Fashion accessories for autumn 2020

Properly selected fashion accessories for the fall of 2020 will help you be stylish and shine with your beauty. We have selected for you the Top offers that were presented at world fashion shows in the best capitals of Europe and in New York. How to complement your exquisite wardrobe, we analyze below.


Scarves and shawls

This is the first thing to include in your basic capsule wardrobe for fall. A light silk scarf, an elegant painted scarf, a voluminous stole or a large-knit snood will help you out at the right time. Each of them will play a role on a warm, cool autumn day or on a dank rainy day. For example, a silk scarf casually thrown around the neck, matched to the color of shoes or a handbag, will help create an elegant, stylish and feminine look.

  • A beautiful voluminous stole can be thrown over the shoulders over a coat and raincoat. Here, too, carefully combine the shades in the outfit. Let the voluminous shawl be combined with the color of the handbag or boots. In the trend, by the way, is a checkered stole, reminiscent of Scotland and Britain.

  • Knitted scarves for autumn suggest large volumes. So they visually create a picture of a warm cozy bow and better retain heat. Knitted scarves are a great addition to a down jacket, an elongated coat.

  • If you don’t want to wear a light silk scarf around your neck, but style is above all, tie a scarf to the strap of your handbag or make an original belt out of a silk scarf.

By the way, the Givenchy fashion house outdid everyone else and invited modern fashionistas to use a silk scarf in the form of a headdress, tying it on their hair like a bandana. And at the same time, the shade of the headdress coincided with the color of the dress or suit.

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Stylish gloves will help create a fashionable look. In special favor are long gloves that reach the middle of the forearm. Such options were offered at their shows by Gucci and Moschino. Now high gloves are not only an accessory to an evening dress. You can wear them with a sleeveless knitted sweater, with a knitted sheath dress. The main requirement is a short sleeve at the top of the outfit.

Stylish gloves from Moschino

Fashion gloves from Gucci

Also in trend are classic gloves short or elbow-length, models with cropped fingers, options for “car lady” with buttons.

As for materials, stylish gloves can be made of matte or patent leather, knitwear, or can be knitted by hand.


Fashion accessories trends for autumn 2020 are luxury bags. Here the female quivering soul rests. After all, as you know, there are never too many bags.

At modern fashion shows, small clutch bags on a chain strap are offered. This stylish accessory holds nothing more than a wallet, keys, mobile phone and a couple of credit cards. The smaller the handbag, the more tender the female image. He seems to be saying that the fashionista is in no hurry and does not need anything. Her whole world is enclosed in a small reticule. Moreover, the shapes of small handbags are now in fashion in a variety of ways: from rectangular or square to round and oval.

Massive sacks made of genuine leather deserve special attention. This option is ideal for going to work or for walking around the city, for shopping. Forget about the principle of combining the shades of the bag with the color of the shoes. Today it is mauvais ton. Now the bag can boldly contrast with all the shades in a strong bow. It really becomes an independent accent in the image.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Please note that in the current autumn-winter season, bags of brick, saffron, orange shades and all metallic tones: bronze, gold, silver are in special favor.[/stextbox]

The bag can be made from a variety of materials from genuine leather to velor and velvet.

And be sure to pay due attention to the handmade bag. This is a special chic that not everyone can afford. But if you have such a bag, you are a trendsetter.

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Belt and belt

In addition to the fact that belts and belts often help to create a truly youthful look, today they harmoniously complement the classic / romantic bow. It is considered a cliche to use a belt or belt only with jeans. Today, with the help of such an accessory, you can favorably emphasize the waist, make the image more slender. But remember that if you are short, then a belt or belt located exactly in the waist area will visually cut the vertical.

  • First of all, you should pay attention to belts in the form of chains. Links can have different shapes and sizes. Similar accessories were offered at their shows by Versace, Victoria Beckham, Chanel, Michael Kors and others. With this strap you can stylishly decorate both a dress with a bell skirt and a fitted sheath dress.

  • The rope belt deserves special attention. It should be noted that such an accessory was in special favor in the summer. And here it smoothly migrated into autumn. Rough textures go well with knitwear or thick silk. Be sure to complement one of your images with such a belt. Wrap it around your waist twice and tie in a loose knot. Complete the look with a stylish neckerchief in the color of the belt. Such options were offered on the catwalks of Christian Dior, Valentino, Tory Burch.

  • And of course, classic belts and belts made of genuine leather remain in fashion. Their width can vary from 10 cm downwards. The thinnest does not exceed 1 cm. Classic belts and belts this season can be placed over a coat or raincoat, over a dress and overalls with high-waisted trousers. Pay attention to the texture and design of the belt. Handmade and perfectly finished accessories are of particular value.

Stylish glasses

Who said that glasses are appropriate only for wearing in the summer. Such an accessory fully protects the eyes from solar radiation, including even in winter. What can we say about its use in autumn images. In addition, the sunglasses used to create the autumn bow will make the image of a woman a little mysterious.

The trend today is glasses with large lenses and an enlarged shape. They cover most of the face, capturing the eyebrows. Such an accessory looks stylish and unique in combination with a scarf thrown over the head or tied in the hair in the form of a stylish bandage. Dare to choose a model in a large horn-rimmed. You won’t guess right.

Aviator glasses are still at the peak of popularity. No stylish look is complete without them. Fashion 2020 allows you to wear aviators with mirrored lenses in silver or gold tint, with translucent lenses made in different shades – from blue to pink or green.

For particularly daring fashionistas who love to experiment, glasses with five-, six- and even heptagonal lenses are offered at world fashion shows. Similar models were presented by Kate Spade, Gucci and others.

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