Eyebrow tattoo at home

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. How to make your look special? Here our eyebrows come to our aid, because they give our face a special expressiveness. The shape of the eyebrows can favorably highlight the eyes, give the face the desired expression. Sweet girl or sophisticated bitch? All this can tell the curve of your eyebrow.

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows?

A lot has been said and written about how important it is to choose the right eyebrow shape. The main thing to remember is that a mistake will be very expensive and you will have to pay invaluable time, because eyebrows are restored on average up to 6 months.

The expanses of the Internet were filled with photographs of girls with poorly matched eyebrows. You need to learn from their mistakes. Therefore, if you do not have experience in correcting the shape of the eyebrows, pick up the tweezers, put it back and go to the professionals, preferably in a salon where a stylist can work with you, a person who can always not only help you say goodbye to your native and which has become so familiar to you eyebrow shape, he will select the perfect shape for you depending on your lifestyle, clothes and type.

Another way, less expensive, can be self-correction of the shape of the eyebrows with the help of special stencils, which can be purchased commercially. The stencil is a small plate of transparent plastic, in the center of which there is a cutout in the shape of an eyebrow. In order to use the stencil correctly, it is necessary to comb the eyebrows, determine the beginning, end, as well as the highest point of the eyebrow, the so-called break point. After that, you need to attach a stencil and fill the cutout in the stencil with a contour pencil, then you can pluck out excess hairs with tweezers.

However, before you decide on drastic changes in your appearance, it is worth remembering that natural-shaped eyebrows, wide and natural, are most popular in the last few years, such eyebrows are often called model ones. However, this form is not suitable for everyone. The rule here is that the younger you are, the thicker your eyebrows can be, however, threaded eyebrows are a thing of the past.

What to do if the eyebrows are far from ideal?

Having figured out how important it is to choose the right shape for your eyebrows, let’s move on to the next equally important question: what if the eyebrows do not have their correct shape? For example, if you have been plucking them incorrectly for a long time, and your eyebrows have stopped growing. Here you can try to restore the hairs with special vitamin complexes based on a mixture of oils and vitamins. However, the recovery procedure is lengthy and can take from one to 6 months. If you can’t or don’t want to wait, you can use the trendy eyebrow tattoo procedure.

What is an eyebrow tattoo?

This is a cosmetic procedure in which special coloring pigments are introduced into the upper layer of the skin in a traumatic way, using a needle. The effect of the procedure persists for several years. The tattoo procedure can be carried out both in a specialized salon and at home. The only condition is the presence of an experienced master.

There are two main techniques for tattooing eyebrows. Let’s consider them in more detail. The first method is the so-called shading, it consists in creating a beautiful, even and at the same time soft eyebrow line. To do this, the contour of the future eyebrow is first applied, and then the “middle” is carefully filled, so the eyebrow looks clearer and brighter. This method is ideal for those who practice the pencil technique in eyebrow shaping. The second way, newer, the so-called hair technique, it consists in drawing each hair. In this case, the hairs are drawn in different lengths and repeat the shape of natural ones. This technique is ideal when it is necessary to improve the existing shape of the eyebrows, add hairs where they are missing. This allows the eyebrows to look very natural and natural.

How to choose the right tattoo ink color?

One of the important steps in the tattoo procedure is the choice of color. Everything here will depend on the experience and skill level of your specialist. After all, choosing the color of the paint you need to take into account a lot of factors, including skin color. It is important to mix all the coloring pigments in the correct proportion without relying on luck. Only a good specialist can do this, especially if you decide on a similar procedure at home. And remember, when choosing from two similar shades, always give preference to the lighter one. Immediately after tattooing, the color of the pigment will be very saturated and will lighten over time. It doesn’t happen very quickly. You will notice the first changes in color not earlier than in a couple of months.

The procedure for applying a tattoo. Care.

It is important to note that the procedure for introducing pigment under the skin is painful, therefore, it is necessary to use external anesthesia. After the procedure, swelling usually occurs, which disappears within one or two days. The specialist who performed the eyebrow tattoo procedure for you must definitely prescribe special care for you. This can be the application of special healing creams (products that are used to care for a tattoo, for example, Pantestin) and wiping the eyebrows with antibacterial solutions (hydrogen peroxide does an excellent job with this task). The healing process lasts about a week, the skin at the site of tattooing is covered with a crust, which is not recommended to be torn off. Five or six days after the tattoo procedure, the skin is almost completely restored, however, it remains very sensitive, so direct sunlight and aggressive environmental influences should be avoided. You should not go to rest on the sea, if you just got a tattoo, wait two to three weeks.

Benefits of a tattoo

Tattooing in cosmetology is also called permanent makeup and has a number of advantages over conventional makeup.

  • Firstly, such makeup is not washed off with water. You can safely swim in the sea, the pool, take a shower with your loved one, and even go to the sauna and not be afraid that your eyebrows will be treacherously washed off.
  • Secondly, your eyebrows will always look well-groomed and at the same time you will get rid of the need to draw or tint them every day, the only thing left is the need to comb them.
  • Thirdly, tattooing has a lasting effect, but nevertheless it is not eternal, which is very important for girls, because we are so fickle.
  • Fourthly, tattooing will allow you to correct the line of your eyebrows, align it, and make your eyebrows symmetrical. However, there is no need to shave off the eyebrows and draw with geometric accuracy…

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