Exercises for slim legs

Summer is on the street, which means it’s time for short shorts, skirts, and dresses. Your legs should always look great, and even more so in the summer. Beautiful and well-groomed legs attract thousands of male gazes. Every woman wants a man to admire her, her legs. To do this, you should not run to the gym, hire a trainer and spend huge sums, just pull yourself together and start working on yourself. At home, you can improve, no worse than in trendy and expensive gyms, without special simulators you can adjust your figure.

A few simple exercises will help you achieve the desired result. Devote your free time to yourself, your body and well-being. Make sure that a person can do anything if he really wants to. A list of exercises especially for you. You just need to remember that in the first lesson you should not do the maximum load for your body, this is fraught with negative consequences. The best option, from smaller to larger, gradually increase the load.

In order not to harm yourself, do a light warm-up of your body, a kind of exercise. Knead your feet, shins, warm up your body. Prepare him for physical exertion, because you can harm yourself much faster than achieve the desired result. Take it seriously!

  1. Squats. This exercise will help tighten your ass, correct your posture and pump up your legs. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, and make sure that your posture is even, stretch your arms in front of you, straight, without bending them. The stupas should be turned out a little. Slowly squat and return to the starting position, clearly monitor your posture and hands, your heels should not come off the floor. Do not try to do the exercise quickly, as a rule, it does not turn out well. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times for 10-12 squats.
  2. Raising the legs in a supine position. The essence of this exercise is lifting the legs in a supine position to the maximum height. To do this, you need to lie on a straight surface, you need to lie on your side, for convenience, put your head on your hand, make yourself a support. Lie down, you need to observe the direct position of the vertebra. The leg that turned out to be on top is working, we raise it as high as possible (so that an angle of 90 degrees is formed, the angle of inclination needs to be increased over time), fix it, and slowly lower it down. We repeat the same on the other side, for each leg 10-14 lifts, 6-8 approaches.
  3. Lunges. Stand up straight, keep the correct posture, feet shoulder-width apart. Take one small step forward, squat a little. Fix position. Make sure your spine and shoulders are straight. After, smoothly move to the other leg, fix the position and move again to the other leg. There should be 15-20 such attacks on each leg.
  4. Scissors. The simplest exercise known to us since school physical education. You need to lie on a straight surface. Raise your legs to a height of 10-15 centimeters from the floor, and cross your legs. Remember to keep your muscles tight and your toes pointed. To begin with, you can do it at an average pace, and gradually increase it.
  5. Bicycle. A common and well-known exercise. Lie down on a straight surface. You can put your hands under your head, bend your knees and lift them up. Rotate your legs as if pedaling. Duration, 20-25 turns 3-4 trips.
  6. Bridge. A good exercise for the legs and muscles of the buttocks. Starting position, as in the previous exercise, just the legs do not come off the floor. Legs bent, arms along the body. Raise the ass, try to do it as high as possible, fix it for a few seconds, and then lower it meleno. Every time we strive to raise the ass higher. We do 15-20 times 3-4 approaches.
  7. Jumping. Jumping is considered a very effective way to shake your legs. Jump rope 100-150 times for 2-4 sets. If space does not allow jumping on a rope, or simply does not exist, then you can limit yourself to just jumping, without a rope.
  8. Run. Running is a very good remedy for the legs. Run 3-5 kilometers a day (preferably in the evening), a great way to get in shape, and even in the fresh air. If, of course, your time allows you to run, then be sure to use it to good use. The distance can be taken at first and smaller, over time it can be increased.

Here are some simple exercises to make your legs slim, pumped up and attractive. It takes a little time for these exercises, the main desire, and the result, if all this is done regularly, will be noticeable very soon. Of course, running and squats are considered the most effective way to improve legs, but all exercises in the complex will accelerate the result and fix your muscles in the right shape.

All of the above exercises are suitable both for muscle prevention and in order to remove excess from your legs. Every woman should take care of herself and take care of herself. After all the exercises, take a shower, use your favorite bath hygiene products, and the evening with a slight physical and pleasant fatigue will not be in vain, because you have taken another step towards your improvement.

One more piece of advice. Limit the use of sugar and soda and starchy foods. There are very few benefits from these products, but the harm to the body and figure is enormous. Replace them with more healthy products, such as sugar – honey, and soda water without gases or green tea, tea helps to remove harmful substances from the body. And flour is generally the first enemy in the fight against weight loss. Be healthy, take care of yourself and do not difficult physical exercises. And the world around you will shine with you!

Love yourself, appreciate what you have and just try to strive for the best. The result will exceed expectations. Please yourself and the men around you, enjoy the compliments and life. You are a woman, which means you must make the world more beautiful!

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