Fashion bangs 2019

Bangs are an element of women’s haircuts that have become especially fashionable and popular in 2019. Therefore, today girls vying with each other decorate their hair with various forms of bangs, the most relevant of which we will discuss later in the article.


Fashion trends

If you decide to change the image or simply refresh the haircut, without making any drastic adjustments to the image, in this case, you certainly cannot do without bangs. The main thing is to choose the model that will not only fit the appearance, but also meet the latest beauty trends. These are just the options below.

  • Elongated. Bangs that almost reach the cheekbones in length are literally the trend of the season. Their feature is a reinforced thinning and an arch-like shape that completely opens the eyes and closes the cheeks.

  • Short. Mini bangs, no longer than 3-6 centimeters, still remain at the height of fashion. According to stylists, it is precisely such short strands framing the face that are able to emphasize the beauty and prettiness of the female appearance in the best possible way. However, they are not suitable for everyone, but only for girls with a round face and perfectly even hair. As for the laying of such a “forelock”, everything here already depends on the imagination. For example, strands can be straightened or disheveled, giving them a slight negligence.

  • Curly. But fans of thick bangs will like curly shapes. The most common now is the option with a central parting, located exactly in the middle, which the master specially cuts out. But you can also find more creative models, for example, in the form of a triangle or rectangle.

Bold curly bangs

  • Curly. In 2019, even girls with curly hair can get fashionable bangs. Original and playful curls on the forehead will become the main decoration of the appearance and the highlight of the image.

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Important! Curly bangs have become so relevant today that stylists recommend that owners of even hair curl their strands into small curls.


  • Asymmetrical. Bangs with sharp or smooth transitions in length are considered the most versatile, as they are created exclusively on an individual basis, based on taste preferences and appearance. In this regard, asymmetrical forms are suitable for girls with any type of face, as well as age.

  • With a straight cut. This is ideal for thick hair with a dense structure. But unfortunately, only owners of an elongated or oval face can acquire such a bang. But for girls with a massive square chin, this model is generally better to beware, as it focuses even more on the shortcomings of appearance.

  • Graduated. Light multi-layered bangs today are increasingly found in photos with examples of fashionable haircuts on Instagram. They gained such popularity due to the fact that they beautifully frame the face, and the appearance gives a touch of mystery. In addition, graduated models are also very versatile, as they are not demanding in care and do not have any restrictions, including age.

  • Torn. Spectacular voluminous bangs with a torn cut will help girls emphasize their originality and excellent sense of style. In shape, they can be even or elongated, but options with asymmetry will be especially popular.

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Fashionable bangs

Having figured out what will still be in the trend, we suggest moving on to the next step – this is directly to the choice of the shape of the bangs. In 2019, among women, the models that we presented below will be the most fashionable.

  • Oblique with lengthening. Bangs with a diagonal cut, reaching the length of the chin, help to visually soften coarse facial features, and make the image as a whole more elegant. You can wear this form, both freely hanging with loose hair, and tucked behind the ear in the hair. Also, if desired, it can be slightly curled into large curls.

  • French. One of the most versatile forms, as it looks beautiful on any hair, including curly ones. Another, no less important, advantage of the French bangs is the ease of care, because even with a little mess, the image turns out to be stylish and daring. In addition, after the strands grow back, the French “forelock” does not require a visit to the hairdresser and is easily transformed into an elongated version.

  • Pixie. Stylish and unusual bangs, which Audrey Hepburn introduced into fashion, have become relevant again today. Its feature is the short length of the strands and milled tips. Unfortunately, this option is not for everyone. Only girls with a sophisticated appearance and a fragile physique can afford to wear pixies.

Kim Kardashian as Audrey Hepburn

  • “Shutter”. This is a kind of French form, which is done on thick curls, and on the sides it is made out with more elongated strands, smoothly turning into the total mass of hair. You can wear such a bang, both in the standard version, and dividing it with a central parting into two sides.

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  • In the style of the 70s. Vintage motifs are at the peak of fashion today, not only in the fashion industry, but also in the segment of hairdressing. Straight bangs with milled tips and elongated side strands fit perfectly into any look and give it a touch of romance.

  • Cascade. An unusual shape that will become a concise addition to short haircut models. After all, elongated strands, cut in layers using the cascade technique, not only add the missing volume to the hair, but also help to visually lengthen the face.

  • Bardo. Bangs, named after the French actress Brigitte Bardot, will be in fashion this season. The arched shape, profiled tips and elongated side strands, smoothly turning into the main head of hair, beautifully frame the face and give the image a special charm.

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We select bangs, taking into account the length of the strands

In addition to fashion trends and appearance features, when determining the shape of the bangs, no less attention should be paid to the haircut, or rather its length.

  • Long. Beautiful thick long hair is not only the pride of every woman, but also the opportunity to experiment with bangs, because options of absolutely any shape are suitable for such hair. This is fashionable in 2019 “curtain” or oblique, creative asymmetrical or unusual pixie. But straight models with a smooth or torn cut and enhanced graduation will look especially impressive.

  • Medium. The length of hair, reaching shoulder level, is now considered one of the most popular, since most modern girls give their preference to just such haircuts. Indeed, in addition to the fact that they are undemanding in care, it is also very easy to pick up bangs for medium-length hair. Perfect for them…

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