Eyebrow correction – the actual issue of thickness

The attractiveness of a woman’s face depends on many things: well-groomed skin, thick eyelashes and eyebrows of the correct length and shape. Well-defined eyebrows work wonders, making their owner more attractive, and the look more expressive.

How to determine the ideal eyebrow shape

Ideal eyebrows have a suitable shape and thickness for you, emphasize a mischievous look, and, most importantly, they can correct your face shape. Such eyebrows look as if they have never been touched by tweezers, but look as natural and harmonious as possible on the face.

To correctly determine the length and not make a mistake – take a cosmetic pencil, place it on your face so that one of its parts touches the wing of the nose, and the other crosses the outer corner of the eye, its end should touch the hairs – this point is the end of the eyebrow. After that, without removing the pencil from the edge of the wing of the nose, connect it to the already inner corner of the eye – this place will be the beginning of the eyebrow.

To determine the highest part of the arc, position the pencil so that it crosses the pupil of the eye. In the place where the pencil touches the eyebrow, you should put another point. So you determine the length of the eyebrows that is right for you and the place of the bend.

We correct facial features

Important components of good eyebrows are length, curve and width. In modern times, thick eyebrows are very popular, but they are far from being suitable for all owners of the weaker sex. You should not chase fashion, choosing the shape of the eyebrows, as it is individual for each face. To correct incorrect facial features or, conversely, emphasize the correct ones, it is worth considering which eyebrows are right for you.

  • If you have small eyes, then wide, prominent eyebrows will do, and the distance between them must be increased with tweezers, pulling out the hairs from the inside.
  • If the eyes are set close, then it is also necessary to increase the distance between them, thereby expanding, pulling out excess hairs from the inner corner of the eye.
  • With wide-set eyes, on the contrary, you should leave the inner part of the eyebrow thicker, and even tint this part with a pencil to make the right accent.
  • Horizontal bushy brows are ideal for long faces, as well as for faces in which the top is much narrower than the bottom.
  • If your facial features are large, then stop at wide, thick eyebrows. Thin eyebrows will look harmoniously on a face with small, even small features.
  • Rising eyebrows, or eyebrows with a high arch, on the contrary, further lengthen the face, but also significantly rejuvenate it.
  • Classic eyebrows of medium thickness and with a fairly strong bend, make the look more open. They are suitable for owners of the correct oval face.
  • If your face is triangular, then you should be wary of straight eyebrows. Rounded, raised eyebrows are ideal.
  • On a square face, highly raised, slightly ascending, elongated eyebrows look perfect.
  • If you have a round face, then the ideal eyebrows for you are rounded and raised.

After you have given the eyebrows the desired shape and corrected the imperfections, provide them with care: apply castor oil to them daily, comb them, and also do not forget to remove regrown hairs in time.

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