Fall fashion 2020 for women over 30

What will be fashion on autumn 2020 for women 30 years old? Versatile, stylish and practical! As you read this article, you will see it!



Fall fashion 2020 invites women aged 30 to take note of the natural palette of shades, as well as the harmonious combinations of its individual representatives. The current collections featured sand, mustard, brown, emerald, dusty blue and burgundy tones. All these colors look restrained and elegant. They can be included in the autumn wardrobe also because of the huge stylistic potential. Fashion experts assure that things of natural shades are perfectly combined with each other and create beautiful tandems, pleasant for perception.

To dilute the company of things in neutral shades, this fall it is permissible to dilute the images with red, blue, yellow or purple accents.

You can also be the center of attention this fall in trendy gold, bronze, green or orange.

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Among the stylish pastel colors, the undisputed leader will be the lemon-cream color, which will wonderfully refresh the autumn look.

Among the actual prints are various variations of the cage and stripes. Such motifs in any color scheme beautifully showed themselves in the design. fashion jackets and coat for women over 30 for autumn.

If you want the most versatile plaid print, go for a black and white or black and red motif.

In autumn images elegantly reveal their beauty and ethnic motifs, which are now relevant in combination with knitted items.

In your fashionable sight, there may be a monochrome principle of combining things. Stylists suggest that the created color vertical is wonderful slims silhouette.


The most fashionable outerwear for the category of girls 30+ is a coat. This time, the designers have relied on the classics in cut and color. Accordingly, you can put aside the original styles and rely on the relevance and versatility of a midi-length coat with a straight or fitted cut.

If you are a little tired of the classics, you can declare your favorite coat in a cut of a loose jacket. This novelty captivates with its practicality and versatility.


For many readers, the fact that the leather texture is not going to go out of fashion for at least the next year will certainly be good news. Not only do products made from such fabric look bold and spectacular, they also perfectly protect from the cold. To get into the trends, you can opt for a skirt, trousers, shirt, dress or leather coat. It is better to prefer muted dark tones, which will justify themselves with excellent compatibility.

A very creative novelty of the season was the skin with the color of the calf. Such a fresh interpretation of animal print will reign on all autumn streets and is ideal for those fashionistas who love to be in the spotlight.


Various fur products are also considered stylish novelties, and in the 2020 season preference was given to artificial texture. Such products can have an unusual texture and colors and represent a huge field for stylish experiments.

Bulky shoulders

Fashionable silhouettes with voluminous shoulders are also recognized as stylish novelties of the autumn season 2020, which have shown themselves in all their diversity in the design of blouses, jackets, dresses and even outerwear.


woman over 30 can take stylish midi-length items as the basis of the autumn wardrobe, which look elegant and please with their versatility. Stylists assure that such a mark has proven itself most successfully in combination with other things. In addition, the midi length perfectly hides figure flaws and looks advantageous with both high boots and low boots.

An important criterion for the practicality of products below the knee are their thermal properties. To fight back against the changeable autumn weather, you can rely on textures such as thick cotton, cashmere or wool.


AT fashion for autumn 2020suitable and for obese women over 30, there are various models of high-waisted trousers that noticeably crowd out the usual jeans. Ideal autumn models can be made from materials such as wool, leather or thick cotton. If you want to pick up a trendy novelty, rely on trousers with pintucks or slits.

Fashion collections also featured stylish banana-style trousers, which, if necessary, can effectively mask the fullness of the hips. An interesting fact is that in the autumn season it is even allowed to tuck such pants into high boots.


If for some reason you don’t like trousers, you can choose practical jeans as the base of the autumn capsule. In the new season, fashionistas will focus on all free models with an oversized fit and cropped legs. An elegant flared cut from the knee or hip would also be an excellent choice. The ideal color for any style is considered a light blue tone.

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You don’t have to be a fashion expert to predict the relevance of sweaters in the fall season. In 2020, stylists advise to pay attention to variations with a large viscous and high neck. From fashionable colors appear pastel, beige and deep dark shades.


Knitted cardigans also deserve a worthy place in the autumn wardrobe. In the 2020 season, there are no strict restrictions on the length, because both shortened and elongated variations have been seen in the current collections. The latter are most fashionably worn with a leather belt.

Sundress dress

A sleeveless dress in the style of a sundress can become your favorite clothes for autumn. In the realities of cool weather, such a novelty is easy to imagine in a multi-layered ensemble. For example, you can try out the combination with a loose shirt, sweater or turtleneck. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that if a sundress is decorated with a print, it will look most stylish when paired with a plain component.


The ideal base for an autumn wardrobe is, of course, a suit. Having studied modern trends, we can state that the most relevant ensemble now has a free structured cut that perfectly retains its shape. Similar novelties in a single color will suit not only thin girls, but also owners size 48+.

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Oversized or waist accent

If suddenly with the advent of autumn you lose the desire to be fashionable, you can draw inspiration from stylish silhouettes and their combinations. Fortunately, girls who prefer coziness and comfort in the 2020 season are among trends appear comfortable oversized styles. But fitted (not to be confused with tight) clothing models are seriously going to compete with them.

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