Fashion – autumn 2021: main trends

The fall fashion of 2021 promises to be interesting and varied, and is not going to give way to summer trends. Let’s get acquainted with the main fashion trends of this fall together, to be armed in advance.

What will be in fashion in autumn 2021

For the fall of 2021, designers have prepared a lot of beautiful and interesting gizmos. Some of them are new, some are well-forgotten old ones. But, in any case, in these things you will look stylish:

  • Vests. In autumn, vests will still be relevant, so do not rush to hide your favorite vest on the farthest shelf. They can be worn both on the naked body and over the shirt. The trend will be vests made of any fabric – leather, knitted and knitted.

  • Suit with a skirt. In autumn it will be very fashionable to wear a suit, of which a skirt is a part. This is an ideal outfit not only for women working in the office, because it is perfect for other situations in life – walking, going to a restaurant.

  • Lots of cutouts. World famous designers have developed a great love for cutouts. They are present on dresses, jumpers, skirts and even trousers. Such piquant details significantly change the overall image and make it much more interesting.

  • Lace. Lace on any outfit always looks very elegant and adds a few points to femininity. In the latest collections, dresses, skirts, blouses and other things are actively decorated with lace.

  • Denim clothes. Denim items are always out of competition, and next season their popularity will not fade. Both individual denim items will be in fashion – trousers, shirts, jackets, as well as total bows, which can even include denim shoes.

  • Knitwear. Many girls love knitwear for their stylish appearance, as well as for the fact that they are very comfortable and cozy. Knitted dresses, skirts and even whole suits you can safely buy this fall to always look attractive.

  • Fringe. An important place on the catwalks this year is occupied by fringed clothing. Recent shows show us fringe on dresses, skirts, jackets and even coats.

Probably the most unusual and very bold trend is to wear shiny things. At the same time, shining clothes should not lie in your closet and wait for a special occasion. It can be safely worn as part of a daily outfit. Anything can be shiny – a skirt, jacket, dress, trousers, sneakers or boots.

Speaking of outerwear, I would like to mention quilted jackets, which will be at the peak of popularity next fall. There are a lot of models of this thing, so you can show your individuality. These jackets come in both plain and printed.

Fashion shoes for autumn 2021

Fashion trends in the world of shoes for the fall of 2021 allow girls to express themselves and create many chic looks. For early autumn, you will need lighter shoes, for late – closed. Feminine and delicate pumps with heels will be relevant, which are the perfect complement to skirts and dresses. Such shoes are a good investment of money, because they have not gone out of fashion for a very long time.

You can not do in the fall and without sports shoes. The trend will be sports, even a little rough sneakers. They are an integral part of a sporty look, but will also look great with dresses and skirts.

For cold autumn, you should buy stylish closed and warm shoes. Boots, ankle boots, over the knee boots will be popular. If you choose a model with heels, then remember that the most trendy will be a low, square heel. The most stylish boots are high and with an accordion. They make your image very interesting and original. A distinctive feature of the new fashionable shoes is also an unusual heel. It can be metallic, as well as sheathed in leather or suede.

Among the shoes, dark models are predominantly found – black, gray, burgundy, coffee, dark green. There are also shoes in light shades – white, beige, light gray and blue. Shoes of any of these colors can be successfully introduced into the images, so buy several models that are different from each other at once.

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Trendy colors – autumn 2021

To always be a stylish woman, you need to consider not only the style of the clothes you choose, but also pay attention to its color. Each new season brings us information about what shades will be relevant, and next fall is no exception. The main fashion trends of autumn 2021 recommend choosing the following colors in clothes:

  • rich blue;
  • bright green;
  • optimistic yellow;
  • terracotta;
  • fuchsia;
  • light pink;
  • bright red;
  • purple;
  • brown.

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Undoubtedly, there will be classic, restrained colors in the trend. In addition to black and white, the following shades will be relevant this fall:

  • coconut cream – white with peach;
  • absolutely gray;
  • light beige;
  • olive.

Another important trend is a suit made of printed material. It does not matter what the print will be – stripes, flowers, abstraction or some other – you can safely create a total look with such a suit.

If you are already wondering what fashion will be like in the fall of 2021, then look at the photos presented here and take notes for yourself. Perhaps some ideas will inspire you and help make your style more interesting.

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