Fashion autumn-winter 2019-2020

What you should know about fashion in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season? We have collected all the key trends for you in one article!


Current palette

The Pantone Color Institute has released another fashion report on what colors fashionistas will wear in the cold season. At just one glance, it becomes clear: it will not be boring!

  • The basis of the basics of a stylish wardrobe will be 4 shades, which can be safely called the base for images in the autumn-winter season. They can be used in the main role, or they can complement bright self-sufficient tones, of which there are many in the current palette. So, meet the base of this season: shades of Vanilla Cream, Evening Blue, Turtle Dove and Guacamole.

  • The sharp and burning color “Chili Pepper” is able to add brightness and piquancy to any onion. It belongs to a warm palette, which means it will certainly charge fashionistas with its energy. Be on trend: combine it with the trendy color “pepper stalk”, as well as with sand, beige and taupe tones.

  • A more subdued and noble version of red is presented in a shade under the mysterious name “Red Bicycle”. It is definitely worth taking note of for girls with a winter and spring color type.

  • Infinitely delicate and feminine shade “Peach Cream” will come in handy in creating especially elegant looks. This color is beautiful with trendy companions – dusty blue, red-brown, taupe and grape hue.
  • Designers decided not to limit themselves to one version of peach color. So a more self-sufficient “Peach Pink” appeared in the fashion spectrum.

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  • The color “Rocky Road” hides burgundy, lilac and gray notes. Such versatility very interestingly reveals itself in the neighborhood of many shades. This color looks especially luxurious and status in business bows.

  • The juicy color “Motley dove” is responsible for the excellent mood of the images for the autumn-winter season. He is so joyful and positive that it is simply impossible to resist him!

  • What’s a stylish fall without soft brown? This time, the shade “Sugar Almond” became a stylish representative of this palette. In addition to the obvious combinations, we recommend experimenting with a combination of almonds with cold or warm pink tones.

  • The mixture of yellow and orange in Dark Cheddar is bold, cheerful and open.

  • “Galactic Blue” is one of the deepest and most rigorous shades in the fashion palette. Stylists advise to complement it with lighter tones to create a harmonious bow.

  • Blue this autumn is not at all light and airy – rather, it is strict, multifaceted and stable. Win-win color combinations “Blue Stone” will turn out with beige, bronze, gray, chocolate and coffee tones.

  • Tangible energy in the image will create the color “Orange Tiger”. This is a great choice for girls with an autumn or winter color type.

  • The dark green color traditional for autumn in 2019-2020 takes on the shade of “Eden”. Very soon, all fashionistas will fall in love with his tandem with orange.

And here is the top ten according to London Fashion Week.

The fashion collections were not without neon. Designers suggest that with such bright accents it will be easy to survive the gray autumn and winter.

[stextbox id=’info’]The queen of all prints in the cold season is a cage. If you want to get a slender effect from this coloring, opt for the legendary houndstooth.[/stextbox]

Animal print is still on trend. Only now a snake, a zebra, a tiger and a python join the familiar leopard. Over the years of popularity of animalistic colors, they have grown into outfits for every day, so they definitely will not lie in the wardrobe.

The return of the military

In fashion in the fall of 2019, everything – from coats to accessories – can be done in military style. Attributes of a military uniform are present both in everyday looks and in outfits for parties.

What to buy to be in trend? A win-win option is a camouflage dress or a knitted set in this color. Uniform buttons, army colors and patch pockets are traditionally present on outerwear. The main must-have of this season is a cape in camouflage colors.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! The severity of the military style should not overshadow femininity. Always keep the bow elegant with accessories and romantic accents. Even a haircut or styling can be responsible for the feminine mood in the image.[/stextbox]


In addition to the military style, the unequivocal favorite of the season is grunge with its inherent audacity and mixture of directions. This time grunge has become an amazing combination of 2 styles – hippie and punk. There are also elements of the Victorian era – black lace and beading.

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The grunge fashion is also reflected in the actual shoes of the fall-winter 2019-2020 season. In the top were rough boots with tractor soles with chains and metal fittings.


Thing number 1 in the autumn-winter season is a trouser suit, just borrowed from a beloved man. Wide trousers, a minimum of decor, a relaxed silhouette – all these are signs of an actual suit. We advise you to focus on the tones of gray, beige and brown when choosing such a set.

The most daring fashionistas choose a leather suit this season and combine it with neutral makeup.


The main fashion trends of the fall-winter 2019-2020 season boil down to the fact that leather is considered the queen of textures. Moreover, the hottest trend is the leather total look. To be on the wave, all fashionistas stock up on leather dresses, skirts, raincoats and jackets.


With the design of hats, designers have gone all out this season. Of course, traditional options were also present at the shows – berets, panama hats, beanie hats, hats with a pompom from a large knit. But there were other ideas – earflaps, hats with feathers, bucket hats, oversized hats.

An unusual option for a hat autumn-winter 2019-2020


Women’s fashion for the cold season highlights several relevant options for women’s clothing. Remember the most stylish ideas:

  • dressing gown;

  • midi-length coat-jacket;
  • aviator-style leather jacket;
  • cape;

  • a parka in unusual colors or with multi-colored fur;
  • padded jacket;
  • bomber in a sporty or romantic style;
  • down jacket-cocoon or blanket.

Fashion details

  • Among the novelties in the decoration of women’s clothing, many designers have relied on a collar with a bow – a sure attribute of a romantic mood in the image. The highlight of this decor is that it can be present not only on blouses, but also on outerwear. Definitely worth checking out is the mix of styles – the airy bow now appears on a predator print dress or on leather clothing.

  • Designers’ fascination with 1980s style has grown into accentuated shoulders on various clothing categories. In addition to the usual jackets with…

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