Expensive Perfume Doesn’t Last: 7 Ways to Fix It

Your search for your favorite fragrance has ended successfully. A charming bottle with amazingly exciting contents took its rightful place in the locker. But the first day of use upset – the ideal turned out to be unstable. However, it is too early to despair. Perfumery experts have come up with seven ways to prolong the scent’s longevity.

Attention to concentration

Perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette or cologne are the main types of perfume compositions. And these concepts are by no means invented in order to confuse everyone in the world. In fact, all these names are fraught with important information about the concentration of the perfume composition.

Perfume is made up of three main components:

  • water,
  • alcohol,
  • perfume composition.

And if you see the word perfume on the label, this means that the perfume composition in this composition is a maximum of about 20-30%, which means that the durability will be higher. Cologne has the lowest durability, followed by eau de toilette and perfume water.

Attention to the skin

On what kind of skin does the scent last best? Perfumers around the world are in solidarity: well-moisturized. This means that it is best to apply fragrance immediately after a shower, when the skin is still steamed, moisturized and its pores are open. Or after applying moisturizer.

texture combination

Many perfume concerns, in addition to perfumes, produce a lot of related products: hair mists, perfumed oils, shower gels, and others. Why are they doing that? It’s simple: when the products are combined, the aromas are layered and their durability is enhanced. And therefore, unstable perfumes in combination with oil and haze last much longer on the skin.


Any oil texture is denser and more viscous, oil molecules are less volatile. Therefore, if you apply perfume over any oil, they will delight you much longer. This happens because the oil is a kind of grounding agent for the more volatile molecules of alcohol perfumes. This is the secret of the persistence of Arab perfumes.

Application tricks

There are several perfume application tricks that can increase their durability.

  • Pulsating points;
  • lower body;
  • Hair and clothes.

Pulsating points are special places on the human body where blood vessels come close to the skin. These are the wrist, neck, place behind the ear, cubital fossa, popliteal fossa, fossa between the collarbones and others. Perfume is usually applied here. Why? Because the temperature of the skin there is slightly higher, which means that the aroma will open faster and last longer.

The Greek scientist and philosopher Diogenes spoke best of all about applying perfume to the lower part of the human body, saying: “You put perfume on your hair and only birds enjoy it, but I put perfume on my feet and enjoy it myself.” And he was right, because he knew physics. Aromas, warming on the skin, tend to rise higher. Therefore, when applying perfume on the legs, in the inguinal region, under the knees and even on the feet, its aroma, rising, forms a kind of cocoon around the person, which will hold the fragrance of the perfume for a long time.

Hair and clothes hold perfume compositions much longer than human skin. Therefore, do not neglect both hair smokes and careful application of wardrobe items on the wrong side.

Do not rub

You can often see the following picture in a perfumery store: a person applied perfume on his wrist and rubbed it with his other wrist. It shouldn’t be done that way. Venerable perfumers say that perfume is not just a bottle of fragrance, but first of all a complex chemical compound. And when rubbed, the structure of the perfume is broken, and the composition and durability change. Most often not for the better.

Properly store

What will spoil the perfume, change its aroma and reduce its durability? Incorrect storage. Any perfume composition is afraid of exposure to direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Therefore, the worst place to store perfume is a shelf in the bathroom, where at least two of the three factors affect it. The shelf of the dressing table is also an unfortunate place for perfume. It is ideal to put the bottle in a cabinet where it is dry, dark and the temperature does not exceed room temperature.

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