Fall 2020 antitrends

To look stylish in the fall season, it is important to know the fall 2020 anti-trends. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the image of a stylish, fashionable thing. Below we will give a number of anti-trends that you should urgently exclude from your wardrobe.

What is an antitrend?

To understand what the material is about, it is important to understand that an anti-trend is a thing that has gone out of fashion. A thing or accessory that will form the opposite of the expected effect will make a lurid picture out of a stylish lady. The list of things that have gone out of fashion includes not only outerwear and shoes, but also a number of accessories. Carefully approach the selection of each item of clothing in order to combine them correctly in a stylish bow.

Fur vest-caterpillar

Sincere bewilderment among many stylists and designers caused this wardrobe item. The caterpillar fur vest is a figment of the sick imagination of a fur lover. In such a thing, all the outlines of a female figure are fully hidden. It acquires such a disproportion, rectangularity. Thank God, the caterpillar-type vest did not last long in the trend. Apparently, modern women still have a sense of taste, since they abandoned it.

If the thought occurs to you to get your favorite caterpillar vest out of the closet, do not do it, no matter how much you want to. Even in combination with perfect pumps with heels, such an ensemble will look awkward. Moreover, you do not need to combine a caterpillar vest with the notorious ugg boots and a knitted cap. This image has been outdated for a long time. If it suits someone, then a teenage girl. And then not for long.

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Coat with fur trim

We all probably remember a luxurious coat just below the knee length with a voluminous fur collar, fur trim on the cuffs and fur decor on the patch pockets. Thank God, such a coat is no longer fashionable. His appearance is associated with the desire to show the world all the best that is in the wardrobe at the moment, which speaks of arrogance and completely bad taste.

If you have such outerwear in your wardrobe, do not hesitate to put it in the farthest corner or give it to those in need. Such a piece of clothing will give you a tasteless person. It is better to replace the fur-trimmed coat with stylish outerwear made of wool or drape. Today, straight silhouettes, a cocoon coat, a dressing gown coat without unnecessary details are fashionable.

Small tight jackets

Among the anti-trends of outerwear for the fall of 2020 is such a piece of clothing. Suffice it to recall how stylish a bow a few years ago was, consisting of such a thin cropped jacket, skinny jeans and sneakers or stilettos. Today, this is 100% anti-trend. It just shouldn’t be in your wardrobe. Even for a trip to the country or out of town for a picnic. An exceptionally free cut, smooth lines and natural materials are in fashion, with which a thin short tight-fitting jacket does not fit in any way.

If you want to wear some kind of shortened jacket model, choose a down jacket or sheepskin coat in the style of an aviator, bomber jacket.


Parka with fur

In principle, eminent designers have nothing against parkas as outerwear. The only thing that went out of fashion was the colored contrasting fur on her hood and any fur in general. Such clothes are considered tasteless. It is better to replace this wardrobe item with an ordinary parka made of cotton or water-repellent fabric with simple details – a loose hood, large patch pockets, a tractor zipper.

The maximum anti-trend is wearing a parka with a fur trim, ugg boots and a knitted cap. Remember, such an abundance of unnecessary details overloads the image, crosses out your femininity.

Down jacket “blanket”

Even though the quilt-style down jacket was first advertised by the famous pop diva Riana, this thing has finally become an anti-trend. A shapeless cut that completely hides the figure and, in principle, hides the clothes underneath from the eyes, can be called a relic of the past. In the current fashion – femininity, elegance, lightness. A down jacket blanket is not associated with them. Avoid such things immediately. If you like warm outerwear, just replace the down comforter with a quilted coat or an elongated jacket. In any case, these wardrobe items do not so clearly hide the outlines of the figure.

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Skinny jeans

Even if you have a perfect figure, slender legs, and skinny jeans are one of your favorite wardrobe items, it’s time to give them up. Tight pants are one of the main anti-trends of autumn 2020. They are being replaced by a certain baggy look. Therefore, it is popular to wear bananas, mom jeans, boyfriends. With the right choice of size and model, they interestingly emphasize the femininity and fragility of the figure.

Pay attention to the fact that even loose jeans can be beautifully combined with high boots, shoes, ballet flats or sneakers.

Sweater with imitation shirt

Even to the office, even to a business meeting – in no case do not wear such a thing again. If you want to look stylish and business-like, it is better to combine two separate wardrobe items in an image – a blouse or shirt with a voluminous sweater or cardigan. It will be better than being tasteless.

Slim fitted cardigan

Finally, this thing went out of fashion. Taking into account the fact that a certain volume and softness are in trend today, replace such a cardigan with a warm thing with a looser cut. Perhaps even a large knit. The cardigan should sit loosely enough, if necessary, to hide the imperfections of the figure. Dropped shoulder line, elongated sleeves and, of course, the complete absence of catchy decor are allowed. No rhinestones, ribbons, additional elements. Maximum – the manufacturer’s logo in the form of a small metal label.

Leave a thin cardigan that fits your figure to your neighbors or relatives, give it to those in need. If the thing is well preserved, less unpretentious girls and women will be grateful for such a gift.

Above knee length

Let’s talk a little about the length of outerwear. If earlier it was beautiful and fashionable to slightly open the knees, to demonstrate to others the length and slenderness of the legs, today outerwear (if these are not short models) should cover the knees and fall lower. Thus, it is possible to emphasize the special femininity of the image.

Anti-trend shoes

In addition to some models of outerwear, varieties of shoes have also fallen out of favor this autumn season. One of them is the notorious ugg boots. It’s time to take off your completely shapeless winter boots and put them in the farthest corner of your wardrobe. They are meaningless, they are banned, they are the number one anti-trend in the autumn-winter season of 2020. In no case do not wear uggs under a coat, or under a jacket, or under a down jacket. They are inappropriate.

The ranks of the anti-trends of autumn 2020 shoes have also been replenished with lunar boots. Terrible, rough, pot-shaped model of boots – a thing that …

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