Fashion bags – autumn 2019

When choosing fashion bags for the fall of 2019, you should find out in advance which bags are in fashion according to professional experts, view photos from shows. If you have not yet chosen your favorite, comfortable model for the next seasons, let’s figure out together what trends have flooded the fashion space.


current models

This year’s trend is the most non-standard, unusual and eye-catching options. It is worth choosing bright colors, asymmetrical shapes, massive decorations to get a catchy bow.

But choosing a bag is not only in appearance, a lot depends on your style, lifestyle. When buying, special attention should be paid to spaciousness, the number of compartments, the density of the material, the quality of the straps.

A lot also depends on where the bag will be worn. For work, for example, bags on the forearm are more suitable, the size is usually chosen medium or large if you need to carry folders or papers.

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For study, girls choose backpacks, since the weight is evenly distributed over two shoulders, there will be no skewed posture. In any case, it is worth taking a closer look at the following trendy models:

  • Round bag visually similar to a tablet. It has an ideal shape, usually hanging around the hips on long, thin straps.

The size can be any, but for everyday life, the average is more suitable, everything you need will fit there.

To stand out and attract attention, you can consider oval elongated options, they are interestingly decorated in the form of an eye. A more massive option would be a sphere bag, which looks like a medium ball.

  • oversized models Suitable for ladies who need to carry a lot of things with them. This style has long filled the fashion field, but such bags began to appear recently. They are distinguished by their large size, usually there is no strict, clear form.

This option can be used when traveling as a bag, a small suitcase. But because of the quality material, elegant and stylish shape, the bag is also suitable for everyday life.

  • tote bag It is distinguished by a strict geometric shape, the presence of hard, short handles that are parallel to each other. The model is not designed to be worn on the shoulder, due to its small size it is usually worn on the wrist.

The tote does not have any external fasteners, buttons or zippers, the model is equipped only with a zipper at the top. Despite this, it is very roomy, suitable for modern girls: it will be possible to carry a laptop, textbooks, and any not too voluminous things in it.

  • Belt bags found today on every fashionista. This is not surprising, because the model is very comfortable. It is not suitable for work, rather made for everyday life and travel, fits perfectly into street style.

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Belt bags have been popular since the last century, but in recent years they have regained their popularity again. To make interesting autumn bows, it is better to choose massive leather options.

  • Asymmetrical shape is the bag trend for this fall. Lax lines, an unusual arrangement of a fastener or a zipper, a pyramidal shape, models made in the form of animals, all this can turn the most basic look into an actual bow.

It is worth remembering that such options are not very suitable in everyday life because of their extravagance, but they can be safely worn to parties, dates.

  • clutch ideal if you need to take a minimum of things with you, but you do not want to take a large bag with you. Depending on the material, shape, jewelry, clutches are suitable not only for everyday life, but also for special occasions they will become an interesting highlight.

When choosing a bag for autumn in 2019, you should look at the strict forms and clear lines as in the photo in our review, since such bags are in fashion.

  • Suitcase or chest usually they are small in size, worn on a long strap on the shoulder, so they are somewhat reminiscent of clutches.

They really look like a suitcase reduced several times, they have a rectangular shape, a metal clasp, like a bag. Many girls choose this model because of its versatility and medium capacity: because of the correct shape, it is suitable for work, walking, everyday life.

  • bucket bag Suitable for those ladies who like clothes and accessories to attract attention. This is a very unusual shape that looks like a cylinder or bucket with even walls.

A new design decision for the fall of 2019 is to create a bucket bag.

The bag is not very high, so it is comfortable to wear, while it has a flat bottom. The option is very roomy, and for greater convenience from above, the model tapers a little. This trendy novelty is perfect for everyday wardrobe, it can be diluted with the most standard bow.

  • Classic options will be appropriate in any image, so they will definitely become a good investment. Such bags are distinguished by a dense frame, a rectangular shape, the length of the handles can be any.

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They are suitable for office images, everyday bows, dates and evenings. It is worth choosing a model according to its spaciousness, the quality of the material used, the number of compartments and pockets.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! As a material, it is advised to choose genuine leather – it lasts as long as possible.[/stextbox]

  • Mini bags serve a decorative rather than a functional role. They are distinguished by an absolutely tiny size, only a credit card can be placed there. According to fashion trends, such a women’s bag appeared at fashion shows last season, but in the fall of 2019 it became several times smaller.

Now it can be worn as a brooch or as a decoration around the neck. Usually a bag is chosen in similar colors as all the clothes, it rarely contrasts with the general background.

A mini bag is more of an accessory that complements your fashionable autumn look.

  • Bucket bag distinguished by its loose fit, flat bottom, tapering and ties at the top. It is very roomy, while not looking too massive or voluminous, like an oversized model.

There must be a puff on top, like a sack. The bag is perfect for women’s autumn bows, as many girls start studying, and such a bag can hold a lot. Usually the model is worn on the shoulders, like a backpack, has two straps.

Interesting decorations and materials

To make the image with a bag clinging and conspicuous, you should choose the following fashion options:

  • Fur models. Designers have released collections where the fur completely covers the entire surface of the bag. Perhaps this option is not quite suitable for everyday life in the fall, as the wool gets wet in the rain, from humidity, but such a detail will definitely be appropriate in an evening look.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! The length of the fur can be any, but women of fashion prefer to stop at short or medium villi.[/stextbox]

  • Imitation animal skin

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