Fashion bags spring-summer: trends of 2020

Every girl should have a handbag and preferably more than one. Most of the bags are used for their intended purpose – for storing and carrying things. But some of them resemble more decoration than a piece of clothing. What models will become trendy in the new spring-summer 2020 season? Here are the top 7 bags that will be relevant in the new season.

Belt bag

The handbag is an accessory that is attached to the belt. Previously, such variants of bags were worn more often in front, but now it can be “turned” as you like. Shoulder straps may be added. They turn the waist bag into a mini-backpack. Such a decision will especially appeal to young people. You can’t cram a lot of things in there, of course. But it looks nice and modern.

Another version of the belt bag is a model with patch pockets. As a rule, such handbags are located on the sides of the pockets at the back or front. But there are models that are attached to the belt as you like, and most often there can be several “pockets”. Such a belt is very convenient to use for gadgets, you can hook keys there.

Braided bag

For a beach holiday, choose a wicker model made of straw or an accessory woven using the macrame technique. The color of the accessory can be any. It should be borne in mind that white and beige braided bags are suitable for any bow. Choosing clothes for an orange, yellow, red and green bag is much more difficult. In order not to look too colorful, it is worth choosing an outfit in more muted shades.

Another option for such bags is leather woven bags. They are preferred by those ladies who adhere to a strict style of dress. Both matte and glossy models look equally good. Sizes can be completely different. Therefore, every fashionista will be able to choose a handbag for herself.

On a wide strap

This bag is suitable for women who prefer comfort and convenience. A wide belt will not rub your shoulders. The load will be significantly reduced, so the bag full of things will not seem too heavy. The straps themselves can be decorated with a pattern or decorative elements. They look very nice and attractive.

On a chain

There are models with long and narrow chains that replace handbag straps. Another variant of bags have wide, usually short chains. They replace bags with handles. Such belts-handles can be of various shapes, colors, can be complemented with decor, print. Models where the material of the bag and the chain itself have the same shade look especially harmonious.

Package bag

In another way, it is called a shopper bag. The accessory is voluminous, roomy enough, so it is convenient to use it for everyday shopping. Moreover, outwardly they are very reminiscent of packages from boutiques. However, the design, the shape of the bag, was taken from them. Such handbags are not suitable for miniature girls, but for tall ladies, a handbag will be just right.

Printed bags

An interesting solution from designers is a bag with a print. And this is not just an abstract drawing, but a real picture. Models look very bright and lively. They choose clothes with the same print for the handbag, or when combining an accessory with other clothes, the emphasis is on the bag.

Zebra print

In general, the animal print will be more relevant than ever this season. But things with a pattern that repeats the color of the skin of a zebra are given a special leading role. Therefore, handbags with zebra print will also be relevant. Such an accessory will be bright, interesting. With such a handbag, the girl will definitely not go unnoticed.

In the spring, pastel-colored bags will remain fashionable, but rich-colored bags will also remain in trend. Indeed, in the summer without a bright accent anywhere. Therefore, it is better to choose models of rich colors, with bright prints and interesting designs.

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