Fall 2021 antitrends

The anti-trends of autumn 2021 will become both expected and unpredictable. Some of the things will go out of fashion, not having time to “enter” it properly. If you want to know what clothes and accessories should be discarded and not worn in the fall season, then this article is for you. We offer an overview of anti-trends and things that can easily replace the already unfashionable components of a woman’s wardrobe.

The main anti-trends of autumn 2021

The main anti-trend of the fall of 2021 is uncomfortable and restrictive clothing. Indeed, in recent seasons, stylists have been focusing on practical things, allowing you to combine the “incongruous”. However, this does not mean that you can wear just about anything. A trendy look is what you feel comfortable and confident in. However, when choosing a wardrobe, you should take into account the latest anti-trends so as not to get into a mess.

The main anti-trends of the autumn season include:

  • excessive decor on jeans;
  • “smart” sweaters;
  • tight blouses;
  • sweater dress;
  • fitted jacket;
  • long and shapeless cardigan;
  • thin jersey turtlenecks;
  • tight vest;
  • plaid shirt jackets;
  • puffers;
  • natural fur coat.

Let’s talk in more detail about all the things listed above that are out of fashion, and also suggest what is the best way to replace them in order to create a trendy and stylish look.

Excessive decor on jeans

Beads, rhinestones, embroidery in the form of flowers and cartoon characters on denim trousers are no longer fashionable. You should also abandon the large “holes” and slots on the knees. If you really want to, you can add trousers with a small number of small holes. A great alternative to printed models are classic blue straight-cut jeans. If the soul still requires the presence of scuffs and fringes, in the fall you can try on models with an untreated bottom of the legs, as well as jeans with minor scuffs.

“Smart” sweaters

Delicate lace blouses, bright colors and decor in the form of a ribbon bow are no longer fashionable. Especially when drawing up an everyday look. If you don’t know what jacket to wear under a pantsuit, it’s better to give preference to the basic thing in the form of a plain top, T-shirt or T-shirt. If you want to create a festive bow, complete the look with stylish accessories, concise and moderate decor.

Tight blouses

Avoid tight and uncomfortable shirts and blouses. After all, the trend is more comfortable and stylish things of a free cut, which do not hinder movements and look very cool. The most successful option would be shirts for men. They wear such a top in tandem with a trouser suit, trendy jeans, and short shorts. A loose shirt can be worn open, complementing the look with a lace top, or put on a naked body, unbuttoning only the top buttons.

Sweater dress

Stylists recommend that women generally refuse such clothes. After all, even minor figure flaws will treacherously stand out under a tight-fitting knitted dress. And since in recent seasons body shaming (discrimination for flaws in appearance) is considered the main anti-trend, it is better to avoid the topic of “imperfect forms” altogether.

Instead of a tight sweater dress, you can choose an oversized model with a free cut.

fitted jacket

Like any tight-fitting garment, a tight-fitting blazer will go out of fashion in the fall of 2021. However, do not be upset, because stylists offer many trendy replacements. Instead of such a fitted short jacket, you should look at a trendy loose-cut jacket or a wide cropped blazer.

Long and shapeless cardigan

Such a cardigan is unlikely to make your autumn look fashionable. It is difficult to find a figure on which such a thing will sit well. Therefore, we will not cry for shapeless cardigans. It is better to replace it with a shortened model with small or large buttons. For a trendy look, choose a cardigan with a V-neck, puffed sleeves and a loose fit.

Thin jersey turtlenecks

Throat sweaters made of thin knitwear are outdated. They were replaced by dense models made of quality materials. Stylists recommend not spending a lot of money on turtlenecks, because they still quickly lose their shape, and you should not wear things that have lost their appearance.

Tight vest

Wearing tight vests is no longer fashionable. Stylists recommend putting such models on the far shelf. It is worth replacing them with loose-fitting vests, putting them on over a shirt, t-shirt or dress.

Plaid shirt jackets

This is the most unexpected anti-trend. After all, plaid warm shirts had just begun to gain popularity, as stylists began to repeat that it was no longer fashionable. Therefore, if you have not had time to acquire such a new thing, then it is not worth it.

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Bulky down jackets also quickly moved into the category of anti-trends. Enough puffers for just one season. In the fall of 2021, stylists recommend getting more concise and restrained models of winter jackets.

Natural fur coat

It is very difficult to call natural fur products an anti-trend. But still, designers insist that faux fur coats look more trendy, while saving the lives of defenseless animals.

Now you know everything about the main anti-trends of autumn 2021, look carefully at the photos of already unfashionable things, so as not to accidentally buy something like that.

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