility. If you are more used to braids, then braid a thin pigtail. Repeat the same on the other side, and then connect the strands at the crown, making an elegant knot. Secure with hairspray and, if desired, garnish with a chunky comb or barrette to add glamor and holiday cheer.

[stextbox id=»info»]Don’t worry if the hairstyle doesn’t come out perfectly neat, because the beauty of the bohemian style is in the exquisite carelessness.[/stextbox]

So, below we will see evening hairstyles 2019 for medium hair, photo novelties are provided to your attention below.

Light waves – a classic for all time

If you have neither the time nor the desire to fiddle with complex hairstyles and styling, and at the same time your hair can be called wavy or slightly curly, your choice for the New Year’s Eve is light curls-waves that can be done both with a curling iron and twisting her hair in curlers. Before styling, you can apply a shine serum to your hair to make your hairstyle more spectacular.

When you are done with curling, do not use a comb – it is better to just slightly ruffle the resulting curls with your fingers. If you have bangs, then lay it on its side and secure with an invisible hairpin. Natural eye make-up and bright lips will be the perfect final accents in a stylish and expressive look.

Low bun – elegant and stylish

Those who are rightfully proud of their long and thick hair and at the same time prefer to follow the classic style in everything, will certainly like the hairstyle in the form of a low chignon with twisted strands. At first glance, this hairstyle may seem complicated, but in fact it is not so at all – a little practice and patience, and you will definitely succeed. So, first dry your hair and apply a styling product for them.

Curly or wavy hair will have to be straightened with a flat iron or a hair dryer and a round comb. Then divide the hair into three equal parts, comb the middle part back, form a neat loop of hair and secure it with a hairpin at the base of the neck. Divide one of the side sections in half and wrap the strands around the middle section clockwise. Repeat the same on the other side, but counterclockwise. Finally, give the hairstyle its final shape and, if necessary, add more bobbins and hairspray to fix it. Let’s see the photos of the new 2019 evening hairstyles for medium hair below.

Old Hollywood – vintage hairstyle

Do you consider yourself a real vintage lover, enjoy wearing retro clothes and perhaps regularly visit vintage stores in search of interesting pieces from the past for your wardrobe? Then be sure to check out this old Hollywood pinup hairstyle that will instantly turn you into a real retro lady, adding flirtatiousness and playfulness to your look. To make such a hairstyle is very simple – first, dry your hair and curl it slightly; let the parting be lateral.

Next, take a comb with thin and frequent teeth and use it to separate the strand on the left, focusing on the curve of the left eyebrow. Add some hair on the right and twist the resulting strand, creating volume (you can use the thin handle of the comb, twisting the hair around it), and then secure the resulting structure from behind using invisibles. Spray your hair with hairspray – that’s it! For a more extravagant and slightly hooligan look, you can pre-curl the strand, creating volume, and properly fix it with varnish.

Low “tail” – a new look

It would seem that hairstyles are simpler and more unsophisticated than a low ponytail, you just can’t think of it – however, with a little creativity, the usual “tail” will turn into an original and stylish hairstyle that is perfect for celebrating the New Year. So, first gather your hair into a ponytail, leaving strands of medium width on the sides. Then, taking a thin comb, separate the thin strands on the right and left, cross them using the “tail” as a base, and stab with invisibility. Repeat several times until all the hair on the sides is tucked into a hairstyle, shape and fix with varnish. Below you can see photos of the new evening hairstyles for medium hair in 2019.

French braid to the side – sophisticated and feminine

If you know how to weave braids, great – braided hairstyles are now at the peak of popularity, and even the simplest French braid will allow you to create not only an elegant, but also a fashionable look. To do a side French braid, dry your hair without using styling products to keep it light, part your hair in a side part, and then start braiding with bangs, ending with a regular three-strand braid. Let the strands be wide and voluminous enough – for this, in the process of weaving, slightly pull them up and out.

Did you know that … although this type of weaving is called the French braid, in fact, such hairstyles do not come from France at all – according to historians, they first appeared in Algeria, many thousands of years ago. Later, such braids were braided by the ancient Greeks, Celts and even the Chinese at the opposite end of the world, but the French braid got its current name after it gained popularity in the fashion world – in honor of France, which has always been considered the center of world fashion.

Hair flower – romantic and unexpected

High hairstyles seem too boring for you, and pigtails too complicated, but at the same time you don’t want to leave your hair loose, dreaming of an interesting and unusual hairstyle? Then the most suitable option for you would be the original hair flower, …

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