Fancy Fashion 2020

Unusual fashion 2020 – what surprises in it caused a general outcry? Read about all the sensational events in our review!


Pillows instead of pajamas

An unusual pillow look is a new challenge on Instagram, in which many creative fashionistas from all over the world have already taken part. All this fashion frenzy started with Swedish blogger Firo, who decided to change her boring pajamas for a more original home look. An unusual trend was picked up by many celebrities, and it has become so massive that it is simply impossible not to mention it!

To get into trends, you need to pick up a beautiful pillow, choose a belt, shoes and accessories for it, and take a relevant photo. In order not to go unnoticed, you should also put the #QuarantinePillowChallenge hashtag. But in order to collect as many likes as possible, you need to be creative. We offer you to be inspired by the bows of famous instagrammers.

Bloggers willingly support such an unusual fashion of the 2020 season and joke that the bow with a pillow is the hottest trend of the spring season. Either way, it’s a great way to beat boredom and have some fun during quarantine.

Both men and little fashionistas did not stand aside from such an entertaining flash mob. These photos definitely deserve a like!

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Fashion and culture

The Hermitage also launched its own challenge. If you don’t know how to diversify your everyday life at home, you can take pictures in images from world-famous paintings and be sure to put the hashtag #hermitagehome.

Many participants creatively approached this task and began to copy not only productions from paintings, but also images of famous artists. The most sought after was Van Gogh. Many users mark their masterpieces with another well-known hashtag #isoisolation.

[stextbox id=’info’]Particularly interesting and creative were cosplays using ordinary clothes and improvised materials. In this ironic Internet movement, its heroes appeared, for example, Anucha Saenchart from Thailand.[/stextbox]

Changing clothes

In the conditions of quarantine, the Flip The Switch Challenge has gained immense popularity. Its essence is very simple: first, a man and a woman appear in the frame in their standard clothes, and at the same time the lady dances vigorously. Then the lights go out, and the flash mob participants change not only roles, but also clothes. Such a fun movement was quickly picked up by many stars after J. Lo. Popular bloggers also did not stand aside!

Current trends

Under quarantine conditions, conscious citizens communicate virtually, but at the same time they do not forget about an attractive and presentable appearance. According to the forecasts of designers, now everything that is involved in the upper part of the image will be in trend.

New make-up techniques, unusual glasses, large earrings and all kinds of hair ornaments are gaining momentum. It is worth mentioning that the trend towards naturalness is still more relevant than ever.

If you want to keep up with fashion trends even in conditions of self-isolation, pay attention to knitted tops and dresses (which, by the way, you can create yourself), silk sets, fringed clothes, tucked cardigans, T-shirts with shoulder pads, massive earrings of creative shapes, headbands and scarves, as well as large hair ties when creating fashionable hairstyles.

virtual fashion

In 2020, the Russian Fashion Week will be held in a completely virtual format for the first time, and in connection with the events that have taken place, this is definitely a positive trend. Such a decision is a conscious and humane way to support designers and fashion in general in difficult times.

Support young talents and ordinary users of social networks. To do this, they use the massive hashtags #MBFWRussia and #stayhomeinfashion.

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An unusual event within the framework of fashion shows was a capsule collection of digital clothes, which was created using modern technologies of neural networks and computer graphics. Wow!

Based on the results of fashion shows, clearly emerging trends can be distinguished. For example, graphic images, composed in a strict black and white palette, have become a stylish novelty. It is not surprising that all kinds of prints in this range began to gain popularity. The familiar cell is still with us, but sometimes it takes on the most unexpected expression.

virtual shopping

Virtual shopping with contactless courier delivery is rapidly gaining momentum. Many stores and boutiques are seriously thinking about switching from offline to online formats. Now this approach is incredibly in demand and extremely convenient!

Style at home

On the TikTok platform, the #stylishhome challenge is gaining popularity. Such a movement encourages all caring fashionistas to share ideas for fashionable home bows. The imagination of users literally knows no bounds – they demonstrate that you can wear a chic evening dress for a home dinner, and you should cook breakfast in the most fashionable and elegant silk robe. Do not forget about the actual and comfortable bow for home training!

space fashion

Another unusual trend in the world of fashion is associated with an increased interest in the topic of space. The most advanced fashionistas have already got acquainted with raincoats that turn into transparent after contact with water, sneakers that lace up on their own, as well as clothes made from fabrics that have learned to resist the sun’s rays.

Nike was most active in showing interest in futuristic design. Several models of sports shoes of a creative look appeared in the brand’s collection. The main feature of such novelties is that they are created from recycled industrial waste. So the company supports another key trend in modern fashion – environmental friendliness.

Against the backdrop of space fashion, overalls, which borrowed design from the uniforms of astronauts, received a new round of popularity.

The easiest way to keep up with the latest trend is to purchase badges in a related theme. Such elements perfectly diversify the usual bows from basic things.

New gloss

The coronavirus epidemic and the regime of self-isolation have largely changed the content of fashion and beauty publications. Now, it is not current trends that come to the fore, but information about the awareness of citizens. The real surprise was the release of the Italian edition of Vogue April issue with a completely blank cover. The management explained this step by the fact that it is now unethical to place some kind of glamorous image on the main page, because now completely different values ​​are at the forefront.

Instead of listing the best seaside resorts, fashion magazines now offer recommendations on delicious meals you can cook on your own and even how to decorate your home garden. All popular publications are fighting for the attention of readers, publishing information on what is useful to do during quarantine, how to pull up the form at home …

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