Eye shadow

Women’s eyes are an invincible weapon in the fight against an impregnable male heart, which is why it is so important to emphasize them beautifully and with dignity.

There are many songs, myths and legends about the strength and mystery of the female gaze, so it has long been clear to everyone that women’s eyes need not only careful and proper care, but also a neat and suitable frame.

Most eyes can be roughly divided into four shades: green, blue, brown and gray. And each of these colors requires a personal approach and appropriate makeup, because what suits brown-eyed girls will not always present blue eyes in the best light. Keep this in mind when choosing a color palette for your makeup.

Owners of mysterious and deep brown eyes need to pay attention to complex colors: bronze, olive, purple and ocher. The purple tint must be handled with care, because the excessive saturation of this color can add yellowness to the proteins.

All warm shades are suitable for blue-eyed young ladies: sand, golden, light lilac, mother-of-pearl and light silver. It is necessary to refuse saturated dark colors, in contrast with such colors, blue eyes are lost. Also, the look will look a bit inflamed if blue-eyed girls use intense pink (reddish) colors.

Girls, whom nature has awarded with green eyes, can safely use almost all colors. Just be careful with identical green, otherwise you can achieve the effect of one solid green spot on the face. Nevertheless, experienced makeup artists advise avoiding blue and silver shades, and focusing on brick, and all shades of beige.

Gray eyes are most often found in combination with the blue color of the iris, and yet if nature has given a pure gray color, then you can use all the cold shades and sparkles.

Remember, an eyeliner or contour pencil will always help to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, it can be a black pencil (especially for brown eyes), or perhaps blue or green. If you apply a pencil on the lower eyelid, then the makeup will become more evening, and the eyes will be more expressive.

Made-up eyes, regardless of color, cannot be left without painted eyelashes, otherwise the makeup seems incomplete and not clear. If you want to enhance your eye color, you can use mascara to match your eye color, but keep in mind that contrast is in fashion and makeup of the opposite color with eyes always looks the most advantageous.

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