Fall 2019 antitrends

What things are recognized as anti-trends in the fall 2019 season? Every self-respecting fashionista should know these outsiders by sight!


Antitrends in clothes

Knitted skirt

Perhaps every second girl in her wardrobe can find such a skirt. Hopelessly outdated models can be calculated by their low fit, flimsy knitwear and irrelevant length. Such skirts often fit the figure, and, accordingly, emphasize the flaws.

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If the love for knitted skirts is so strong that you are not ready to say goodbye to them, bet on midi length and quality texture. Sets paired with golf will look elegant and stylish.

Turtlenecks and skinny sweaters

Such top options are too clearly associated with the fashion of 2007-2010, therefore they are also included in the list of outsiders. But do not regret it – tight knitwear still does not paint any, even an ideal figure.

Tight knitted dresses as in the photo can also be attributed to the number of anti-trends. Tight styles are not replaced today by looser and more concise silhouettes that look stylish and do not show all the features of the figure for show.

Tight shirts

Continuing the theme of tight styles, it is worth noting the irrelevance of blouses and shirts in this design.

Skinny leather skirt

It’s hard not to notice the huge popularity of the leather texture in the 2019 season, but not every piece of leather will hit the trends. Say goodbye to tight leather mini skirts. Gradually leaves the fashion arena and style “sun”.

Leather midi length skirts look really luxurious and elegant. Today, the top has a wraparound cut, slits, asymmetry and a classic pencil, but in a semi-loose version.

Velor tracksuit

In the fall of 2019, stylists do not recommend purchasing velor suits with dubious belonging to any style. Also, sets with stripes, rhinestones, and bright prints went out of fashion. In a word, everything that does not apply to sports style.

If you like comfortable and trendy looks, you can take a closer look at plain tracksuits, in which the bottom will be presented with an oversized fit. Semi-loose cut is another true criterion of relevance. A knitted suit is also considered an incredibly cozy and practical choice.

Skinny jeans

Of course, skinny is not going to disappear from fashion trends without a trace, but still it is worth saying goodbye to some models. It’s a thin denim with bleached areas and a low rise. Skinny jeans made of dense solid material can be left in the autumn wardrobe. But still, a not so tight-fitting style of jeans would be a better solution.

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Slim cardigan

Cardigans are now at the peak of popularity, but if they are made of tight knit and with a free style. Trends also include a cardigan coat and a short loose model with large buttons.

But if the cardigan is made of thin, tight knit, this is a sure sign that it is time to leave your wardrobe.

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Sweaters with lace

Fashion trends and knitwear with lace decor have long left.

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Hats, a scarf and gloves from one set – although it is practical, it is no longer relevant. In the fall of 2019, more interesting combinations are in trend.

Oval fanny pack

At some point, waist bags of this shape became so popular that they turned into a mainstream and an unambiguous anti-trend.

Designers introduced belt bags with a more elegant design and a clear shape as a replacement. Such models look wonderful not only in the everyday, but also in the evening and business image.

Slim jacket

Why buy an unattractive cropped jacket with a thin texture when you can find a stylish alternative to a loose, trendy cut?


Fur jackets

In the fall of 2019, it’s time to forget about the combination of fur vests with leather jackets. With vests of the “caterpillar” style, it is also worth saying goodbye without regret.

Modern trends will not let you freeze and will offer to try on a colored fur coat, sheepskin coat or cape.

Parka with fur hood

Surely, everyone remembers parkas with huge colored hoods trimmed with fur. As quickly as such models were at the peak of popularity, just as quickly they became obsolete. If you have this parka, you can unfasten the fur or hood and continue wearing it in peace. Better yet, opt for a minimalistic model.

short trench coat

A trench coat is a classic of a stylish and elegant look, but not every model will make the bow relevant. So, a short trench coat with an adjacent top and an expanding skirt does not look modern. It has given way to a looser midi or maxi length model.

Short coat

You can also put a short coat on the far shelf. It can be replaced with a more elegant and practical midi-length coat, which perfectly protects from the cold. It is still considered relevant to have a straight cut and a wrap style.

Let’s talk about shoes

This list is a kind of impetus to action. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to old-fashioned shoe options and make room in your closet for stylish new additions.

Boring mid-calf boots

Tight mid-calf boots, usually in black, are the most common model in past seasons, which, although famous for its practicality, cannot boast of an up-to-date design. These boots are often complemented by a massive rubberized wedge and a full-length zipper. The peculiar style mercilessly shortens the silhouette and makes the legs much fuller.

What to replace? First of all, we advise you to take a closer look at the elegant over the knee boots, which lengthen the legs and make the image feminine. Pipe boots with a retro touch and elegant ruffled models are also in trend now. All options are complemented by a stable heel, so they are not inferior in comfort to the above anti-trend.


A few seasons ago, all fashionistas wore uggs without exception, but now the fashion world is oversaturated with them and is ready to say goodbye without regret. Such shoes are difficult to combine, look awkward and frivolous. Instead of uggs, you can choose stylish sneakers that are much easier to combine with the rest of your wardrobe.

Platform ankle boots

The list of anti-trends in the world of shoes for the fall 2019 season is replenished with stiletto heeled ankle boots with an external platform. Many fashionistas were not upset because of this fact, because such shoes were quite uncomfortable.

Gathered ankle boots

Such models are extremely complex in their combinations, plus they visually spoil the figure. Isn’t it a good argument to replace them with stylish ankle boots with a stable heel, classic Chelsea or…

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