Family look: fashion looks 2023

Family bow is a popular and rather sentimental trend. It involves wearing by lovers or members of the same family clothes that are made in the same style. In Russian fashion, family look is a relatively new phenomenon. Mostly resorted to during professional photo shoots. But recently this fashion trend has moved beyond the photo studios, becoming relevant in everyday life. What is it – a family bow for the whole family in 2023. Let’s look at the most stylish and interesting images.

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History and features of creating family images

If you think that wearing similar clothes by members of the same family is a fresh trend, then you are mistaken. It first appeared at the beginning of the last century, when Western and European cultures gravitated towards family values. One of the famous admirers of this trend was the incomparable Marlene Dietrich. She loved to order matching dresses for herself and her daughter Maria. Years later, following her example, other celebrities began to do so – Madonna, Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy.

Modern celebrities, both domestic and Western, also willingly try on the same family images. Ksenia Borodina, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova, Beyoncé, Irina Shayk often create bows in the same style with their loved ones. This trend is very popular in the family of Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova. The rapper, his wife and children are regularly photographed in the same pajamas, evening dresses and even swimsuits while on vacation.



We list the features of creating a family look.

  • Selection of absolutely identical clothes. The easiest way to achieve the desired result, because there is no need to combine colors and details of the bow. For example, you can choose beautiful identical dresses for grandmother, mother and granddaughter. One-on-one outfits on sisters, brothers, father and son will look stylish. It has become very fashionable to dress up for a family New Year’s photo shoot in the same pajamas.


  • Clothes in one color. A single-color family bow is also easy to bring to life. In this case, it is better to choose different types of outfits. For example, mom and daughter can wear bright dresses or sundresses, and dad and son can wear T-shirts, trouser or tracksuits, but be sure to match the dresses so that everything is in harmony. This is a fairly popular technique that shows everyone that you are family. Also, clothes can be decorated with the same prints.

  • Single style. And here it is worth a little work so that the images of all family members are consonant. Bows can be assembled from completely different things, the main thing is that they are related to the style you have chosen. The trend is grunge, casual, boho, sport-chic, neo-classic. Experiment with them. And pay attention to the shades, in each bow they should be approximately the same.


  • Focus on fabric. Choose some recognizable material and create total looks for all family members. To realize the idea, you can take denim, eco-leather, knitwear, velvet and corduroy, linen. Moreover, things can be both completely identical and different. The main thing is that they are sewn from the same material. It’s a good idea to create a sports bow in this vein, because most suits for women and men are sewn from the same fabrics.


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Family images can be combined not only with things, but also with accessories. For example, for father and sons – the same ties or caps, for mother and daughter – identical hats, handbags, headbands.

Fashionable outfits for families and lovers, made in the same style

As we have already said, both all members of one large and friendly family, and couples in love can create family bows. However, this trend has long gone beyond the line of family ties, so good friends and girlfriends can also resort to it. You can create elegant images in one style and only for kids.

Below are examples of current outfits.

  • For mom and daughter. The easiest option is to choose two identical dresses. This will look very cute. Or only mom can wear a dress. And in this case, the daughter should be dressed in a top and a skirt, which is absolutely identical to the dress. It’s even more interesting if family looks differ in small nuances.

  • For a couple. A family bow for a couple opens up a lot of opportunities for fashion experiments. For example, both a man and a woman can create a casual look with light-colored trousers and a denim shirt. Or a lady can choose a dress or skirt to match the man’s suit. This idea is also relevant for business images of a husband and wife, and for solemn ones – for a wedding / buffet / theater.


  • For father and son. Many fashion trends are quite relevant for men. Therefore, buying the same clothes for dad and son is a good idea. You can choose T-shirts with the same or a similar print, jeans of the same style, sports or military pants. Quite interestingly, identical business outfits will look on dad and his heir.


  • For mom and son. To make the same images, refer to unisex things. For example, a universal shirt + jeans combination will definitely suit everyone. Or both can wear pantsuits in slightly different styles adjusted for the floor. Or mom can wear a dress that matches her son’s shirt in color and print.


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Fashion-2023 allows not only to show individuality, but also to show affection for the closest people. And family bows for the whole family are best suited for these purposes. The photo shows a lot of interesting images. Pay attention to them if you are attracted to this fashion trend.

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