Fashion belts 2021

Do you want to decorate your look with fashionable belts? In 2021, this is one of the current trends. But which belts are suitable for dresses, under jeans and for teenagers? Is it possible to find a belt that fits all the looks? Let’s find out right now!

Tighten the belts tighter or how to wear a belt

Women’s wardrobe is impossible to imagine without various accessories. Everything is successfully selected in it: glasses, jewelry, scarves, bags, hats and much more. What if you’re used to wearing a belt just to support your jeans or skirt? There are a couple of tips on how to diversify your look by adding just one belt. And a selection with photo examples of women’s belts fashionable in 2021 will help in this.

When choosing this accessory, you need to pay attention to:

  • belt color;
  • style of clothing;
  • type and structure;
  • season trends

There are also models that are made specifically for teenagers.

How to choose the right belt: for teenage girls

It is better to develop a sense of style in a girl as early as possible. This will help her when she grows up. The question of what and with what to combine for her will not be difficult, and now she will be able to choose an image even better than her mother. Therefore, let’s see what fashionable belts are worth choosing for teenagers in 2021.

In the cold season, girls love to wear different knitted tunics over leggings. This look has remained fashionable and comfortable for many years. But, if you want to stand out in the class, then you don’t have to buy something bright for this. It is enough to add a belt with stones or a buckle, in the form of a bow. The image is not overloaded, fits into the school style, and the girl feels the most beautiful.

Please note that the belt should not fasten on the last hole. Why? So you yourself reduce the period of wearing it, and if you have to loosen the belt a little, then there will simply be nowhere to move the tongue. This rule is relevant not only for adults, but also for teenagers.

How to wear a belt: choose by color

Of course, at the beginning you need to find out what colors will be fashionable in the upcoming season. For example, if we are talking about the autumn-winter season 2021, then the belt can be:

  • Muted red. It goes well with nude shades, white and blue palette of colors.
  • Amber orange. Suitable for clothes in black, beige, blue, white or red.
  • Classic blue. A color that suits clothes of almost all shades, blondes and brunettes.
  • The sand shade is the perfect complement to pleated skirts, trouser suits, capes and coats.
  • Yellow-green is a bright accent in everyday wardrobe. Suitable for any look, but only choose clothes of adjacent colors.
  • Ultramarine green. Quite complex, but rich shade. It fits perfectly under the decoration of trouser suits, coats and raincoats.

But that’s not all! Add belts or belts to your wardrobe:

  • nude pink;
  • purple lilac colors;
  • olive tone;
  • shade of scorched red brick.

These colors can be used not only when choosing clothes, but also when choosing a fashionable belt in 2021.

How to wear a belt: choose the style of clothing

  • With jeans. Denim is a lightweight style. It is preferred to be worn within city walls. But few people refuse jeans when compiling their own office style. Fashion trends 2021 when choosing a belt for denim are the absence of rough, wide models. What then to choose? Pay attention to bright colors, ethnic motifs. Leather or fabric can be used as a base, and a beaded buckle will be a great way to complete the look. Whether low or high, jeans with a belt will definitely draw attention to the hips or waist.

  • With outerwear. Usually, the belt is used to tie on coats. It is already included in the kit, so you can not change anything. But over time, this style just gets bored and I want to add some variety. In this case, you can use any other belts. But a belt can decorate not only a coat-robe. It is necessary to select a belt for the type of product and depending on the figure. Even the widest belt fits the coat. But with thin it is worth being careful. So that it does not get lost on a massive product, we suggest choosing a long thin belt. Then it can be wrapped several times around the waist. This is how an unconventional image is created.

  • Under the dress. A dress is a product with which you can always experiment. And it doesn’t matter if it is in a small flower, with ruffles or a strict straight line. In each case, you can choose your belt. Somewhere one-color, and somewhere to put on a belt-sash. By the way, if we talk about the sash belt, then it can be combined with oversized dresses, kimono, shirt cut. Some fashionistas know how to wear it with short dresses. Under elegant dresses, do not be afraid to choose thin belts. Although they are slowly going out of fashion, there are some products that simply do not go well with wide belts. Long dresses should be worn with a medium width belt so that it simply does not get lost in the image. Don’t be afraid to wear a matching belt with the dress as well. Just keep in mind that at this point its purpose is to define shapes, not draw attention to itself. And of course, add colorful belts under monochrome dresses.

How to choose the right belt: by type and structure

What is included under belt type and structure? For the most part, this is what it is made of and what design it has. Let’s now see what options there are and what to wear them under.

  • Chains. It seems that this season the designers seriously decided to “chain” to female beauty. Chains are fashionable everywhere. Including if it’s a belt. It can be combined with outerwear, suits, dresses and jeans with a high waistline.

  • Braided belt. It can resemble a rope or rope, be twisted or braided. With long ends and vice versa, collected in a ring. Such a belt is combined with trouser suits, knitted or knitted dresses, under pleated and jeans.

  • Basque belt. Love peplum sweatshirts? Then you will definitely like the belt! Only now it can be worn over dresses, jeans, shirts and outerwear.

  • Massive buckles and wide belts. This belt is ideal for loose silhouette clothing. It emphasizes the waist line and beautifully collects the product.

  • Handkerchief. Ready for a non-standard use of a scarf? Now it can be worn not only on the neck, head, braid or bag. The scarf can be used as a belt. Moreover, it decorates not only dresses, but brings zest to classic coat models.

Corsets. It’s not just a wide belt. This is a belt that sits well, one might even say, tightly on the figure and emphasizes the waist area. Additionally, such models can be decorated with buckles or thin straps.

  • Male style. Models are usually made of thick leather. They are exactly the same as men’s, only their length is women’s. Pair with jeans and shirts. Can be worn over a dress.

  • Belt with pockets. This is the new fashion trend…

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