Exercises for correcting facial contours at home

With age, the human body, along with other changes, reduces the production of proteins such as elastin and collagen. This becomes the reason that the skin begins to sag, the oval of the face changes, losing its clear contours. A swollen oval of the face is, alas, inevitable. But proper and timely care will help delay the appearance of this trouble or correct existing changes in the shape of the face. There is a whole range of measures to help tighten the oval of the face at home, which are quite simple, safe and inexpensive. The maximum and lasting effect can be achieved by combining several methods and providing the skin with constant care.

Face lifting massage

The first method for maintaining or correcting the oval of the face is massage. It improves blood circulation, helps the process of cell regeneration, improves tone and improves skin color. Massage can be carried out independently, it is enough to follow simple rules:

face oval correction

  • warm up the muscles of the face before massage with a hot compress based on herbal decoctions;
  • collect hair, eliminating their contact with the face;
  • wash hands with soap, cleanse face with lotion;
  • use hypoallergenic products (cream or oil) for massage;
  • do not press hard on the skin during the procedure;
  • perform movements strictly along the massage lines;

Remembering the location of the massage lines is easy:

  • from the chin to the earlobes;
  • from the lower lip to the earlobes;
  • from the upper lip to the temples;
  • from the corners of the mouth to the tragus of the auricles;
  • from the middle of the forehead to the ends of the eyebrows;
  • from the outer corners of the eyes to their inner corners.

Massage lines

Typically, a classic massage begins with barely perceptible strokes, followed by rubbing, light pinching and tapping. First, the forehead and scales are massaged, then the cheeks, cheekbones, chin and the so-called “second chin” area.

You can also perform patting with a damp towel and a hydromassage shower (alternating hot water with cold water).

Self-massage sessions are recommended to be carried out daily for two weeks, followed by a break of two to three weeks. If there is not enough time for a visible result, a 10-minute session 2-3 times in 7 days within a month is enough.

Gymnastics for the elasticity of the oval of the face

Gymnastics will help maintain or restore elasticity and clear lines to the oval of the face at home. A set of exercises is performed while sitting in front of a mirror, this makes it possible to control the correctness of movements.

  1. Open your mouth, hide your lips inward, as if covering your teeth with them.
  2. Try to pull in and the corners of your mouth.
  3. Place the index finger of either hand on the chin, thus creating additional resistance for the facial muscles.
  4. Stretch the lower jaw forward and, as if scooping up air, close the mouth.
  5. Open your mouth again and repeat the exercise.

Such scooping movements should be performed very slowly in order to feel the work of the lateral muscles of the face.

Face oval

“Draw air” follows the corners of the mouth, and not the cheekbones. Do not overdo it: excessive stress is fraught with cramps!

  1. Tilt your head back and rest for 30 seconds.

A series of these exercises should be performed twice a day.

After one month of daily exercises, the oval of the face becomes more toned.

If such gymnastics is beyond your strength, you can replace it with simpler exercises. For example, standing in front of a mirror, open your mouth wide and draw out the sounds o, and, y, a, s, straining your facial muscles.

Facelift with Facebook building

Facial oval correction at home is also possible thanks to the Facebook building system. The name (translated from English means “building a face”) speaks for itself. Each woman will be able to easily tighten the oval of her face that has lost its clear lines. All you need is desire, diligence and discipline.

1. Put your fingers on your forehead. The ring finger should touch the eyebrows. Then start raising your eyebrows against resistance. Repeat several times.

2. Squeeze your eyelids tightly, and then open your eyes wide. Repeat 10 times.

3. Attach fingers to the corners of the lips and press lightly. Next, you need to smile again, despite the resistance. This exercise strengthens the muscles in the cheek area.

4. Put your fingers on the outer corners of the eyes, and then tighten the lower eyelids as much as possible. Relax. Repeat 5 times.

5. Attach the index finger and middle finger to the corners of the eyes. After that, raise your eyes up, pressing your fingers on the skin.

Facebuilding for the elasticity of the oval of the face will be more effective if, after it, a cream with a lifting effect is used.

face oval lift

Experts advise women over 40 to pay attention to Facebook building. But this does not mean at all that the rest should, inactive, wait for the onset of that same age. Prevention is known to be the best solution to prevent early signs of facial skin aging.

Procedures that prevent sagging of the face oval

Measures aimed at eliminating the second chin, as a consequence of sagging facial contours, are best taken even at the initial stages of its formation. To do this, every morning after applying the cream on the face and neck, you need to perform the following simple procedures.

  1. Take a pencil in your teeth and, holding it, write 10 or more letters in the air.
  2. Straighten your shoulders and make several circular movements with your head – first in one direction, then in the other. Then perform head tilts forward and backward (performing forward tilts, we press the chin to the chest).
  3. Carry out water procedures for skin elasticity in the chin area, alternating successively rinsing with cold and hot water. This process is combined with a light massage of the area.

Such simple procedures, combined with massage and gymnastics and firming masks, can achieve amazing results in the fight against a double chin, sagging cheeks and facial contours. Regular skin care will always look younger than your age.

Face Slimming Exercises

A person’s face can tell a lot about their habits and lifestyle. The face reflects lack of sleep, overeating, alcohol abuse and even a love for very lush pillows. Flaws of the figure, extra centimeters are hidden under the right clothes, the face is constantly open, so the requirements for its condition and appearance are always higher than for these indicators of other parts of the body.

Puffiness and puffiness of the cheeks, the second chin is a cause for concern for some of the fair sex. Losing weight in the face is possible thanks to a set of measures, which includes exercises for losing weight on the face and following simple rules.

Wanting to improve the shape of the face, you need to mainly tune in to the gradual weight loss. The face loses weight dramatically only with rapid weight loss of the whole body, which is very harmful to the body. Therefore, refined facial features appear when a certain nutritional system is observed, the so-called “facial diet” …

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