Eyebrow care after tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Preparation for the procedure, the professionalism of a permanent makeup specialist, high-quality pigment are far from all the components of a good result, an important factor is the client’s subsequent care for the tattoo. During the healing period, many women make mistakes. And the first hours after the procedure, swelling appears in the eyebrow area, and crusts form on the eyebrows themselves. The color looks brighter than planned, this will pass after the first three days. The desired shade of the eyebrows will appear after the complete restoration of the skin.

Features of eyebrow care after the tattoo procedure

  • Immediately after applying the tattoo, you should not take any action, it is better to start care the next day.
  • During the first weeks, it is necessary to treat the eyebrow tattoo area with special healing agents. They should be applied to the skin in a thin layer in order to avoid creating a greenhouse effect, as a result of which, the crust may fall off and soften ahead of time, the healing process will be delayed and this will negatively affect the result. But it is not desirable to allow the skin to dry out in the tattoo area, the skin may crack and, as a result, gaps may appear. The optimal use of the cream is two or three times a day, it should be applied in a thin layer for two weeks. You need to use only anti-inflammatory drugs recommended by a specialist, the main thing is that they do not contain hormones, antibiotics and other healing stimulants. If the tattoo area began to itch during healing, then it makes sense to take an anti-allergic agent.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the crust that formed after the procedure during the healing period. In no case can you tear it off, it should fall off on its own within a week. In young girls, the skin will fully recover in a month, in older women in a month and a half.
  • For washing, it is not recommended to use tap water and soap, it is better to boil water or wipe your face with a special disinfectant lotion
  • It is worth avoiding exposure to sunlight and not visiting the solarium for about three weeks.
  • During the healing period – refuse to use decorative cosmetics in the eyebrow area.
  • You can apply special color fixatives to the tattoo area, but only if there is no allergic reaction.
  • Moisturize the permanent makeup area with cotton swabs dipped in an oil such as olive, peach, or almond.
  • Before the procedure, in order to align the eyebrow growth line, the tattoo master can cut off excess protruding hairs. To cut the protruding hairs yourself, use nail scissors, they need to walk along the entire length of the eyebrows.
  • Periodically, it will be necessary to remove excess hairs by plucking outside the contour of the tattoo, since permanent makeup does not damage the hairline and does not interfere with its natural growth. If you neglect this, then the contour of the tattoo will be broken and will look sloppy. This procedure will not take you much time, and your eyebrows will look perfect for a long time.

Tattoo care depending on the specific season

Care for permanent makeup in winter is very different from care in the warm season. Recommendations for care in the cold season:

  • In winter, due to weak immunity, our body is more susceptible to infections and viruses. For this reason, it would be advisable to use antiviral agents after the procedure.
  • Within two weeks it is necessary to be observed by a specialist in order to avoid negative reactions of the body.
  • Use anti-inflammatory oils for healing, as well as vitamin creams for moisturizing and special cleansers.
  • Before going outside, do not apply cream or ointment for tattoo care and do not wash your face. In the worst case, the skin in the area of ​​permanent makeup can become inflamed and cracked from wind and low temperatures without having time to absorb moisture.
  • Avoid staying in the cold for two weeks and chapping, as well as a sharp temperature drop, all this can adversely affect permanent makeup.
  • Strengthen your immune system to avoid possible infections and viruses.

In the summer, due to the high temperature and the action of ultraviolet rays, the likelihood of inflammation and fading of the shade of the eyebrow tattoo increases. Therefore, some guidelines must be followed.

  • Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.
  • It is recommended to use anti-inflammatory ointments that relieve swelling.
  • Mandatory supervision and consultation of a specialist.
  • Apply light creams with vitamins A and D to the permanent makeup area.
  • Do not use fatty nourishing creams, at high temperature and humidity they disrupt the water balance of the skin, and this can lead to a long healing process.
  • Stay out of the sun less to avoid overheating and burns.
  • For three weeks it is not recommended to sunbathe and swim in the reservoirs.

Possible consequences of improper care

Even if you visited the best specialist, paid a large amount of money for eyebrow tattooing, carefully prepared for the procedure, but in the end did not get the desired result, it means that you made a mistake in eyebrow care after the tattooing procedure.

One common result of improper grooming is uneven brow color.

Even if everything was fine with the eyebrows for the first time after applying permanent makeup, this can happen if you used products that contained hormones or antibiotics. Such drugs make it difficult for the pigment to penetrate the skin.

If the eyebrows turned out with gaps or color irregularities, this can also be explained by the fact that you removed the crust from the tattoo area ahead of time. You can’t do this, because along with the crust you can remove a layer of coloring pigment.

After the procedure, severe inflammation may appear in the tattoo area, often this is due to the error of the master. Infections and bacteria brought by him cause irritation and inflammation in case of untimely treatment and disinfection of the skin.

The causes of inflammation can be different:

  • Sunburns;
  • Improper hygiene;
  • Use of decorative cosmetics;
  • Use of non-recommended ointments and creams;
  • Washing and cleansing the face with tap water.

Eyebrow discoloration can occur, as well as fading, especially after overuse of tanning, lotions containing alcohol, creams…

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