Fashion berets – autumn 2019

Fashionable berets for autumn 2019 can add true French charm and chic to the image. But to make the bow really relevant, you should learn about the trends in the world of this headdress.



The embodiment of elegance and femininity in the image is a classic beret made of felt, which is always out of competition. Some women of fashion are afraid that the image with such a headdress will look out of date, but in fact the whole secret is in the right combination of things (which we will talk about below).

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[stextbox id=’info’]A more expensive option is the cashmere beret, which has also been seen in fashion shows.[/stextbox]

A knitted beret will also fit perfectly into the image of a modern fashionista, making it more touching and sweet. In the list of trends, the leading position is occupied by an oversized headdress, crocheted or knitted. Moreover, the more noticeable the hand made, the more interesting the effect will be.

For early autumn, a model with lace openwork knitting is ideal. As a rule, such models are made using a hook and thin yarn.

The absolute hit of this fall is the women’s leather beret. Today, fashion has a leather total look, but this is a very dangerous combination for ordinary fashionistas. If you want to create a simpler combination, match smooth skin with cozy textures like six or a fluffy fur coat.

No less stylish, but softer texture than leather is suede. If your wardrobe mixes several styles at once, a suede beret will be a great addition to it. Its main trump card is that it is combined with any outerwear and shoes.

Designers also pleased fashionistas with an abundance of fur novelties: they are represented by mink, broadtail, rex rabbit and other types of fur. Such models will come in handy with the advent of cold weather, because they are perfectly combined with a sheepskin coat, fur coat or sheepskin coat.


Although the fashion trends of 2019 are heading towards minimalism, designers still presented some creative solutions in the design of berets. The decor that will be able to revive the usual boring headdress is brooches. You can choose one large item or several smaller ones. What it will be – flowers, inscriptions or animals – you also decide. As you can see, brooches are a stylish way to express yourself.

The inscriptions on the headdress will also allow you to fully express your individuality.

The decor can be implemented in pins, ribbons, flowers or rhinestones. But any decoration should be present in moderation.

Red, yellow, blue – take your pick!

As for the color palette of the most feminine headwear, it is represented by several trendy colors.

Sunny yellow shades are a bright and positive choice in autumn. A beret in lemon, bright yellow or mustard is able to enliven any achromatic look or create a spectacular contrast. Paired with yellow, blue, purple, green and red tones work great. An image looks stylish in which the color of the headdress echoes the print of some thing.

The red beret will serve as a bright accent in the bow of a stylish and bold fashionista. It can be paired with black, blue, green or brown things. With such a headdress, it is very easy to maintain an image with Parisian chic, because the red beret is a typical French story.

An option with which it is impossible to go wrong is the black beret with its inherent rigor and elegance. If you are just getting into this fashion trend, we advise you to start with the universal black color.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! A black headdress welcomes all sorts of experiments with makeup.[/stextbox]

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Another classic win-win option is beige. She is often chosen by girls with tanned skin who want to emphasize their natural attractiveness. It is the beige beret that will wonderfully complement the images in basic colors – black, white, blue or brown. It can also enhance the brightness of purple, yellow or green tones.

A sophisticated solution for a romantic nature is a white beret.

Fashion trends for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season also highlight graceful and delicate pink berets.

The most daring decision, worthy of thousands of admiring glances, is a headdress in actual animalistic colors. In support of the leopard, a snake and a tiger also appeared on the list of trends for the 2019 season.

Beret suits everyone!

Yes, yes, this is true: every fashionista will be able to choose the perfect model, if she takes into account the features of her appearance.

  • If you have a rectangular or square face shape, wear a beret to the side. The oblique line created will soften the facial features.
  • An oval face is considered a standard that has no contraindications in choosing a headdress.
  • Actual oversized berets will be a real find for girls with a thin face.
  • Medium-sized models will decorate a square or round face shape.
  • Knitted berets, fashionable in the fall of 2019, require special pickiness when choosing. With large facial features, it is recommended to choose a noticeable knit. But if the face is neat, you should prefer a headdress with small patterns.
  • If the skin is prone to redness, it makes sense to abandon the red and burgundy colors of the beret.
  • With fair hair, it is recommended to opt for a product in a warm pastel shade.
  • Brunettes are ideal for white, black, gray and bright options.

  • Light brown hair is an argument for a cold shade headdress.
  • Red-haired girls can experiment with brown or green tones.
  • If you are short, you should not choose a large beret – such models are suitable only for tall stately girls.
  • For full girls, stylists recommend choosing a medium-sized headdress.

The image you want to repeat

  • Using the example of fashion bloggers, you can ignore the selection of a beret to match the color of outerwear. The game of contrasts looks much more interesting. For example, a red headpiece will be the perfect match for the same ankle boots, but with contrasting outerwear.

  • With the tablet style, you can experiment with creating images in retro style. It is customary to combine it with a flying skirt, a feminine dress, a fitted jacket and low-cut shoes.

  • A romantic cute bow can be created complete with a dark dress with a white collar and leggings. An alternative option is a sundress that is relevant this season, paired with a turtleneck.

  • Women’s berets are wonderfully combined with jeans and add zest to familiar looks. As a top, you can choose a sweater, a T-shirt and a leather jacket, or a turtleneck, or a jacket.

The beret looks great with a leather jacket

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  • The combination with a turtleneck and trousers or jeans looks amazing.

  • Of course, you should not discount the classic formula for an elegant look: French…

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