Exercise bike for weight loss

The problem of excess weight has always existed. And how much time and effort you have to spend to get rid of extra pounds. For weight loss, various methods are used: sports, diets, fasting. And the most offensive – the weight comes again. And much faster than before. Thus, the body turns on the emergency system and begins to intensively make reserves for the future. And only from a strong desire and your determination depends on the final success.

But one attitude is not enough. As soon as you start planning sports in the gym, you realize with horror that there is absolutely no free time for this. Indeed, in addition to an hour for training, you will need at least an hour and a half for the road and fees. Total 2, 5 – 3 hours of precious time. Sports activities usually manage to devote the evening hours after work.

So, are you ready to return home several times a week at ten o’clock in the evening and start doing household chores: washing, cleaning, cooking, checking lessons with your child, playing, talking with your husband. It is unlikely that you will find the strength for anything. Yes, and family will not forgive you for such a betrayal. And if you also take into account that you will have to get there by public transport, which is not easy to find late in the evening, then very soon you will give up your sports activities.

What then? After all, those extra pounds are still with you. Maybe try working out at home? Now manufacturers offer a huge selection of different sports simulators.

Let’s try an exercise bike. Yes, its cost may seem too high, but if you figure out how much you would have to pay for a monthly gym membership, including travel expenses, sportswear, expensive sneakers, then buying a bike will be much more profitable. Moreover, you are not limited in time: you can practice at any time convenient for you, the number of approaches is not limited by the time of renting the hall and the simulator is absolutely indifferent to what you are wearing, what hairstyle you have and what kind of music you prefer. As you can see, everything is in favor of home exercises on an exercise bike.

So, when starting to exercise on an exercise bike, be sure to follow some simple rules. In no case should you try to lose weight in three days. Firstly, this is unrealistic, and secondly, for a person without training, any cardio load can do more harm than good.

Before starting sports, it would not hurt to consult a doctor. You may need to take several tests to determine the level of exercise that is right for you.

The next requirement is regularity. Throw aside your laziness, find some time for sports, and do not look for constant excuses. Be patient, because your body needs some time to get used to the loads, so the first noticeable results will begin to appear after at least a month of regular exercise on a stationary bike.

For successful training, a certain preparation of the muscles is necessary. This will help the regularity of training. Do not load weak muscles at the very beginning. To avoid injury, do not give a large load at the very beginning. It will be correct to warm up for 10-15 minutes. Performing simple and familiar exercises, you will warm up, and the effectiveness of further training will only increase.

It is believed that the process of burning fat begins at the fortieth minute of active sports. But do not forget that the exercise bike gives a big load not only to the muscles, ligaments, but also to the cardiovascular system. So start with half an hour of riding sessions plus a warm-up at the beginning. And over time, increase the time and intensity of training. The main thing is to do it gradually, without unnecessary unjustified jerks.

Don’t forget about water. During active cycling, along with unnecessary reserves of subcutaneous fat, a huge amount of water and useful minerals are lost, which must be replenished. Drink water, both during training and after. A course of multivitamins is also useful, because your body needs strength under such loads, otherwise it will begin to use its resource, and this will lead to a breakdown and poor health.

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