Everything you need to know about face primer

Facial primer: what is it and how to use it? You will find answers to these and other questions in our article. Looking ahead, let’s just say that the primer is a beauty trick for perfect makeup, which must be in a modern girl’s makeup bag.

face primer

What’s happened

This miracle tool appeared quite recently, but instantly made a real revolution in the world of makeup. Every self-respecting makeup artist appreciated the effect of the primer and purchased it for his cosmetic arsenal.

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However, some girls are not even aware of the existence of a new invention. This needs to be fixed urgently. Primer to the masses!

Applying foundation in the form of a primer for the face

The literal definition of the product sounds like cosmetics designed to prepare the dermis for applying a tonal foundation, a base for makeup. In translation, the primer is “the first, the basis.” You probably paid attention to how perfect the skin of the stars in the photo looks. Such an ideal result cannot be achieved with a single foundation. Beautiful relief and skin tone can only be done by a primer in a team with concealers.

The result of correct primer application

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His mission

There are 7 important functions that a primer is needed for.

  • The main mission is that it masks various imperfections on the skin. Unlike powder and tonal base, the primer imperceptibly lays down on the face and does not flow. No one will guess that the ideal tone of the girl’s face is not by nature.
  • Modern manufacturers include caring and nourishing components in the composition of the product.
  • The primer takes over the task of sun protection. With it, there is no need to use a special cream with a UV filter.
  • The durability of any makeup increases significantly if you do not forget to apply your favorite primer. With it, you will not need to touch up cosmetics several times during the day.
  • With this miracle tool, contouring is a real pleasure. All borders are easily shaded, and cosmetics are applied easier and more naturally.
  • Unlike foundation, the primer does not clog pores on the face and does not create an unwanted mask effect. The translucent and weightless texture gently evens out the complexion and makes it even.
  • The product also prevents cosmetics from penetrating deep into the pores of the face, which means it protects against its harmful components and even prolongs youth.


Variety of funds

With the modern variety of means, girls are often lost and do not know how to choose the right tool. Focus on the effect that you expect from the primer, and you will make the right decision.

  • A mattifying primer is ideal for those with oily skin or during the summer when perspiration increases. It is also a real find for sensitive skin suffering from acne. The usual such tool includes particles of mineral compounds responsible for soft radiance. Mattifying primers today occupy a leading position in the ranking of similar products. Girls choose it, as it best evens out complexion, relieves inflammation and ensures high durability of makeup.

Mattifying primer – before and after photos

  • The corrective primer is designed to mask various skin imperfections, including scars and scars. Note! Some girls mistakenly believe that the color shade of this remedy will also look on the face. This is wrong. Green, orange and lilac primers are translucent and invisible on the face and at the same time perform their task of masking 100%.

Corrective primer – before and after photos

  • Moisturizing primer not only improves the skin, but serves as a complete care. It is moisturizing and nourishing for weakened skin. In addition, such products perfectly tone up and hide wrinkles, so older women love them.

Moisturizing face primer

  • Makeup artists have one secret that some of them hide. It turns out that the highlighter is the base for the face, which contains reflective particles. The primer, whose function is to create radiance on the face, can be used as a highlighter. By applying it before the main makeup on the entire face, you will provide an attractive inner radiance of the skin. They can also highlight certain areas.


  • There is also a special primer for the eyelids. It ensures the durability of decorative cosmetics on the eyes, and also protects delicate skin from environmental influences.

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Choose according to consistency

If you can boast perfect skin with no visible imperfections, a liquid primer is your best bet. It will smooth the complexion, moisturize the skin and give it a matte finish.

Makeup artists advise girls with minor flaws in the form of redness or freckles to use a cream product.

Facial primer is not suitable for oily skin. For her, the ideal remedy is a pudding primer or gel. They do not clog pores and hide shine. At the same time, the products do an excellent job of masking rashes.

To hide more serious defects like scars, use a solid primer.

Face primer – application rules

Application technique

After you have figured out the intricacies of choosing a product, it’s time to learn how to use a primer correctly.

The result of using the primer

  • First you need to wash with water and foam for washing and blot your face with a towel.
  • The second step is preparing the skin. Moisturize with a light cream before applying primer. Ideally, if for winter time you choose a product with protection against hypothermia, and for summer time with an SPF factor. Allow 2-3 minutes for this layer to dry. If excess cream remains on the face, remove it with a cotton pad. Now your skin is hydrated and evened out, which means that makeup will go on better and will also please you with high durability.
  • Take a small amount of primer. Apply the product to the skin with movements from the center of the face to the edges. This is easy to do with a brush or fingers. Only sponge will not work – it will absorb a lot of product.
  • The primer for the face allows you to use it under the eyes, because this area also needs to be prepared for makeup. For this purpose, only a matting product is not suitable. If you have just such a primer, replace it with a base under the shadows in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe eyelids and under the eyes.
  • The product must lie flat and be invisible on the face. Wait for the primer to dry for 5 minutes.
  • And only after all the above manipulations, the skin of the face is ready for applying foundation and the rest of the makeup.

Primer – sequence…

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