Extended nails: new designs of 2019 for spring-summer

In the spring and summer of 2019, natural design remains the main trend in nail art, but, despite the huge list of fashionable novelties in manicure, many girls still prefer extended nails. In the current season, you can observe various photo ideas of even a classic jacket for artificial nails, as professionals take into account the desires of every fashionista.


Someone prefers an extended version, because their natural nails have an unsuccessful shape, and for some, such a manicure is the only way out in the fight against delamination of the plates. Also, many fashionistas choose artificial manicure because it allows you to experiment with shape, shades, length and design.

Manicure trends

According to professionals in the field of nail art, in 2019, girls should still give up eccentric nail shapes, for example, stilettos or a clearly defined angular plate, as well as a very long length. Masters recommend giving preference to an artificial plate no more than 0.7 cm long. Oval and almond-shaped forms are relevant. This option looks feminine and makes the hands more refined.

Regarding the trending trends in the design of extended nails, the following colors are in fashion in 2019:

  • muted and nude shades in a variety of color combinations;
  • shades of blue;
  • deep burgundy and purple;
  • dark brown and beige;
  • mint, pale blue.

French, ombre and rhinestones

In the current season, the play with textures is still in fashion, which manifests itself in a combination of a glossy layer with a matte finish, “powder” and metallic varnish, glitter and monochrome color.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Rhinestones, liquid stones or modeling will look harmoniously on extended nails.[/stextbox]

Nude is still on top

One of the main fashionable novelties in nail art will be a chameleon coating that can change its shade due to temperature or lighting. The unique characteristics of this varnish will allow you to surprise others with the design of your nails. The original type of painting, reminiscent of a pattern on natural stone, more precisely: on marble, agate or turquoise, will also become popular.

Lunar design

Lunar design has been relevant for several seasons. This is a classic that has fallen in love with a large number of girls, but professional masters do not get tired of creating new original solutions with each fashion season that bring some zest to the manicure.

The combination of moon manicure, jacket and rhinestones

In 2019, this beautiful design created on an artificial plate is advised to be combined with other nail art techniques, for example, transition, stickers, print, painting and other variations.

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[stextbox id=’info’]One of the most trendy combinations of this summer will be the combination of a moon manicure and a jacket, both in nude and in bright shades.[/stextbox]

Lovers of sharp claws will have to part with the length

Despite the fact that naturalness is in trend in the current season, when applying a moon manicure, you can forget about these rules and choose bright and saturated colors. You can choose the perfect combination with the help of photo ideas offered on the Internet.

Varied french

In addition to the usual variations of a jacket in nude tones, a “multi-colored smile” will be fashionable this season. Such a manicure idea can cheer you up even on a cloudy day. The trend is now a rather massive edge drawing line, which makes it possible to apply several colors at once when making it. Such a multi-colored edge of the nail looks very unusual and bright, and perfectly complements any image.

Combination of ombre and french

[stextbox id=’info’]As with applying a moon manicure on an artificial plate, it is recommended to use additional decorative elements when performing a jacket. For example, you can use kamifubuki, modeling or various rhinestones.[/stextbox]

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To create a bright and fashionable design, you can use a contrasting fan jacket, and for those who prefer a more discreet manicure, a classic version with accents on two nails in the form of holographic foil is suitable. A gentle version of the jacket can be created using artistic painting with various curls. You can apply this pattern with a thin brush.

Matte finish

Matte design, which won the hearts of lovers of not only natural, but also extended nails, in 2019 will delight its admirers with a variety of new products, all photo ideas can already be seen on the pages of fashion magazines.

Gentle matte finish on extended nails

The matte finish itself looks quite fashionable and luxurious, but if there is a desire to make your nails even more original and colorful, they can be supplemented with some pattern. It can be either standard stars or polka dots, or confused curls.

[stextbox id=’info’]Perfectly combined with a matte finish of pebbles and glitter.[/stextbox]

Spectacular and neat extended nails

To create a matte finish on extended nails, you can use a special tone or hardener in combination with a standard coating of any shade. The most popular matte design tones are deep burgundy, green, brown, but pastel options are also in trend this year.

original design

For most people, long nails are often associated with a design made for some kind of celebration. However, modern girls have long begun to perceive extensions as a common procedure that makes it possible to show themselves. You can make artificial nails fashionable and original in 2019 using the “broken glass” design. This design looks very trendy and beautiful, and it looks especially great on extended nails of a sharp shape.

Short and rounded nail plates are in fashion

This design is carried out using foil for manicure, shimmering in the light in various shades. Special cellophane is cut into small pieces and laid out in a chaotic manner over the nail plate.

Extended nails are a great solution for those girls whose natural plate is far from ideal, especially since in the spring and summer of 2019, nail art gurus have prepared a huge number of new products. This season, every fashionista will find a suitable design, and even a classic jacket will look quite unusual, and photo ideas will help you make the right choice. It is worth remembering that the beauty of a manicure does not depend on the length and naturalness of the nail, but on the right design.


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