Fall 2019 Fashion Trends

Fall 2019 fashion trends are focused on warming: designers are moving further and further away from the practice of sacrifice for the sake of fashion. At the peak of popularity, layering remains, allowing you to find compromises with changeable weather.

Main trends

All the attention of fashion designers is concentrated on saturated colors. Trends are presented in dark green, blue-black, aquamarine, blood red, amber, ultraviolet and other deep shades. There is a growing interest in geometry, ornamentalism, floristry and floral motifs in clothing.

The military style is especially in demand. You will find it in dresses and skirts, coats and windbreakers, bags and shoes. There are even women’s military-style berets. Interestingly, swamp, brown and olive shades are often replaced by orange, purple, red and blue.

At the same time, eco-friendly brands are gaining popularity in Europe. Known for slow fashion, eco-friendly childrenswear brand Little Creative Factory recently released a womenswear line for Fall 2019.

Natural World and Verbenas are renowned for their sustainable, almost 100% recyclable shoes.

Grunge with elements of the Victorian era is still popular. Lace and beads are sewn into the denim garment. To avoid monotony, fabrics are increasingly combined and often sewn in a patchwork principle.

youth grunge

Fashion trends for autumn 2019 can be seen in the photo.

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  • One of the main trends of autumn 2019 is elongated knitted cardigans. Models with large knitting made of natural wool are interesting, for example, in the style of Lalo Dolise.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: when choosing a cardigan, pay attention to color transitions with a wave effect from light to dark. [/stextbox]

Stylish look cardigans with long sleeves, half-covering the brush, as well as models with hoods that can be worn with both an airy dress and jeans.

  • In fashion jacket coats, which go well with a variety of shoes: from pumps to high boots. For a cold autumn, you can choose a long insulated version with a fur collar, and for a hot September, a short light coat of bright colors.

  • pay attention to poncho, which will suit both full and thin women, because oversized is still not out of trend. Models with geometric patterns or ornaments look advantageous. A poncho made of drape and cashmere will protect you from the cold and fit into a business style. Mohair and fleece options will add charm to your everyday look.

  • It’s time to buy elongated vest, which will remain at the peak of popularity in the coming autumn. The vest is universal and will suit not only the classic style. Leather, suede, denim, drape, jacquard – everyone can find their own version.

[stextbox id=’info’]Idea: In warm weather, a classic mid-thigh waistcoat can be worn with a blouse, jeans, loafers, a clutch and oversized sunglasses.[/stextbox]


The fashionable novelty of the fall of 2019 is the combination of trousers with a skirt. This is how elongated models with a long front slit appeared, close to the classic style or military style. Large pockets and weighty overhead elements are back in fashion.

  • Trousers. It’s time to get wide trousers-sails or culottes. It is better to choose a flowing non-wrinkling material. Models widened at the hips with a wide belt at the waist look advantageous. Unlike skirts, wide trousers can be worn with a voluminous top.

Short cuts look elegant. They are not only feminine, but also practical: their bottom is not so easy to get dirty or hurt with a heel.

Fashionable clothes for the fall of 2019 were joined by models that have come down to us from past decades: bell-bottoms and bananas. No less relevant are options with cuffs, especially interestingly presented in checkered colors.

[stextbox id=’info’]Do not forget about the classics that will help you out at any business meeting.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=’info’]Please note: it is better to choose the height of the trousers according to your figure: a high waist will visually lengthen the legs. But inflated flares will reduce growth in general. Long-legged women can safely choose models with a low fit, but it can add extra pounds to full women.[/stextbox]

  • Skirts. An alternative to weighty military are skirts to the floor. The choice of materials for them is quite wide – from airy pleated to elegant tweed. It is important to remember: for women over 50, the colorful color of such a skirt will add age. We also do not recommend wearing a floor-length skirt with a voluminous top.

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Feel free to experiment with cuts. Pencil and case models look especially impressive with them. An interesting option with a chain or lace sewn into the cut.

Try on an asymmetric skirt that will dilute a strict business look. Long skirts with wrap and layering look feminine, but don’t overdo the look. Layering in any part of the wardrobe requires moderation elsewhere.

  • Jeans. Jeans with a high waist are wide in the hips. Particularly relevant are light or smoky models with large prints. Torn models are a thing of the past, but small scuffs are still allowed. Jeans with rough side seams look interesting. The main trend is a loose fit. But tight-fitting options are still relevant.


The widest selection of fashionable options is represented by dresses. Today, they have ceased to be an attribute of absolute femininity and are suitable for all occasions. Extravagant asymmetric military, grunge or street-style models in tandem with the fashion for layering allow you to wear them over jeans or leggings.

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If you want to create an airy look, choose models made from natural materials like linen and cotton. Such options are suitable only for the warm autumn season, and later you can change into warm jacquard with a floral pattern or light silk tweed.

Warm dresses made of knitwear and wool are relevant. They go well with massive waterproof shoes and are suitable for late autumn. You can choose a model according to your figure or take an oversized dress that perfectly complements a wide belt.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: do not take heavy products from coarse cloth – they will be very prickly. [/stextbox]

Especially relevant are bright models, decorated with large geometric patterns, animalistics or floristry. Large peas have returned to fashion from the 60s.

Current fall dresses include:

  • shirt dresses;
  • Sweater dresses;
  • Sheath dresses;
  • Models with a smell;
  • Multilayer models;
  • Options with a skirt-sun;
  • asymmetrical dresses.

In the trend of the coming autumn, clothes with sequins, bows, ribbons, frills, ruffles, pleats, beads and lace. It is important not to overload the image and focus either on the top or on the bottom. When it comes to a dress, the length and openness are directly proportional. The shorter the hem, the smaller the neckline should be.

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