Fashion bags for summer 2021

We present a review of fashionable bags for the summer of 2021! In the new season, designers paid special attention to their favorite models, presenting them as more refined, practical and feminine.

What bags will be in fashion in summer 2021

Restrained clutches, neon colors, practical shoppers, wicker baskets, etc. – if designers tried to adhere to a laconic and simple style when creating clothes, then bags became a field for the realization of the most daring fantasies.

Soft clutches

Soft clutches were presented from quite different materials and types:

  • Leather;
  • fabric;
  • With decor: stones, key rings, embroidery;
  • In an extravagant style: they have complex shapes and are suitable for evening dresses.

In addition to small elegant models, designers presented large oversized clutches. They perfectly complement the everyday look and can be a great completion of the image.

Sling bag

Designers have been working for a long time to create comfortable, roomy and at the same time small-sized models. If you look at the following photos, you can see how the sling bag has changed: it has taken on a new fashionable shape that will perfectly fit into the summer look of 2021 and decorate it.

Hobo bag

The main trend of 2000 is again at the peak of popularity. The second name for hobo bags is croissant. The new models are roomy enough, and now you can put in them not only a credit card and lipstick. But do not refuse miniature hobo bags. They will easily fit into a light summer look and decorate it.


If you want to keep up with the fashion trends of 2021, be sure to pick up an oversized bag for the summer. Wide and roomy models are very comfortable and practical. Oversize is your comfort 24/7.

baguette bag

Some of the most expressive models were presented at the show of the new Fendi collection. Everything here is matched perfectly: pleasant colors, clasps, handles, jewelry, style. The collection included both miniature models and more classic ones that will suit any look.


In 2021, an improved version of a fashionable summer bag for every day appeared in a trapeze format: with a flap and additional decorations. They perfectly complement both light dresses and stylish banana jeans.


A new version of the tote bag was prepared by Nanushka designers. Each of the models is quite different, but at the same time it fits a trendy leather skirt, sundress, suit and other looks.


Soft bags are very light and practical. Most of them are also presented in oversized style. Soft is more suitable for everyday casual looks, images in the spirit of street style. Rigid bags go well with strict structured looks, fit perfectly into a business style and when composing images with a jacket.

Screed and weaving

The unequivocal trend of 2021 is wicker bags. Moreover, in this version, quite different types of bags are presented: clutches, square, miniature or large.

A special love of designers straw bags. They fascinate with their intricate weaves and are suitable not only for creating an everyday look. Straw bags are truly a trendy addition to the 2021 beach look.

Focus on the chain

Bags with an accent on the chain were presented by the fashionable Italian brand Pinko. In some cases, the chains serve as the main handle, in others as a stylish decoration. They complement volumetric and small models. Bags with chains can be a fashionable addition to business and leisure style.

Bright colours

Finally got to the neon colors of the bags. Bright colors came from the 80s. Acid yellow, poisonous green, blinding orange or juicy raspberry. The trendy colors of 2021 have not bypassed bags. Therefore, if you want to diversify the pastel colors of clothes, choose a bright neon bag.

geometric shapes

In addition to the trapezoid, bags of various geometric shapes are in fashion in 2021:

  • Cube;
  • Triangle;
  • Ball;
  • Pyramid;
  • Circle;
  • Stars;
  • Hexagon and others.

Network bags

Mesh bags have been popular for a long time. But before they were used to take things to the laundry or go for groceries. They were distinguished by their strength and durability. What about today?

Today, designers have shown how a mesh bag can harmoniously fit into a casual look. They gave them a new modern look, added a couple of trendy details. And now clutch, tote and other bag models can be supplemented with mesh.

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Smartphone bag

Micro-bags do not lose their relevance. Only now, very small models are recommended to be worn as jewelry, and oblong ones are used as a case for smartphones or other trifles. The convenience and practicality of micro-bags have already been appreciated by Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters. And you can find a trendy mini bag, for example, in one of the collections of Jacquemus, Fendi, Max Mara, Victoria / Tomas and other famous designers.

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As you can see, the summer 2021 season has collected the most fashionable bags: some conquer with their practicality, others with grace. So be sure to experiment with the images!

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