Eyelash perm

From time immemorial, every woman dreams of looking great, especially for her man. One of the parameters of beauty is the eyes and look – alluring, bewitching, deep, flirtatious. The main role here is assigned, of course, to eyelashes. It is they who give the eyes such an effect. But nature has not endowed all women with luxurious thick, curved, long eyelashes. Most often, in this case, mascara and curling irons come to the aid of ladies at home. False eyelashes are also used, but they are quite difficult to glue – you need a lot of patience and time. All these methods give a short-term effect, but I would like to preserve such beauty for a long time!

The 21st century is the century of progressive technologies. And for the beautiful half of humanity, numerous beauty salons offer a novelty in this category – eyelash perm. What is it, what is the principle of action, the result, and in general – is it safe?

Eyelash perming procedure

Perming eyelashes is certainly safe only if it is done by a professional, since the process is as follows – special chemicals are applied to the middle of the eyelashes (without getting on the mucous membrane of the eyes and eyelid skin) fixing them in the desired curved position. Here so-called rollers are used. The length of such rollers, they are also called mini-curlers, is about 4 centimeters. But their thickness varies, depending on the length of the eyelashes and the wishes of the client regarding the desired end result. There are small, medium and large rollers.

So, the chemical solution is applied to the middle of the cilia, which are fixed on these rollers. This procedure lasts about 40-50 minutes, as mentioned above, it is absolutely safe and, importantly, painless. Eyelashes curled in this way keep their shape for about 50-60 days, then they grow back, as originally laid down by nature, new ones grow. You can repeat the procedure after 2 months. Re-curling will take place in the same way as the first time, and the cilia will be just as silky and natural. Also, a couple of days after this procedure, they can be painted for a more expressive look. During a curl, cosmetologists often advise to build up cilia. This is at the discretion of the client.

Eyelash perm results

Thus, after the end of the perm, the cilia become curved, long, giving the look expressiveness, flirtatiousness, but at the same time, openness.

They do not require special care. It is advisable not to touch the resulting beauty for the first 24 hours after this procedure (do not feel them, do not wet, do not paint – forget about them for a while). Then you can apply castor oil in order to strengthen and improve eyelashes (apply warmed oil daily for two hours in a thin layer, then carefully remove its excess with a napkin). The cosmetologist will recommend drops for eyelashes containing a special complex of vitamins for strengthening and rehabilitation after curling. It is advisable not to touch the resulting beauty at all for the first 24 hours after this procedure (do not feel them, do not wet them, do not paint – “forget” about them for a while).

I would also like to note that it remains possible to wear contact lenses, apply makeup, take water procedures, this will not affect the shape of the cilia in any way. For special occasions, they can also be tinted with mascara to enhance the effect of the depth of the look.

Pros and cons of eyelash perms

As for any other procedure, there are also contraindications here – a tendency to allergies, skin sensitivity and premenstrual syndromes and, as a result, menstruation, as well as pregnancy and lactation.

The cost of eyelash curling varies from 1000 to 2000 rubles. It is strongly recommended to go to those beauty salons where highly qualified specialists work, and not to those where “if it’s expensive, then it’s high quality.” After all, the price does not always correspond to the quality!

So, the desired result has been achieved. A chic open look pleases not only the owner of such beauty, but also men.

But there are a number of disadvantages of perm eyelashes.

  1. Eyelashes brighten after curling, but this is not so scary, because you can tint them, as mentioned above, in the salon, or tint them with mascara;
  2. If a woman takes hormonal drugs, antibiotics, the cilia become brittle. In such a case, it is not recommended to use this method;
  3. If, at the urgent request of the client, the thickness of the roller is incorrectly selected, then the cilia will curl unevenly – at least it is ugly. You need to listen to the advice of a beautician, otherwise there will be a risk of being left without eyelashes at all.

Perming eyelashes is a great way to transform and refresh your look. This is the most important weapon of a girl. After all, we are coquettes by nature, and therefore it is very important for us to feel the attention of men on ourselves. Therefore, you need to look beautiful, stylish, stunning, and, most importantly, natural – and this is a whole art.

It is not necessary to run to a plastic surgeon at the first problem. For example, breasts can be enlarged both visually (by picking up a push-up bra and wearing the right clothes) and by training in fitness rooms (thereby tightening it). We will correct the oval of the face by giving the correct shape to the eyebrows or by changing the hairstyle, haircut. Lips – visually enlarge with a contour pencil. Eyes can be emphasized (or changed in the shape of the eyes) not with a ton of makeup and plastic surgery, but only with a competent curl and tint of the cilia.

However, today the frantic rhythm of life dictates its own rules, where there is not enough time at all to sit in front of the mirror for hours every morning and paint your eyes. Perm of cilia comes to the rescue – once every two months, visit a beautician and freshness, the beauty of the look is provided. Natural beauty is fashionable, very beautiful and relevant. Remember, women, about this and always remain so beautiful and natural!

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