False nails at home

It is no secret that many of us, both men and women, often pay attention to hands. And this is not surprising, because a manicure is part of your image, whether you are at a style party or at a secular dinner. But nowadays, living in a frantic pace of life, it is not so easy to make time for yourself and your nails. You can solve this problem with false nails. They will save you time and money. Let’s see how to glue false nails at home.

So, first of all, you need to dwell on the choice of false nails. The “cheap and cheerful” plan does not suit us. Do not skimp on expensive false nails: the more expensive, respectively, the better the material, the less harm to your native nails.

The kit must have a special glue.

When choosing false nails, do not forget to pay attention to their shape so that it fits your nails. You can always change the shape and length of false nails by filing with a nail file.

As for the color and length, it already depends on you, your preferences: you can buy a light beige shade, so that later you can apply a layer of colored varnish or drawings on your own, or you can buy already with a drawing. But remember that you can only remove varnish from false nails with a liquid without acetone.

The first step in “installing” false nails at home is to treat your nails. What you need to do:

  • Remove cuticle;
  • Remove burrs;
  • File the edge of the nail;
  • Degrease the nail plate.

So, your nails are ready to receive artificial ones. What’s next?

False nails must be soaked in hot water for a few minutes. For what? To make them softer, so that you can stick the nail more tightly and accurately.

A few minutes have passed, it’s time to start the main procedure. To do this, you need the same special glue and a brush with which it is applied.

IMPORTANT! In no case do not stick false nails with household glue: you do not want to spoil your native nails. Apply glue to the inside of the artificial nail, press it against your nail for 10-15 seconds – voila, one false nail is already on your hand. You just have to repeat this simple procedure with all the other nine fingers. If there is excess glue left or you are not completely satisfied with the shape, then re-adjust to achieve the desired result.

ATTENTION! If irritation suddenly occurs on the skin, false nails must be removed, as disastrous consequences can occur!

Did you celebrate the party with false nails or are you just tired of them. How to take them off? It’s very simple: you need a few drops of nail polish remover, time (about 10 seconds) and some strength to gently peel off the false nail.

And a few more tips:

  • Although these are artificial nails, they need maintenance, once a week is enough.
  • If you have a bad habit of biting your nails, then false nails will help you get rid of it: in no case do not bite them!
  • Do your homework with rubber gloves.

Now you know how to stick false nails at home. The regrown plate of your native nail is a signal to remove false nails. And finally, a small but very important tip: do not abuse artificial nails for the benefit of the health of your native nails.

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