Eyebrow permanent makeup

The photos in our article reveal the whole truth about permanent eyebrow makeup. We will understand all the advantages and disadvantages of the popular procedure, its types and subtleties. In a word, you will learn everything that should be taken into account when deciding on a tattoo.


What’s happened

The purpose of permanent eyebrow makeup is to create a beautiful contour and natural color, add brightness and expressiveness. Such an impressive result is easily achieved through the use of a coloring pigment that penetrates under the skin and ensures the durability of the effect.

The essence of the procedure is that the needles introduce a pigment responsible for a clear pattern into the upper layers of the skin. Masters use natural dyes, which minimizes allergic reactions. The ability to mix different shades allows you to create a unique color.

The sequence of the procedure always consists of several stages.

  • Cleansing the skin with an antiseptic.
  • Creation of a sketch of future eyebrows. This stage should be taken as responsibly as possible, because the success of the result depends on it.

  • The next step is individual color selection. In this, masters usually use the golden rule – for blondes they select a shade darker than the roots, and for brunettes they prefer a color slightly lighter than the tone of the roots.
  • This is followed by the application of anesthesia as desired and the creation of the desired contour.
  • The most long-awaited stage is permanent makeup followed by skin disinfection.

As a rule, the whole procedure takes 1.5-2 hours.

Having learned what permanent eyebrow makeup is, we suggest understanding its pros and cons and deciding whether the game is worth the candle.


Everything in a woman should be perfect: soul, body and … eyebrows! They give expressiveness to facial features, and permanent makeup is a great way to achieve the perfect shape and color of eyebrows. What advantages does it boast?

  • If daily eyebrow shaping is a real challenge for you, tattooing may well be a savior. It will give you an extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning, and also save you from trying to draw symmetrical and neat eyebrows.

  • Scars and scars are not at all an obstacle to permanent makeup, it successfully masks them.
  • The stability of the result cannot but rejoice – from six months to 4 years.


  • Unsuccessful permanent makeup – a phenomenon, alas, is not as rare as we would like. The unprofessionalism of the master, low-quality materials, improperly selected shape and length are sadly reflected in the appearance of the girl and are difficult to correct.

Failed permanent makeup

  • If you follow fashion trends in the world of beauty, then you probably try to repeat the actual design of the eyebrows. Having made a tattoo for several years in advance, you exclude the possibility of changing the appearance of the eyebrows.
  • The master cannot exclude an allergic reaction to the dye or anesthesia.
  • The appearance of the eyebrows after the procedure will not allow you to appear at an important event.
  • No one cancels the pain of the procedure. However, many girls note that it delivers quite tolerable pain, similar to discomfort.

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Are there any contraindications

Permanent makeup is considered a medical procedure, therefore, it has a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy or breastfeeding;
  • AIDS, diabetes mellitus, hepatitis or exacerbation of herpes;
  • high tendency to allergies;
  • menstruation;
  • taking blood thinners.



Hair technique implies that each hair is drawn individually. Fans of this procedure are usually girls whom nature forgot to reward with wide and thick eyebrows.

In the salon, you can be offered 2 options for hair makeup – European and Oriental. The essence of the first is to draw strokes that mimic the natural growth of the eyebrows. Accordingly, at first the hairs will be directed upwards, and closer to the tip they are inclined.

However, the most natural result can be achieved using oriental techniques. Her secret lies in the drawing of hairs of various thicknesses, lengths and directions – exactly like on natural eyebrows. Oriental technique is ideal for creating trendy wide eyebrows.

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Note! Hair technique can create problems for owners of oily skin. The fact is that over time, the strokes of individual hairs can become more blurry, creating a sloppy look.



This novelty in the world of beauty services quickly gained popularity and found its fans. Her main trump card is a finer drawing of hairs using different thicknesses and shades.

The main tool of the microblading master is the maniple pen, which boasts a gentle and less painful effect than its main competitor, the tattoo machine.

However, such a soft approach also has a minus – the need for correction after one and a half or two months, but the beautiful effect persists for three years.


Permanent eyebrow makeup with shading helps to achieve a soft and natural transforming effect, and before and after photos are the best proof of this. After such a procedure, it seems that the girl is simply an ace in the design of eyebrows with the help of shadows or a pencil, and only she alone knows what is the secret of perfect color shading.

The whole secret of the technique is that the master applies dark paint to the center of the eyebrow and stretches it into a lighter shade along the contour.

Shading is also chosen in case of correcting the mistakes of an unsuccessful tattoo. It will also be an excellent choice for girls who want to enhance the natural color of the eyebrows or slightly correct their shape.

beautiful eyebrows

The undoubted advantage of the procedure is its minimal pain, which usually does not even require anesthesia. The result of shading promises to be preserved for at least six months.

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Powder technique

The main difference of this technique is the spot application of the coloring pigment along the entire length of the eyebrows. This approach creates the effect of light tinting.

If you are afraid to get a surprise in the form of bright and unnatural eyebrows after permanent makeup, we recommend that you opt for powder coating. With it, the risk of overdoing it with color due to weak pigmentation is excluded, so the result is as natural as possible.

Photographs of powder eyebrows will help to verify this.

Shadow technique

Photos before and after better than any words tell about the benefits of the shadow technique of permanent makeup. The procedure is impeccable in correcting the shape of the eyebrows and creating the effect of light staining with shadows. It is also indispensable in filling the gaps between individual hairs, which is why owners of sparse eyebrows often choose the shadow technique.

Would you do permanent eyebrow makeup?

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