Facelift at home

Skin aging is an irreversible process, but it can be slowed down. To do this, it is not necessary to visit a beautician every time. Treatments can also be done at home.

It is enough to know the basic rules for caring for such skin and periodically carry out a facelift. The main thing to remember is that you will not achieve an instant effect, everything must be done systematically.

Causes of sagging skin

  1. Dehydration of the skin. This happens because collagen fibers absorb less and less moisture over time. As a result, skin elasticity is lost.
  2. The sebaceous glands slow down their work. Because of this, the skin loses its natural protection.
  3. The blood supply to the skin deteriorates.
  4. Skin cells renew themselves more slowly.

Women often exacerbate the situation as a whole:

  • Smoking leads to the appearance of a large number of free radicals.
  • Less and less women spend outdoors and move little. This results in hypothermia.
  • Lack of fluid. As women age, they drink less water.
  • Sun abuse. Ultraviolet rays negatively affect the skin, resulting in photo-aging.

Basic rules for aging skin care

Do not wash with cleansers that draw oil and moisture from the skin. Especially soap, it dries out the skin. In the morning it is better to do this with milk, and if you have oily dehydrated skin, then use ginseng lotion. This lotion is suitable for tired aging skin. It refreshes the face and removes oily sheen. In the evening, it is better to wash with a special foam if you have applied makeup. Never apply the cream to wet skin. The face should be blotted with a towel and allowed to dry so that the cream penetrates deep into the skin and saturates it with moisture.

Choosing a face cream

The cream should be chosen according to your skin type and its purpose. It is important to read the composition of the cream. It is better to buy a cream with sparing preservatives. Essential oils often act as preservatives. A modern skin lifting cream usually contains the well-known jojoba oil. Also, don’t forget your moisturizer. The most effective are those that contain hyaluronic acid. You need to apply the cream with light movements strictly along the massage lines, without injuring the skin.

Self-massage of the face

The purpose of a lifting facial massage is to improve blood circulation. Light stroking movements from the bottom up are suitable here. In no case should you wrinkle your face and pull the skin. Such actions can only injure the skin. In facial massage, the tips and phalanges of the fingers, the back of the palms and forearms can be involved.

Quite popular in beauty salons, chiromassage is performed just with smooth movements of the forearms. The chin massage is carried out on the contrary with sharp patting movements with the back of the palms. For massage, it is best to use refined coconut oil. It is easily absorbed and does not clog pores. In addition, it has excellent anti-aging and tightening properties.

Skin lifting masks

Such procedures are preferably carried out 2 or 3 times a week. The best effect is achieved if you do it immediately after the massage. The mask can be bought ready-made in the store. Very useful masks with algae and mud. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can also make your own mask. For example, mix neem oil with green clay. Apply the resulting paste on the face for 15 minutes and rinse. Wash off any mask from the bottom up.

Facial peeling

For home use, choose products with mild exfoliating action that do not contain harsh ingredients. It is necessary that the product absorb and remove impurities and dead cells. Scrubs usually injure the skin. Deep peeling of the face is carried out by masks with papain. Peelings with various acids are not suitable for home use. They are best done by professional cosmetologists.

Cosmetic delusions

  • There is a fairly common belief that rubbing the face with an ice cube improves skin tone. It’s not like that at all. The cold is bad for the skin. By doing this, you will only cause skin stress.
  • Another opinion that the use of the same cream is addictive is also a lie.
  • And thirdly. Many believe that the face needs to be constantly scrubbed. But because of this, the skin will peel off even more. Scrub can only be used once a week or two, otherwise you will harm the skin.

In conclusion, I will say that only comprehensive skin care will help you admire your beauty and not visit a beautician for a long time. Good luck and may all the mirrors be yours!

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