Fashion bandanas 2021 – trends and selection rules

The summer collections of world style icons, representatives of the star echelon, have been replenished with an accessory from the 90s, which have now become fashion bandanas in 2021. A variety of scarves with completely different ways to wear them began to beautifully complement the images on walks, meetings and even red carpets. They harmoniously, very quickly burst into today’s fashion with a daring style of the past, merging with modern images.

What women’s bandanas are in fashion in 2021

A modern bandana is an interesting silk or cotton scarf, a scarf with rich colors, a spectacular print, or an accessory in pastel colors. They are different, but each has its own zest and now it is these scarves that have become the main trend among head accessories. A feature of this season will be bandanas of brighter colors. But still, do not forget about your own qualities and choose an accessory that can emphasize the color of your eyes.

Stylists, on the other hand, highlight several top models of bandanas that will be fashionable in 2021, namely:

  • Cotton with an ethnic pattern, which is already a classic of this accessory, will be a great addition to any everyday look, it looks especially advantageous with denim, as well as cotton.
  • With a colorful silk print, it is a bright hair accessory in the form of a headband, a bow, or a bag.
  • Leopard – a print that has become a novelty of the season, but quickly gained the attention of fashionistas, goes well with black clothes, as well as denim looks.

  • Polka dot is a print that, from the looks of past years, has switched to a hair accessory and is successfully used on scarves that are tied around the head, and are also often used as decoration around the neck.
  • With floral prints – a variety of flowers on bandanas will be at the peak of popularity in the summer of 2021, they go well with clothes of different styles, complementing the image with a peculiar highlight on the head, like a bandage, or on the arm, like a scarf bracelet.

Bandanas are the perfect complement to your style. After all, even the fashion houses of eminent fashion designers such as Dior began to use this accessory in their collections. It was after the shows of fashion bandanas 2021 that their photos scattered around the world and a new era of popularity for such a convenient, practical and stylish accessory began. Fashion experts advise having several scarves in your wardrobe for different looks.

Bandanas 2021: trendy colors and prints

You should choose accessories only for yourself and for your style of clothing. But you can still look for those that are in trend this season. The biggest sensation in the fashion world was made by the Dior show, where fashionable bandanas 2021 with a print were presented. They immediately fell in love with fashionistas and were taken into circulation, which further boosted the levels of sales and popularity.

The most trendy colors this season will be::

  • deep green;
  • rich orange;
  • yellow of all shades;
  • bright pink.

Such rich tones are recommended to choose when buying bandanas for very young girls, as well as for the beach or a party. For everyday walks and outings, fashion experts recommend it is better to give preference to pastel-colored scarves.

At the peak of popularity in 2021, there will be printed bandanas. Drawings on scarves can be very diverse and twisted. According to fashion trends for the summer of 2021, you should pay attention to bandanas with the following images:

  • colorful patterns with many curls and branches;
  • ethnic motives;
  • flower arrangements;
  • abstract symbols and notations.

Paisley patterns and monogrammed scattering are considered classic prints. These are suitable for the fair sex, who find it difficult to set themselves up for bolder and brighter images. The variety of patterns on such popular accessories is quite large. It is also worth choosing according to your inner feelings in order to feel comfortable later. To accurately choose what you want, you can see photos of fashionable bandanas 2021.

How fashionable to wear a bandana in 2021

The days of classic tying a scarf, as in the 90s, are over. You can wear bandanas in the summer of 2021 in different ways. Now it can be an accessory for a bag, and an addition to a dress, suit, blouse, but also the main purpose, jewelry for the head. You can tie it in any way, as long as it is convenient. Most commonly practiced:

  • tying with a knot at the back of the head, as worn in the 70s;
  • like a scarf;
  • like a turban;
  • tie like a scarf.

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These are classic bandana tying ideas that are familiar to us, but others can be beaten. For example, as an option, tie a scarf around your head, like a bandage. It will be interesting to look, if the bandana is of sufficient length, then weave it into long hair. The use of a bandana for the summer of 2021, according to fashion trends, is allowed wherever it is attached and where it can complement the image as a whole.

This accessory remains especially relevant for the summer, when you want to hide from the heat. Having collected hair with a bandana, it immediately becomes easier. In addition, the scarf will perfectly complement the overall image, depending on how it is tied. It can add romanticism or a little rocker notes. A properly tied bandana can hide imperfections. For example, not painted over gray hair, not too fresh head and others.

In 2021, the bandana boldly burst from the past into the fashion world. Those who actively follow styles are already picking up the latest novelties for their wardrobe. This accessory will become a convenient and fashionable addition to any look. Bandanas to wear in the summer of 2021 will be a must-have fashion trend for those who want to keep up with fashion.

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