Fall trends for women of all ages

In this latest review, we present to your attention fall 2020 trends for women of all ages. Many novelties of modern fashion allow ladies to look stylish in any age range, and this cannot but rejoice!

The main novelties without age restrictions

trench coat

In the world of autumn outerwear without age restrictions, His Majesty the trench coat becomes the absolute leader in popularity. Why do we treat him with such respect? Yes, because this legendary model is always relevant, elegant and versatile. What else do you need for a win-win choice?

Modern designers suggest that the most fashionable landmark in the 2020 season is a midi-length trench coat in classic beige colors. If the soul desperately requires stylish experiments, you can prefer a raincoat with asymmetry or a model in extraordinary colors. A leather trench coat is also deservedly considered a fashionable novelty – despite the bold design, this model also has no age restrictions.

Oversized jacket

One of the leading trends In the fall of 2020, an oversized jacket is considered, which many fashionistas have fallen in love with in past seasons. Such a finishing touch will organically fit into stylish look women of any age and will make it more modern and up to date.

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Stylists suggest that an oversized jacket can be used as a component of a trouser or skirt suit, or as an independent element of the image. For example, this trend can be combined with various models of trousers, jeans and skirts. It is desirable that only one element of the outfit be kept in a free cut, so that in the end it looks harmonious and holistic.

Leather clothes

From past seasons, leather clothing is also moving into 2021 – an incredibly practical and stylish trend. Moreover, you can not worry that it will soon become outdated – designers predict it will have a long life among the trends.

But what to choose to be guaranteed to hit the trends? A jacket or jacket with a belt can be a win-win option. Also a great solution would be trousers with an oversized fit and a straight cut and a versatile pencil skirt.

If you are afraid that leather clothes will look defiant, you can bet on a matte texture in black, brown, caramel or cherry colors – such tones look restrained and elegant, and are also happy to take part in a variety of fashionable autumn bows.

Beige palette

For women of all ages the beige-brown palette, which is incredibly relevant in the 2020 season, fits perfectly. Now the most in demand are warm dessert tones that are perfectly combined with each other. To embody this trend, you can take a versatile beige coat as the basis for autumn looks and combine it, for example, with chocolate trousers and a milky turtleneck. Such a range of outfit will look cozy, soft and gentle – what you need for autumn!

lemon color

Among all the variety of the autumn fashion palette, many women especially liked the lemon-cream color. It is easy to understand the commitment to such a favorite: it turns out that this delicate color perfectly refreshes and rejuvenates the appearance. In addition, he adds to any image of a romantic mood, which is so lacking for many women with the advent of the cold season.

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The checkered print, the main must-have in the 2020 season, fits in as organically as possible into autumn outfits. Such a motif has many color variations, but still the most stylish solution is a gradient cage.

To harmoniously fit a fashionable print into your image, you can simply complement it with clothes to match the motif. Also in the fall of 2020, you can limit yourself to checkered accessories that bring stylish dynamics to any outfit.


Many bloggers over 40 have successfully proven that stylish chains have no serious age restrictions. Designers agree with this theory and offer to the attention of fashionistas necklaces in the form of chains from elegant to massive dimensions. Such a trendy decor in the design of bags and shoes is also welcome. Whichever embodiment of the trend on the chain you choose, in any case, it will make the image more expressive and modern.


More recently, many women avoided cardigans, as they believed that such clothing ages. However, modern designers have confidently destroyed this stereotype by presenting cardigans in a trendy loose cut with large buttons to the attention of fashionistas. There is a huge stylistic potential in such novelties, because they can be straightened / tucked in / supplemented with a leather belt or other accessories / lowered on one shoulder or fastened asymmetrically.

Perhaps, among all the variety of stylish cardigans, you want to find a novelty that slims. In this case, keep a guide to the combination of a deep V-neckline and a row of buttons located vertically. To maximize the effect of harmony, you can choose the bottom to match the cardigan to embody the current monochrome look.

Pointed toe shoes

If you are planning to add a stylish spice and expressiveness to your autumn looks, bet on fashionable shoes with a pointed toe – they are the ones that give any ensemble a modern aesthetic. Moreover, you can choose absolutely any option depending on your tastes, whether it be mules, ankle boots or over-the-knee boots. All these novelties will organically look both in everyday and in business images.

But with the opposite trend – shoes with a square toe – you should be careful. Since this design refers to the retro style, it can visually make a woman look older.

Complex cut

Women over 40 should definitely adopt new clothes with an original complex cut. Stylists assure that any clear silhouettes advantageously emphasize the figure and make the bow more expressive. The main thing is to withstand the monochromatic design of creative clothes, so as not to make the final image overloaded.

Special mention deserves stylish silhouettes with accentuated shoulders, which also add the necessary structure to the image. Designers most often place a similar trend on jackets, dresses, blouses and even outerwear.

high waist

in key fashion trends for fall 2020 high-waisted trousers, jeans and skirts are also presented. Such a cut is a real find for many women, because it makes the image more modern, masks figure flaws and makes the silhouette more clear and collected.

To make a spectacular bow with a matched bottom, you should definitely tuck the top into it. Also, often the image needs a leather belt, which embodies the emphasis on the waist.


Absolutely every reader, regardless of lifestyle, can adopt a stylish trouser suit. Such a versatile…

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