Fashion – autumn 2020: main trends

In this article, we present to your attention the main fashion trends for autumn 2020. We are sure that this season will be especially stylish and memorable!

The main fashion trends of autumn 2020


Being in the fall 2020 trend is not difficult at all, because for this you can simply follow the direction of minimalism in your images. This style is great for every day, as it is a winning combination of basic items of excellent quality. This season, minimalism welcomes discreet and deep colors of clothes, straight clear lines and laconic decorations. But stylists advise avoiding flashy details.

It is worth noting that one of the most stylish manifestations of minimalism this fall will be a laconic black dress. This is truly the most versatile and fashionable find that is beautiful in its simplicity. By purchasing such a dress, you can be sure of its practicality. During the day, this trend is perfect for the office or meeting with friends, and by the evening it will noticeably change due to massive gold jewelry and scarlet lipstick.


However, not all fashionistas equally like the minimalist mood of the images. If, on the contrary, this season you want to be bright and stand out from the crowd, you can adopt the relevance of the metallic and neon texture. So, a stylish manifestation of this trend will be a fashionable sparkling down jacket or bomber jacket, which is guaranteed to attract admiring glances to you.

Biker style

Perhaps the main fashion trend for autumn 2020 for women is the relevance of the biker style in clothes. A slightly daring and incredibly bold mood in the image will surely serve as an inspiration for many fashionistas who love to declare their individuality.

To embody this trend in your image, you can take a closer look at stylish leather overalls, which, due to the self-sufficiency of the design, are a ready-made bow. Of the accessories, you may need, perhaps, a bandana or a massive chain. Also by the fall of 2020, you can buy leather mitts that will look cool in tandem with a feminine dress and rough boots.


A significant trend of the autumn season is the patchwork patchwork technique, which manifests itself in the design of almost any clothing. Maximalists can take note of raincoats made of leather or suede pieces. But a versatile pullover in this style will also be a very fashionable acquisition.


In the fall season 2020, many fashionistas will find various variations of capes, capes and ponchos indispensable. With such outerwear, it is so easy to create especially elegant and sophisticated looks, trying out combinations with trousers, jeans and dresses.

The unconditional trend is the bomber jacket, which triumphantly returned to the list of main fashion trends. At first glance, this novelty suits only fans of the sport-chic direction. But if you take a closer look at the current bomber jacket, you will find that it also looks great in the company of feminine dresses, mini and midi skirts, as well as various styles of trousers.

Among the fashionable outerwear were also elongated sheepskin coats, coats with a belt, denim and leather jackets.

To start the season, you can pick up a trench coat with an interesting cut and color – designers’ experiments with this classic clothing do not in the least contradict its versatility.

skirt suits

Skirt suits with the advent of autumn 2020 seriously intend to suppress the popularity of the usual trouser ensembles. If in your mind such novelties seem too conservative, try betting on the length of the mini. You can also play with stylish combinations and replace the dress shirt with a printed T-shirt. Adding a fanny pack is also regarded as a great idea by stylists.


Slits on trousers and cutouts on tops and dresses will also allow you to create a stylish look this fall. By placing such stylish elements in different parts of clothing, designers allowed fashionistas to create accents on their figure merits. For example, a familiar turtleneck can now be made more sensual with a slit on the collarbones, chest or sleeves.


In the autumn collections, original assemblies and draperies are literally everywhere – from overalls and skirts to dresses and capes. Stylists consider this technique not only a way to make the image fashionable – with the help of draperies, you can also mask the flaws of the figure and emphasize the merits.

romantic mood

For some reason, it is believed that the romantic decor of clothes is most appropriate only in the summer season. But the designers decided to seriously break this stereotype and promote an elegant attitude in autumn clothes. So, accent sleeves, mini length, pleating, frills, ruffles and lace appeared in the new collections.

In the romantic novelties of autumn, many designers also displayed deliberate theatricality. So doll-style dresses became popular. The modern fashion industry only encourages the desire of fashionistas to look “like a princess” and suggests looking at powdery colors and voluminous elements in the design of dresses.

Your personal cure for autumn depression can also be a chiffon blouse with a voluminous bow at the collar. Such a model can be easily beaten both in a casual and festive way – it all depends on the complementary things. Delicate and airy products are interesting to interpret in multi-layer ensembles, because they instantly refresh heavy autumn bows.


To create a trendy look this fall, you can simply complement the basic items with accent chains. Despite the long relevance of such jewelry, they still continue to be in demand among fashionistas.

[tds_note]The fall 2020 fashion reflects this main trend in the design of women’s shoes. With a light touch from designers, stylish chains are now appearing on rough boots, loafers and boots.[/tds_note]

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sunny color

In autumn, many girls desperately lack brightness and positivity in their images (and sometimes in life). We do not recommend putting up with seasonal blues, which is why we talk about the relevance of yellow in the fashion of the 2020 season. If you are determined, you can bet on outerwear in the most positive colors. More modest fashionistas can limit themselves to accessories in a yellow tint. An equally stylish solution would be to buy a shirt, dress or skirt in a sunny version – such things will be perfectly combined with basic clothes and embody a stylish and bright accent in autumn looks.

Stylish knitwear

In order to be on trend in the fall and not to freeze, replenish your wardrobe with spacious knitted dresses, oversized trouser suits, as well as vests and cardigans with retro rhombuses and large buttons. All this can be safely included in the category “must have” of the 2020 season!

Bohemian style

Many girls don’t…

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