Evening manicure 2023

We present to your attention the ideas of a beautiful evening manicure 2023, each of which can become a stylish and effective completion of the image for a special occasion.

With rhinestones

Rhinestones in the form of decor for evening manicure 2023 are perfectly revealed in figured inlay. Stones of different colors and sizes easily create sparkling accent compositions. A spectacular technique looks beautiful on long nails in combination with a plain coating.

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Rhinestones on nails are luxuriously combined with other 2023 manicure fashion trends. So, a duet with a jacket, gradient or design with textures can become a stylish tandem.

With sweat

Decorative leaf is a trend that makes evening manicure 2023 luxurious and impressive. This decor is a fashionable kind of foil that resembles gold leaf. Copper, silver or gold leaf will give the design a delicate and expensive glow.

Fashionable manicure with potal 2023 is created on the basis of a combination with other trends. Among the most trendy combinations are a duet with a jacket, texture pattern, watercolor and gossamer.


Sparkling rubbing is the most fashionable way to make an evening manicure expressive, but not overloaded. The delicate radiance of the decor will fit into any bow for a special occasion.

Depending on the desired effect, you can choose a pearl, holographic or mirror powder – all options correspond to the fashion trends in 2023 nail design.


Evening manicure with glitter 2023 is an elegant end to an elegant look. You can use glitter in different sizes and colors to create a unique design.

Shining glitter is able to make your favorite manicure technique elegant and spectacular. For example, an elegant jacket with the addition of sequins to a smile becomes the perfect finishing touch to an evening outfit.

Another trendy manicure idea for a special occasion in 2023 is loose glitter in the form of a gradient. The characteristic ombre effect of sequins is created with a dry brush and fixed with a transparent base.

Liquid metal

A sought-after decorative technique in a luxurious evening manicure 2023 is also considered the bewitching effect of liquid metal. A warm tone will take on a golden accent, and a cold lacquer will make friends with a silver decor.


A bewitching effect in the evening manicure is created by actual drawings of natural textures. The trend is the beautiful effect of marble, sea waves, imitation of the texture of stones. A gorgeous drawing will look especially chic with the addition of shiny accents – sweat or loose glitter.


With the right approach, trendy floristry elements become a real decoration of evening nail design 2023. Graceful twigs or feminine flowers are beautifully combined with loose glitter or foil prints.

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Create a gradient effect using multiple shades of the same color or different tones. This manicure will look especially beautiful in the evening when the light falls on it. A sophisticated solution would be saturated shades, metallic colors or ombre shimmer polish.


French manicure 2023 is a classic option that always looks elegant and stylish. You can use bright colors or glittery ones for a dramatic evening look. The sparkling decor in the design of a smile in French design looks especially elegant.

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with pearls

Pearl manicure is a luxurious and elegant choice for an evening out. You can use pearl stickers or add pearl beads for a stylish effect on your nails.

Evening manicure ideas 2023 with a photo will tell you which nail design can be the perfect finishing touch for a special occasion. Choose laconic and elegant or spectacular and enchanting nail art, depending on your mood!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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