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Nail design with patterns is the apogee of femininity and sophistication. On any nails, such Nail-Art looks appropriate and luxurious at the same time. And do not assume that simple ornate patterns are no longer original and have long gone out of fashion – this is not so. But besides them, in the nail industry you can find a lot of interesting ideas for manicure with patterns. We will talk about all this now.


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Types of patterns

As such, nail patterns are very difficult to divide into any subgroups. The only thing that is present here, as well as everywhere else, is: simpler and more complex patterns, voluminous and classic, seasonal and universal. And without further delay, right now we’ll talk about most of them.

  • floral patterns. Perhaps this nail art can be called the most popular among all women. It is especially relevant, of course, in spring and summer. Beautiful design, which contains delicate colors, smooth lines and a variety of choices will not leave any lady indifferent.

If you do not have serious experience in creating patterns on nails, then just limit yourself to the simple outlines of a flower on a plain surface of the nail. And do not be afraid, your manicure will not look rustic. On the contrary, conciseness is in fashion today.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The most frequently depicted flowers in the form of patterns are: poppies, tulips, daisies, forget-me-nots. This is because they can be drawn using the simplest lines. Roses are no less popular, but a certain skill is required here.[/stextbox]

Beautiful and easy manicure with roses

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  • Animals. Here we are not talking about animal prints, as you might think, but about patterns in the form of the outlines of animals. A lot of girls show love for their pets in this way. Absolutely any animal can be depicted on the nails.

As we have already said, this may be an outline or a well-drawn muzzle of an animal. Here everything will depend on your skill, because the second one will obviously be more difficult to do. However, it is allowed to use a stencil.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The most impressive and realistic will look patterns in the form of animals applied using airbrushing.[/stextbox].

Beautiful airbrush drawing of an owl

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  • Lace. Nail design with lace patterns – what could be more feminine and gentle. Pay attention to the photos that are present in our selection.

See how sophisticated the nails, decorated with an openwork mesh, look. Naturally, the color palette here should be chosen in nude or pastel colors.

Manicure with lace in a nude palette

Excellent lace patterns will look on the jacket. If desired, they can be supplemented with a small amount of rhinestones.

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  • Mehendi. Mehendi patterns on the body have been known to fashionistas for a long time. Young girls, who are not afraid to stand out, willingly decorate pieces of their skin with them, especially in the summer. But this trend has migrated to nails quite recently, so it can be considered a novelty in the nail industry.

Mehendi looks very original and catchy. And all because this design is not yet hackneyed. It will gain its greatest popularity in 2019. But, this does not prevent you from doing it right now, if you have such a desire, because mehendi on nails is relevant for any time of the year.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Mehendi can be done in three ways: apply a pattern using a stencil, stick stickers on the nail plate, or draw a pattern with the finest brushes and needles. But, the latter method is incredibly complex and requires great skill. Therefore, you are unlikely to succeed in doing it yourself.[/stextbox]

  • Linear patterns. Perhaps this is the simplest type of design from our selection today. What are linear patterns? In simple terms, these are lines and curls drawn with ordinary varnish. Moreover, they are located on the nail plate randomly.

To create these patterns, you do not need a lot of material and time. Just cover your nail with the color of polish you want, and when it dries, apply any stripes and curls that come to your mind.

  • ethnic motives. In 2018, ethnic patterns in manicure and pedicure broke all records of popularity. Fashionistas of all ages willingly applied intricate and not always meaningless drawings to their nails, which, however, fit well into the surrounding surroundings.

The best time for this nail art is summer. And you can create a high-quality ethnic pattern in the same ways as mehendi (we described them above).

Beautiful manicure in ethnic style

[stextbox id=’info’]

Important! Ethnic patterns look best in the following colors: black with white, white with blue, red with black. Often masters create deeper ornaments of three or more shades.


  • Thematic patterns. For example, a cobweb for a gloomy autumn nail art. Firstly, creating such a design is quite simple, and secondly, it will look incredibly impressive. Be sure to try!

  • winter patterns. Intricate designs on the nails, designed for the cold season, look very beautiful. And of course, first of all, surprisingly thin nail-art should be highlighted here, which looks like a frosty pattern on glass. This manicure is performed in the most delicate blue-blue tones, and from the side it looks as if the frost really left its patterns on your nails.

  • Gold on black. A manicure with golden patterns on a black background will look very unusual, rich and spectacular. Not to say that this is everyday nail-art. Rather, it is more suitable for parties and going out.

However, thanks to the iridescent noble gold, it will also be appropriate this winter. After all, as you already know, silver and gold in clothes, in manicure / pedicure is better than you can please yourself in the coming months.

[stextbox id=’info’]

Important! Favorably treats gold and the symbol of the upcoming 2019 Earth Pig. So, if you don’t have the time or opportunity to create an expensive manicure, then use this simple solution: cover your nails with black and apply golden patterns on them. The effect will be amazing.


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  • Christmas patterns. Manicure with a pattern for the New Year – what could be simpler and more interesting?!

Moreover, in this theme there really is plenty to choose from: a pattern in the form of a snowman, in the form of a simple Christmas tree, in the form of a Santa Claus hat, spruce branches, landscape, serpentine, deer antlers – absolutely everything is possible here. Yes, and to depict these patterns is quite easy, the main thing is to practice a little.

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