Fans criticized photo of Yana Rudkovskaya’s non-fasting breakfast

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya is known for her love for everything expensive and refined. She is happy to share photos from social events and home gatherings with her Instagram followers.

One of the constant topics for Yana’s posts is gourmet dishes on a beautifully set table in her home.

On Monday, Rudkovskaya again posted a photo of her breakfast, signing it “Good morning. The mood color is yellow…

The yellow mood in the photo is set by flowers of extraordinary beauty, yellow plums and a cup and saucer. In addition, Yana’s breakfast consisted of strawberries, olives, cherry tomatoes, canned peas and ham.

It was precisely the presence of ham on a celebrity plate that angered her subscribers. After all, Great Lent began on Monday, and its first week is usually the most strict and eating meat products is contrary to Orthodox canons.

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Publication from Yana Rudkovskaya (@rudkovskayaofficial)

Followers showered Rudkovskaya with questions:

  • “What a ham!? Great post though!! Strict week!
  • “Ham in the post?”;
  • “Lent has begun. And someone eats ham”;
  • “Lent has begun today, are you not observing?”
  • One of the subscribers even jokingly suggested that Yana’s family was not of the Orthodox faith: “The Jews are apparently.”

But the well-known producer decided not to enter into discussions and did not answer caustic questions. I just added a photo of Sasha’s smiling son in the background of her breakfast.

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