Fall 2020 fashion for women over 50

Fashion for fall 2020 for women over 50 will allow ladies to create many spectacular, stylish and elegant looks. Read our article and choose which combination you will start with!

Stylish Ideas

Basic wardrobe

Actual and concise things of autumn 2020 can form the basis of a basic wardrobe – an indispensable basis for stylish outfits. Neutral in style elements are perfectly combined with each other, and if desired, they look as stylish as possible when adding interesting accessories and bright accents. But what to include in a basic fall wardrobe to get the most out of it?

  • The basis of the basics is a straight-cut midi length coat with a possible belt. In 2020, the most fashionable and versatile colors for such outerwear are caramel, brown and gray tones.

  • A beige trench coat can be a stylish alternative for a coat. It should be borne in mind that modern models have a fairly free cut and midi length.

  • Fashionable outerwear for autumn 2020 for women over 50 can also be a stylish sheepskin coat with a double-breasted collar. If such a model is supplemented with a warming layer, it can smoothly move into a winter wardrobe.

  • The key to many winning combinations in the fall of 2020 will be an elongated jacket with a double-breasted collar. This season, it is better to bet on a juicy solid color or an actual checkered print.

  • In the role of basic shoes for autumn, ankle boots with a block heel, leather boots with a free top to the knee, loafers, laconic sneakers or lace-up boots can act. Better yet, all at once!

  • You’re sure to remember us fondly whenever you team up with high-rise straight-leg trousers for the ultimate in versatility. There are a lot of good ideas: from a combination with an oversized shirt to a duet with a hoodie.

  • A warm cardigan with buttons can also take its rightful place in the basic wardrobe. This model is easy to combine not only with jeans and trousers, but also with dresses and skirts.

  • Jeans will delight a woman not only with their practicality, but also with anti-aging functions. Fall 2020’s win-win choice is a straight-cut, mid-to-high waist in classic blue.


The queen of prints for the fall season is definitely the plaid. Such a motif in various color variations is wonderfully suitable for a lady of elegant age, as it makes the fashionable autumn look more interesting and dynamic.

You can select your checkered favorite from the line of trendy dresses, jackets, blouses, skirts and coats with this motif. Just remember the golden rule: an active check is best combined with solid colors or neutral patterns from the geometric group.

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brown palette

The nobility of the brown palette can be taken as the basis for stylish autumn looks in the 2020 season. Beige, caramel and chocolate tones are recognized as a real hit! Their charm lies in the successful compatibility with each other. For example, now it is important to apply light and dark tones of the same color in the image and embody the gradation effect.

In addition, an image based on the unity of one color perfectly slims the silhouette and adds a little height. Here it is – the power of monochrome in action!


The absolute must-have for autumn 2020 is a pantsuit in various colors and styles. Surely, you have repeatedly beaten such an ensemble in images for work, which means that now is the time to decide on a more interesting experiment with style. So, a fashionable idea would be a combination of a pantsuit with a plain basic sweatshirt and sneakers.


In the 2020 season, the extraordinary style of the 70s is triumphantly returning to fashion, and for many ladies, this trend will be good news! The most striking representative of the era is the flared style, which showed itself in fashionable trousers and jeans. To make a trendy duet with such a bottom, you should complement it with a laconic jumper, a T-shirt with a jacket or a white shirt.


After 50 years, in no case should you refuse dresses – the most feminine and beautiful clothes in the world. But what to prefer in the 2020 season to be guaranteed to hit the trends? Stylists say that the fashion ball is still ruled by minimalism with its inherent simple silhouettes and lack of decor.

Fashion trends for obese women over 50 in the fall of 2020 suggest taking a closer look at loose silhouettes and A-style. With such parameters, it is important to select products from dense textures that will not focus on the imperfections of the figure.

A stylish solution for the fall of 2020 are various knitted dresses. In order for such models to really look advantageous, it is worth betting on high-quality dense fabric and noble universal colors.

Straight skirt

As a must-have for autumn 2020, a straight-cut skirt is also announced, which is often complemented by a small vertical slit. This model is perfect for women with any type of figure, it slims and tightens the silhouette. Of the current colors, checkered and striped prints are the most popular, as well as rich monochromatic variations.

To successfully combine a straight skirt, you do not need to have the knowledge of a stylist – such a model creates a winning duet with almost any top. For example, a fashionista’s choice may fall on a jumper, shirt, turtleneck or cardigan. But to create a look that makes you visually younger, you should come up with a more interesting combination – say, a tandem with a plain sweatshirt and lace-up boots.

Emphasis on the waist

In order to look stylish and elegant even after 50 years, you should not neglect accessories. So, in the fall of 2020, a leather belt comes to the fore, which embodies a stylish accent on the waist. This detail can be rhymed with jackets, jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and dresses with a fairly loose cut.

Stylists emphasize that the creation of an accentuated waist remarkably rejuvenates the image due to the stylish presentation and the embodiment of a taut, feminine silhouette.

leather texture

In search of relevant ideas on what to wear in the fall of 2020 for a woman over 50, you can pay attention to one curious fashion trend – leather texture. At this age, stylists advise avoiding excessive gloss and cheap shine – but noble matte skin will be very useful. Among the novelties of the 2020 season, dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts, raincoats and leather jackets are presented in a wide variety.

It is curious that the colors of leather products can be not only classic black. Brown, caramel, milky, burgundy and emerald tones are also wonderfully suitable for women of elegant age. All of these colors are perfect for every day, and for a special occasion. When choosing fashionable leather clothes, you rely on refined, stylish, modern…

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