exercise while dieting

It happens that despite all your efforts in the gym, along with the diet, you do not see results on the scales, except for the general smartness, which sometimes is not immediately noticeable, plus you also feel incredibly tired, at first after excessive workouts, and after and from simple mechanical actions.

Especially for people who want to lose weight through a combination of diet and exercise, but without harming their health, a special set of exercises has been created.

Exercises are scheduled for 3 days, after one day of training, one should be released from physical exertion. Also, do not forget that any physical activity brings the greatest result if performed in the morning.

Exercises for 1 day

Standing straight (legs should preferably be shoulder-width apart), pull your arms up, as if trying to reach the ceiling, gradually bending your back back (no need to try to stand on the bridge, or for the first time try to bend at an angle of 90 degrees, everything comes with experience). The first time, this position must be held for 20 seconds, adding another 10 each time.

Stand on your toes, and wagging your hips, put completely on the foot, then one, then the second leg. Repeat this movement for 2 minutes.

The last thing you will need to do is to download the press. On the first day, you need to swing with straight legs, lifting the torso. For the first time, do 3 sets, 10 times, then add 10 more to each set.

Exercises for day 2

Standing straight, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on the waist. Turn the body to the maximum possible angle, left and right. There should be 10-15 turns in each direction.

Stand on your toes, lean on something with your hands, your back should wash as straight as possible. Get up on two feet at once, and lift on toes with both legs at once. You need to stand on your toes for 2 seconds, 20 times. Ascent and descent should be slow.

The last will be the press again, but you will already pump the lower muscles. Lie on the floor, legs extended, find support for your hands. Slowly raise your legs to 90 degrees, and slowly lower them as well. Perform 3 sets, 5-10 times, then add 10-15 times to the set.

Exercises for day 3

An exercise similar to push-ups is performed in this way: the legs to the hips should be on a support that matches the height of the arms, the torso is on weight, with the support of the arms. In this position, slowly bend your arms lowering your chest to the floor, and just as gradually unbend as you rise. Perform 2 sets, 5 times, gradually increasing the times.

This time, the oblique muscles of the press will already tighten. Do exercises for the press, as in the first two days, but with tilts to the sides. 1 set to raise the torso, 2 to raise the legs. Only two sets of 5 times, with a further increase.

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