Fashion – 2019: main trends

Fashion 2019 – what are the main trends in store for us? You can try to answer this tricky question right now, because the main Fashion events are behind us, which means that it is time to draw conclusions and make room in the wardrobe for new interesting things.

All fashion trends 2019

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A selection of the best trends of 2019

What will be fashionable next year? What clothes and shoes should you pay attention to first of all? How not to be mistaken in the variety of proposed styles and colors? Most likely, these are the questions that are spinning in the head of every fashionista now. And we will try to answer them as accurately as possible. So make yourself comfortable, we’re getting started.


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  • Layering. Winter is coming, everyone is warming up as best they can. Therefore, layering here will be more relevant than ever. But this trend should be treated with caution. Yes, on the Paris runway, John Galliano and Alessandro Del Aqua mercilessly wrapped their models in layers of clothing. Not to say that it looked appropriate, but not everyone can comprehend the world of fashion.

The main trend of 2019 is layering at the show of famous designers

And life is even more difficult. So, if you thoughtlessly throw on all the jackets and sweaters, others are unlikely to understand you, mistaking you for a person with a low social status. But it is quite possible to imitate layering by combining various prints and patchwork techniques.

Layering in fashion

  • Artificial fur. We continue to talk about winter, and turn to fur, because it is very difficult to do without it at this time of the year. Although there is one, BUT! In the trend, fur is artificial, moreover, unnatural colors. That is, the brighter and more unusual the color of your sheepskin coat, the higher you will move up the fashion pedestal. And one more thing: do not forget about splendor. The more magnificent the pile on the thing you have chosen, the better. This also applies to cases where the fur is just an insert or decoration.

Fashionable for bright faux fur

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Of course, furs have not gone anywhere either, but at the past Fashion Weeks, all eminent designers completely abandoned it, presenting faux fur collections to the world. [/stextbox]

  • Knitwear. And again we are talking about winter. Maybe it’s because she’s close. So, the impending cold weather is worth experiencing, dressed in warm and cozy clothes. And here you will not find anything better than a knitted sweater, dress or even a coat. Moreover, it is large, “rough”, careless hand knitting and embossed pattern that will be in the trend. And if you want to bring a little decor to this rustic style, then turn to wool products embellished with sequins or beads.

Fashionable chunky knit sweaters

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  • Let’s move away from the “winter” trends and talk about other, more universal trends. Let’s start with asymmetries. We have already turned to this fashion trend more than once, it will not be superfluous to do it now. So, if you like a dress or suit with asymmetrical elements, feel free to purchase it, because in 2019 this style will only strengthen its position in the fashion industry.

Elegant asymmetry

[stextbox id=’info’]

Important! In the coming year, the asymmetry will be more elegant. So hanging uneven flaps will be in the past, giving way to slanting shoulders, hem or sleeves.


  • Wild West. What, probably, no one expected was that cowboy style would become one of the main fashion trends in 2019. Take a look at the photos of the Isabel Marant and Alberta Ferretti collections – there are all the attributes of the Wild West: belts with a massive buckle, wide-brimmed hats, cowboy jackets, boots, shirts, scarves, and even fringed wide trousers.

Cowboy style by Alberta Ferretti

Is it worth wearing all this in everyday life? Of course! Indeed, as a result, you will get a stylish, independent and very non-trivial image.

Wild West by Isabel Marant

  • Peas. There is only one thing to say here – welcome back! And thanks for this wonderful romantic “pea” impulse should be Dolce Gabbana and Erdem Moralioglu, who brought this amazing coloring to their collections for spring-summer 2019.

Peas by Dolce&Gabbana

As for the color, the priority is black and white, but colored peas, if desired, have not been canceled either.

Peas in the Erdem collection

  • Denim. You can write about it endlessly. And in the coming 2019, he will become the real king of street fashion. And we know that there are a lot of denim lovers among you, which is why we want to inform you – feel free to replenish your wardrobe with things from this material. Moreover, it does not have to be jeans at all (although you can start with them by adding a couple of new items to your collection).

Trendy denim 2019

Take a closer look at dresses, skirts, shirts, tops, jumpsuits, sundresses, bags and even denim phone cases – all this will be at the peak of popularity in the coming season.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Denim jackets have not disappeared from the fashionable Olympus. Only now they have “grown in breadth.” And to be more precise, oversized denim jackets are in trend.[/stextbox]

Stylish denim – oversized jackets 2019

  • Skin and Matrix style. After jeans, let’s talk about leather, because today it is a real must-have in every wardrobe. The main trends in women’s fashion dictate the mandatory presence of at least one, and preferably two, three or five leather items. And do not disdain long raincoats, like Neo and Trinity – they are now the standard of style.

leather images

Actually, this can be said about vinyl in general, because lacquered things, along with the usual matte ones, will also fit perfectly into any environment. And excessive severity can be diluted with bright accessories.

Leather fashion bows

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  • Shoulders. Something is wrong with them. Maybe it’s all about volume? Perhaps! After all, he is impressive. And to understand what we are talking about, pay attention to the Zimmermann collection, as it most accurately reflects all those metamorphoses that will occur in 2019 with the shoulders. A complex cut, vertical and horizontal drapery, pomp – these are just a few that fashionistas will have to face when choosing an original jacket.

broad shoulders

But there are also more feminine options. As a rule, they can be found on light blouses or dresses. We are talking about shoulder-shells and sloping shoulders. They adorn spring and summer models of women’s clothing, allowing fashionistas to look romantic.

Wide shoulders from Zimmermann

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  • Metallic sheen. Silver and golden colors are now just the apogee of the fashionable palette. Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela, Phillip Lim and other trendsetters turned their attention to them. We advise you to do the same. And relevant…

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