аксессуары из рафии

Fantastically stylish raffia accessories for summer 2020

Raffia is an eco-friendly material that is made from plants of the palm family. Outwardly, the finished fiber resembles straw. Raffia is especially popular in the spring-summer season. Summer 2020 was no exception, so designers have prepared many stylish accessories for fashion lovers.

raffia accessories


Raffia bags have already become the trend of this year’s spring-summer season. Eminent fashion houses presented different forms of handbags in their new collections. This summer, large bags made of raffia, framed with leather, with inserts are chosen. The most stylish accessory was a bucket bag. The emphasis of new collections is on elegance, conciseness of forms. Although small clutches do not lose ground, designers have pleased with the variety of bizarre shapes of this accessory.

Raffia bags


Headwear made of light palm “straw” is very relevant this summer. Among the variety of styles, it is better to choose a universal fedora model. This is a classic hat with a narrow brim, often complemented by a leather strap, satin ribbon. Another stylish model is a visor hat. Suitable for lovers of caps and sports style.

Raffia hats


As for shoes, natural materials and ornaments are at the peak of popularity. Woven sandals will help to make the image stylish and unusual, put a bright accent. Designers offer espadrilles, sandals, high heels. The couturiers decorated the shoe models with tropical plants, animal print or the traditional raffia beige.

Raffia shoes

Hair accessories

This season, hair accessories play a major role in the image. Designers offer products made of pearls, leather, fabric, stones, raffia. The choice is diverse: there are hairpins in the style of minimalism, and chic bows, hairpins with stones, rhinestones. An incredibly stylish element will be a raffia headband. An interesting solution is a braided raffia headband with leather inserts in a contrasting color.

Raffia hair accessories


Wicker jewelry is gaining even more popularity than in previous years. There are no restrictions here: the choice is so large that you can choose jewelry for any look. Actual this season will be earrings of rounded shapes and diamond-shaped colored ones. This summer, natural materials are in trend, so products with wooden or leather inserts will look elegant, fashionable, and concise.

Woven raffia jewelry


Designers offer to complement the bow with raffia, leather, wicker, and fabric belts. The color palette depends on the ensemble that will complement this accessory. The imagination of designers is not limited here, so there are belts with buckles of various shapes, and the fancier the better.

Raffia belts

The summer season of 2020 will delight you with colors and new forms of fashion accessories. With each of them you can add piquancy to your everyday bow. To keep up with the latest fashion trends, it is not necessary to change your wardrobe every season. Just pick up a couple of new fashionable accessories.

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