Facial skin whitening

The pallor of the face was once considered an adornment of aristocrats. There was even a definition by the pallor of the face, to which class a person belongs.

The real problem is the usual freckles for their owner and areas with a high level of pigmentation. Sometimes this is the same problem as acne and deep wrinkles. Why is the complexion sometimes uneven. The natural enhanced protective reaction of our skin from the sun may be the result of an accelerated pigmentation process.

But it happens that increased skin pigmentation indicates that there is some kind of disruption in the functioning of our internal organs or systems in the body. If no disturbances in the functioning of the body have been identified, and your skin is prone to freckles, then you can resort to the opportunity to solve such a boring problem. You can try to whiten the skin of the face in a medical or cosmetology center, as well as at home.

Red-haired, blue-eyed and green-eyed people are gifted with freckles in a considerable amount. They can also be found in fair-skinned and fair-haired people. The cause of the appearance of freckles on the skin can be heredity.

In spring and summer, under the influence of sunlight, freckles become brighter. Freckles can begin to appear as early as the age of five, and their peak is reached during the transition period. Most often, “sun spots” appear on open areas of the body, and can also pour out on the arms, shoulders and back.

It happens that pigmentation disappears on its own, after the cause that caused it is eliminated. And sometimes, exfoliating drugs and scrubs help.

Facial skin whitening products can be divided into strong ones, they will give a noticeable result and a lasting effect, but they can damage your skin or lead to allergies, and the products are weak. They will not harm their user, but will be less effective.

At home, you can choose for yourself a whitening face cream. Such products fight skin dipigmentation. They may contain an active whitening complex, which helps to slow down the synthesis of melanin in the skin, reduce the growth of new melanocytes, activate cell function, thereby providing a noticeable lightening of the skin. You can choose a cream with natural whitening complexes, such as parsley and lemon juice. The content of parsley and lemon juice in the cream makes it a natural pigmentation and freckle lightener. Effectively regulates and slows down the formation of melanin in the dermis, thereby preventing the appearance of new age spots.

With regular use, whitening creams even out the complexion, and also gently exfoliate the stratum corneum, promote skin cell renewal. In addition, they contribute to the revival of firmness and elasticity. There is a stimulation of cellular metabolism and cell renewal processes, the skin is actively protected from the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, whitening creams help eliminate excessive tanning and relieve irritation.

A few home remedies for skin whitening

  • Against freckles will help infusion of dill, parsley, lemon juice. These components need a teaspoon. Mix with a tablespoon of kefir. Apply all free time at home. After 3-4 weeks there will be a lasting result.
  • You can whiten the skin of the face not only with lemon and parsley, but also with fruit acids. Use berry masks, such as strawberry.
  • You can try bleaching your skin with a mixture of one egg, one tablespoon of olive oil, and a few drops of lemon juice. This mixture whitens and nourishes.

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